DroidCrunch [DC] is your android news, games and smartphone informer and journalist. Working around the clock, DC team is dedicated to provide you with all new smartphones and android games/apps. The content categories covered by DroiDCrunch are Best Android Apps, Android Games, and tools of Android OS. As the whole of the DroidCrunch team is gaming freak, we love writing and talking about Games and Android Apps.


Since DroiDCrunch [DC] was founded on 10th June of 2016, it is one of the fastest-growing android apps, games and smartphone magazines.

Behind DroidCrunch – Real and Young

DroidCrunch has young blood with new thoughts and creativity. We are real people working to contribute web with creativity and knowledge.   Vashishtha Kapoor, an aspiring technology blogger is a personality behind DroidCrunch [DC]. He is also known for a bunch of owned website. Lokesh Kapoor is co-founder of Droidcrunch, who contributes to Droidcrunch with a bunch of different creative ideas. Himanshu Sharma is the video editor and a music lover. He is also an ethical hacker and a web developer. Pariksha Walia is the content production manager and the senior editor and the proud member of the DroiDCrunch Family.

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