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Best AI Image Generator Tools in 2024

Best AI Image Generator Tools

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.”
― Vincent Willem van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh was right when he quoted the above quote. Although it's not all about painting but about visually recreating our dreams. With the advent of technology and the massive growth of AI in recent years, it is now possible to see what we can think. All you've to do is just think something cool and write a prompt, rest will be done by AI.

About 77% of businesses use AI globally because it is both useful and money-saving. This tech of AI image generation is awesome for small and medium-sized businesses that could not afford graphic designers.

We couldn't wait to show what we've compiled and even canceled our holiday for this?. So let's come with us till the end of this post and explore the various AI Image generators and you'll surely be able to find the best one for you.

How AI Image Generation Works?

AI Image Generation is not a simple process and has too much to tell about. In short, if I tell you about this, the main technology behind this is ANN( Artificial Neural Network). ANN is an advanced machine learning algorithm that is modeled on Biological Neural Network. Just as a kid is trained to write by learning different alphabets, in the same way, it is also trained with different sets of images ranging from Picasso's masterpieces to how different objects like chairs or table look. After learning the various information the AI image generator becomes ready to generate images in a few seconds.

Prompt: Spiderman standing at India Gate.


Best AI Image Generation Tools in 2024


Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly is one of the latest AI tools for creating images and various graphic-related tasks. Just like any other Adobe product, you can also expect more from Firefly too. Adobe Firefly is integrated with the latest version of Photoshop, but you can also use it online from

Adobe Firefly comes with a lot of features like text-to-image creation, generative fil, generative color, and text effects, and the list is endless. Among all these my personal favorite is generative fill, which allows you to select a particular area of an image and add an object you want without much effort.

Moreover, with 3D scene-to-image, all you have to do is just create a 3D model and it will auto-generate the 3D image for you. Suppose you don't like the generated image, then? No worries, it offers various edits like choosing the lighting, composition, style, color, and tone.

Overall, Adobe Firefly is a pretty good AI image generation tool to use because it is free to use now, all you need to do is just sign up/in with your Adobe account and you're good to go.


Whenever there's a discussion about the best Ai image generators then surely no one can skip Midjourney. The only statement to be quoted about Midjourney is “You can never know what's behind the hood except for fascinating results”. Midjouney is self-funded and closed source so no one actually knows who is behind this. Apart from all that, it is one of the best AI image-generation tools to use.

However, you cannot use Midjourney without buying its plan which starts from $10/month. To use it first you have to add its server to your discord account. Although you cannot use it for free but still see what's inside the box! Honestly, the results are insane but to use it is quite complex. This means you've to give commands almost like you are writing code.

Although it is somewhat complex to use but once you get used to it, there is no looking back. Also, you can generate images from your own images. Just upload an image and give a prompt to generate further elements in the same image.

One tip to get desired and more accurate AI images is to be descriptive. The more descriptive you are the more accurate your image will be.



Founded by Tony Duan in 2012, Fotor is a multi-platform photo editing software. You can use this software on mobile devices, desktops, and online as a web app. The interface of Fotor is quite similar to Canva so you'll have no problem in using it.

Although Fotor is a photo editing app, it also has an AI image generation tool. With over 6M users and a rating of 4.83, it is an eligible candidate for this list. Not only you can generate stunning images but also edit them in the same software. You can adjust the tone, color, and composition, remove the background, change the background, and more. Additionally, you can choose from diverse styles like 3D, realistic, cyberpunk, oil painting, etc.

Fotor is best suited for content creators to create amazing posters and thumbnails, for businesses to create a brand design, and also for artists to get inspiration and fasten up their workflow.

To use this you need to get credits and after signing up you get about 30 credits for free. But after that you need to buy credits for $2.99/month for 200 credits and 1 credit can generate 1 image.



DALL.E 2 is one of the best AI image generators available on the internet. It is a little outdated today and sometimes shows erratic results because it is not updated after 31 August 2022. It allows generating realistic images and art from a description in natural language. The way of entering prompts is very simple and easy. Overall DALL.E is fun and easy to use.

To get started, all you have to do is just sign up with your OpenAI account. To create an image to need to spend credits. Unfortunately, you don't get a free trial now but if you set up an account before 6 April 2023 you get 50 credits with 15 free credits every month.

But, with no free trial, you have to buy credits. For $15 you can get 115 credits and 1 credit is sufficient to create 1 image with 4 variations.

Dream by WOMBO

Dream is an online image-generation tool available on online platforms and mobile devices. You get lots of presets to choose for your images and if you are non-professional then this platform is super easy to use with natural prompts writing. Dream's generated images are of decent quality and good for personal use.

You get to choose from 40+ presets and styles so, that you can pinch out the best for you. You can also upload your image and use prompts to create new ones for you. What makes Dream by WOMBO unique is its NFT recreation feature.

