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Best AI Applications for Android

Best AI Apps for Android

It's 2024 and AI is showing insane growth from past years but fortunately, we've enough time until AI takes over humanity. By the time AI is getting ready to take over humanity we can use its potential through various android apps. There are various tools and applications available for various tasks from writing a resume to making strong PPT presentations, AI can do all for you.

Recently OpenAI launched its GPT4 which is more advanced than GPT3.5. Just like ChatGPT continuous innovations are taking place and the best example of this is the integration of Android apps with AI. Apps with AI offer more functionality and ease while working and for this, you need some great AI Android apps. To make your job easier we have compiled a list of the best AI applications for Android. So, let's just not waste time and explore these apps until you find the best one for you.

List of Best AI applications for Android in 2024


Lensa: photo editor AI

Lensa is an AI-powered Photo editing app to retouch portrait selfies. You can professionally edit your photos with skin editor features that allow you to remove blemishes, correct red-eye, and so on. Moreover, you can choose from a wide range of filters, remove blur, and remove face spots so that you get great photos 365 days a year.

It uses AI technology called Stable Diffusion Deep Learning Model to create avatars that give a perfect blend of illustrated and real images. You can click perfect selfies in one tap with its magic correction feature. Also, you can change the background, add background blur and even change the sky with its sky-changing feature.

However it is important to note that all you get in Lensa is not free, you've to pay a certain amount for creating Magic Avatars( usually $3.9 for 50 avatars). But when you use this app you'll feel that it is worth it.

Rating: 4.2⭐
Downloads: 10M+

Smart Writer: AI Writer

Powered with Smart Chat+ Smart Writer allows you to write smarter. If you want to write captions, blogs, perfect tweets, or any other work related to content writing it's made for you only. Smart Writer provides support with spelling, grammar, and even powerful words to use.

With Smart Writer, you can easily make your college assignments( although you should not), and get valuable insights and phrases. Moreover, with Smart Chat+ chatbot you can ask anything like trivia on various topics, except questions coming in your next exam?.

With Smart Writer, you can craft media posts 10X faster, write blogs, articles, captions, etc. and get ideas regarding the structure and tone of the article along with words suggestion.

Rating: 4.7⭐
Downloads: 10K+

PhotoRoom: AI Photo Editor

PhotoRoom is an all-in-one photo editing app that edits, designs, and optimizes images for you. The best feature of PhotoRoom is background removal which is as quick as snapping your fingers. All you have to do is just select the image from the gallery and click on Remove Background. That's it! No irritating area selections for background removal.

It is great for creating youtube thumbnails, product catalogs, etc. because after background removal you get a transparent image which makes it easier for you to add another background to that image. Additionally, you can select from 1000+ in-app backgrounds.

Rating: 4.1⭐
Downloads: 50M+

SoundHound: Music Discovery

Honestly, it's quite frustrating and funny at the same time singing the wrong lyrics to find the song we heard while scrolling Instagram reels or YT shorts. Thanks to SoundHound Inc. to recognize this potential problem and provide us with the SoundHound app.

What makes this app special is its music-searching feature. Whenever you hear any song, just open this app and let it find the desired songs in a minute only. With its integration with Spotify, you can automatically add the searched song to your Spotify playlist and listen whenever you want to.

After finding the song if you desire to sing that song but don't know the lyrics then no problem. You can access the song's lyrics of your recently discovered and favorite music.

Rating: 3.8⭐
Downloads: 100M+

Help AI: Your Hmework With AI

Help AI is a virtual assistant meant to solve your homework problems and general doubts in a matter of seconds. You can ask any question with this app by typing, voice search, and even just by scanning questions with the camera. It is its ease of finding the right answers to your questions that make it a must-use tool for you.

The app also offers some additional features like custom prompts for solving objective questions. Moreover, you can scan or type any question and determine in what format you want the answer.

So, if you are a school or college student struggling to complete your assignments and homework, then you should definitely give it a try. It can answer anything except the questions that'll be coming in your next exam.

