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prisma android app

Free Download Prisma App for Android

The next viral mobile application after Pokemon Go Game is Prisma Artwork photo editor. It turns a usual high quality image into an artwork so that it looks like it is painted, crafted or...

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Hands-on Review

Hola After getting into the depth of Redmi Note 3, I came up with my detailed review of the performance, design and all the aspects you are looking for in this smartphone. Since Xiaomi has...
zonkey escape

Top 5 Android Games for Kids

Do you think your kid gets bored often? Then, you have just landed on the right spot as I am going to share top five Android games for Kids. But when you hand over...
android apps for designers

9 Android Apps for Web Designers and Developers

9 Android Apps for web designers : Web Designers and Developers are constantly looking for something which could lessen their burden and could help them doing their work, being relaxed and from where ever...

9 Interesting Android Apps for Android that are cool also

Interesting android apps to have fun on your smartphone : There are lots of applications, games, utility apps, education apps and tools available on Google play store. You can download them to accomplish your daily tasks...
photo editing android apps

Best photo editing Android Apps on Google Play

To be honest, I am not untouched with image editing android apps. Even my phone is always flooded with lots of apps which are genuinely impressive and give better results thereon. Why use these apps...
best selfie camera

10 of Best Selfie Camera Apps for Android Mobiles

10 of the Best selfie camera apps : Today, I am sharing some eminent and awesome best selfie camera apps and I guess you might be aware of it. If you are reading this, Admit...
Android Messenger Applications whatsapp

Top 5 Android Messenger Applications

The biggest advantage of Android is the number of choices it offers. Unlike any other mobile platform, Android has a number of apps in Play Store, which in term help us to have the...
time-wasting Android games

Top 5 Time-Wasting Android Games [updated]

Are you being prepared for a long journey? Will you be alone for the travel? Then, you must need something to kill the time. Don’t worry! I have got top 5 time-wasting Android games. Even...
Redmi Note 2 Display

Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 Review; Still Worth it?

Xiaomi needs no introduction today. Starting from their first smartphone, the company has been keeping the buzz around them. The last one we saw from the company was Redmi Note 3. But I think you...
Kindle Fire HDX 8.9

Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 Overview and Price

Are you looking for a tablet? Then, you must read this post from top to bottom as I am going to review one of the finest tablets in the market today. Amazon had not a...
Android Arcade Games

Top 5 Best Android Arcade Games

Are you an avid gamer? Even if you aren’t, don’t tell me, you hate mobile games. I am not a crazy gamer, but still I used to play games to kick out boredom. I usually...

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