NFT stands for Non-fungible tokens which simply means a digital asset like any image, article, music, digital art, etc. Dream offers you a feature to recreate or enhance your NFT with AI prompts and make it more stunning than ever before.

Dream by WOMBO is available free to use but it comes with many unwanted restrictions. To get rid of these restrictions, buy a premium plan at $9/month.

Dream Studio

Dream Studio created by Stabele Diffusion is a web app to transform the power of imagination into reality. Like DALL.E 2 it also uses natural language processing to generate images from prompts. Moreover, it also gives you full control over the image you created.

The interface is quite clean with all controls on the left of the screen. Not only you can generate images from the text but also recreate your own image using prompts. It is similar to DALL.E 2 and made to compete with it. Additionally, you get API access with Dream Studio that you can add to your own app. The pricing for API starts at 100 pounds for 10K generations.

Dream Studio is not free to use and you need to pay approximately $1.18 for 100 image credits. One thing to be noted here is that the credit will be used according to the settings. Higher resolution means more credit usage.


This is the best online image-generation platform which is just like a “blessing in disguise”. It allows you to create on the go and beautiful compositions that everyone will love. With Starryai everything is in your hands, from how your image will look to ownership of the image.

Starryai is available as a mobile app for Android and iOS devices and also as an online tool on its website. It works to reduce the laborious procedure of image creation. Now all you need to do is just write what you can imagine and leave the rest on Starryai.

What makes it different is its free version that tells other image tools “what really free means”. It is free to use and you can generate up to 5 images daily and that too without a watermark so that you can easily use those images without any ownership issue.

Overall, it is a great tool to go with offering features like image generation, intuitive prompts, a wide range of styles, etc. And this is the reason why Starryai is featured in popular media platforms like VICE, GIZMODO, The Washington Post, and DAZED.


What are AI image generation tools?

AI image generation tools are software applications that use artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, particularly generative models, to create images or modify existing ones. These tools can generate realistic images, artwork, designs, and more, based on the input and parameters provided.

How do AI image generation tools work?

Most AI image generation tools utilize generative models like GANs, VAEs, or transformer models. These models learn from a large dataset of images and their associated features. When you provide input to the tool, such as a description or an initial image, the model generates new images that match the style, content, or other parameters based on what it has learned.

Are AI-generated images copyrighted?

The copyright status of AI-generated images is a complex and evolving issue. In most cases, copyright is attributed to the creator of the image, which in the case of AI-generated content would be the individual or organization that trained and developed the AI model. However, this topic is still subject to legal debate and may vary by jurisdiction.

Can AI image generation tools be used for commercial purposes?

Yes, many AI image generation tools can be used for commercial purposes. However, it's essential to review the terms of use for each specific tool and its associated datasets. Some tools may have restrictions on commercial usage, while others might require attribution or payment for commercial use.

Are AI-generated images free to use?

The rights and usage of AI-generated images depend on the specific tool and its terms of service. Some tools might offer free usage, while others may require licensing or payment for commercial use. It's important to review the terms and conditions of each tool and its output.

Do I need programming skills to use AI image generation tools?

The complexity of using AI image generation tools varies. Some tools offer user-friendly interfaces that require minimal programming knowledge, while others might require some coding expertise to integrate into custom workflows or projects.

Do AI image generation tools require powerful hardware to run?

While some AI image generation models can be computationally intensive, there are tools that offer cloud-based solutions, allowing users to harness powerful hardware without needing it on their local machines. Cloud services can handle the heavy processing required for generating images.

What types of images can AI image generation tools produce?

AI image generation tools can create a wide range of images, including landscapes, portraits, abstract art, animals, objects, and more. Some tools even allow users to specify certain attributes or styles to customize the output.

Are there any open-source AI image generation tools available?

Yes, there are several open-source AI image generation tools and frameworks, such as DCGAN, CycleGAN, and StyleGAN. These tools can be freely accessed and modified by developers and researchers.

Can AI image generation tools be fine-tuned for specific creative needs?

Yes, some tools offer the ability to fine-tune models using custom datasets. This enables users to generate images aligned with their specific creative preferences, such as a particular art style or theme.

Over to you

So, finally after so much tool exploration we are here, ending this post.

AI image generation tools are great to use because of their vast library and ability to create desired images in just a few seconds. Not only you can create images but also specify the style, color, composition, and even the resolution of the image. You can also use your own images and enhance them using prompts.


Most of the AI image generation tools require credits to use for which you need to pay money. Whether the amount spent is worth it or not depends upon your experience with the tools. Since everything has a price, it also has a price for it. These AI image tools are good for content creators to create social media banners and posters. Small businesses also use it to create brand designs and artists use it to take inspiration.

However, it is important to note here that these AI tools can never replace a human mind and can never be as effective as humans. AI can only assist humans and fasten up the workflow rather than complete the work in place of humans.

Hope, you like the post, and if you think “YES” then take a second to comment down below.

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