Rating: N/A
Downloads: 10K+

ELSA: AI Learn & Speak English

ELSA stands for English Learning Speech Assistant is an AI app with personalized English language lessons to make to learn English faster and more effectively. With ELSA you can speak fluent English in no time. You can choose from over 7100+ AI-powered AI learning activities to help you learn and speak English fluently.

No matter who you are from which country either you are a Spanish or a Frenchmen, you can learn English at your pace with meanings in your own language.

ELSA listens and speaks to you just as a real human does. It listens to you and assesses your level and also suggests you the necessary improvements. Its notable features include Instant Speech Recognition, Accent training, Vocabulary enhancement, proficiency score, and Exam preparation to train yourself for speaking tests like IELTS, TOEFL, etc.

Rating: 4.3⭐
Downloads: 10M+

AI App Maker Builder Appy Pie

Don't judge this app with your name because the name may not be catchy but the purpose it serves is just mindblowing. If you ever thought of making an app but couldn't do that because you didn't know how to code.

Take a second and appreciate this app because it allows you a zero-coding app-building experience. With Appy Pie's AI App Builder, you can easily create apps without coding or programming skills and also launch them on app stores. With this AI-powered tool, you can create apps for Android, iOS, or PWA app. All you have to do is just tell the app how your app should look like and what function it should have.

This app is best suited for start-ups and small businesses, supporting them to make their product and service available to a wider audience.

Rating: 4.4⭐
Downloads: 5M+

Coachify.AI- Workouts & Diet

Coachify.AI can be your new AI-powered personal fitness coach. It is an all-in-one app that covers home workouts, gym workouts, calorie and macro training along with a diet plan. Whether you go to the gym or just do home workouts with no equipment, Coachify.AI will create personalized workout plans according to your age, weight, activity level, etc.

Coachify.AI creates diet goals for you daily, your daily calories target, and what to eat for your workout plan to give you the best results.

Just like any personal gym trainer it also tells you about your workout plan like what exercises you've to do and what muscles you should target. Along with all this, you can also track your performance and growth with its monitoring feature. So, if are someone with low activity levels, start exercising and become healthy to read our upcoming articles.

Rating: N/A
Downloads: 1K+

Leia A.I.

Leia A. I am your very own virtual website builder that you can use to design a blog, website, landing page, and more. All you need to do is select any one of the pre-made templates or you can start from scratch.

Leia A.I. lets you create your desired website in just 60 seconds. All you have to do is just describe your website, for what you want it and what looks you want. Just after you complete this task Leia create a stunning website for your purpose which you can customize as of your choice. You can edit the title, font, font color & size, etc.

It offers you a free domain name i.e. ‘‘ when you publish your website. The notable point here is that you can also use the ‘.com‘ domain with its annual plan. Moreover, you can also buy custom domain names from their marketplace and the best thing is that it claims to offer the cheapest domain names.

Rating: 3.4⭐
Downloads: 100K

AI Interior Designer- Arch

Ever thought about how your room will look in different styles? It would be quite fascinating to virtually see your room just how you imagined it. Luckily, this app allows you to do the same. You just have to click the photo of your room and it will show you how that will look in different styles.

You get over 10 different interior designs to choose from. Whether you prefer modern or old aesthetic design it has all for you. You can experiment with different styles until you find the best one for you. Additionally, it also provides you with suggestions regarding furniture, decor, color schemes, and more.

Rating: 4.5⭐
Downloads: 10K

Over to you

So, these are some of the best AI applications that are available to you as an Android user. We may have certainly missed a few because of the abundance of these applications available. That been said, you can always dig in the play store to find the AI app suitable for your purpose.

Artificial Intelligence has come too far and the result are truly insane. It's quite exciting and fascinating at the same time that time-taking processes like website building and photo editing are reduced to just a few seconds or sometimes minutes. All you have to do is just tell/command the AI what you want and how you want, and everything is taken care by the AI.

However, the bottom line is that AI can never replace humans in any field, whether it's technical work like photo & video editing or content writing. The best AI can do is just reduce the difficulty and time, and assist in doing the task more efficiently.

Finally, here we are, at the end of this post. Let us know in comments which AI app you use the most.

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