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Best PUBG Mobile Streamers on Youtube in India

Best PUBG Mobile Streamers on Youtube in India

PUBG Mobile is one of the top royal battle game which is being played and streamed online by huge gamers around the world. There are many of the best PUBG Mobile Streamers on YouTube in India. The game has allowed the gamers to show their gaming talent to a vast range of audience. The game has helped huge users to use the game play in their rant or roast videos. With the emergence of PUBG mobile in India, there has been seen huge hike in the sale of Average segment smartphones which play PUBG in better resolution without lag. PUBG is the top seller on google play too. People can get UC coins to buy clothes, weapons and other items on PUBG.

As such, the developers have successfully increased their sales by the introduction of partnerships with brands who have influence in India. They are able to launch events and challenges worldwide. The popularity of the game has let the makers to use economies of scale at its best.

Keep reading this post I will share with you the top PUBG streamers in India on YouTube.

Best PUBG Mobile Streamers on Youtube in India


Mortal started gaming on YouTube way back in 2013. He used to play multiple games on the channel. Although, no other game gave him so much popularity as the PUBG mobile did. With the PUBG, the channel grew like no other. He Plays on Mobile/iPad. People call him the deadliest player and better than dynamo as he does not play PUBG on PC with emulator.

Dynamo Gaming

Dynamo Gaming is considered to be one of the best YouTube channel for PUBG gaming in India. The man named Aadii runs this channel. He started this channel back in 2010. He manages to attract and influence huge crowd with the skill he possesses in PUBG. He mostly uses PC emulator for gaming. His live streaming videos titled “patt se headshot” are very popular on YouTube.

Panda PUBG Mobile

Panda PUBG Mobile is one of the top YouTube channel for PUBG. There are huge fans for this channel. The person does not reveal face nor does any commentary. Interestingly, he does not even do live streams that much. You may not find live streams on his channel. But as is said, quality speaks thousand words. His channel sky rocketed within a span of just 1 year. For Both PUBG Mobile game and Panda PUBG Mobile, first year anniversary is lit. His videos titled Duo Vs Squads and Solo vs Squads are impressively popular. Most he plays duo where one more person helps him at multiple occasions. And that guy too plays so well that the accumulated kills reach to like 35+ in a classic match. He has made videos playing with specific guns with most kills. Panda PUBG Mobile Claims to play with the mobile. However, it is unknown whether he uses controllers or triggers to play PUBG.


CarryMinati aka Ajay is a well known youtuber in India. He makes comedy videos. However, he started off with gaming on YouTube. Later on he started making comedy videos too. With the PUBG Mobile he is again able to get back to gaming niche. CarryMinati has, however, a separate channel for gaming videos too.

Live Insaan

Live Insaan is all about gaming channel in India who makes gaming videos. The channel content is pretty okay for the children aged under 15. He makes live PUBG stream pretty often on his channel.



Started in 2016, RON gaming is an Indian YouTube channel dedicated to gaming. Run by RON, this channel possess huge engagements. He makes videos in hindi and amuses large gaming audience in India. However, one can find more of regular uploads than live streams on his channel.


DracoGames is a channel for PUBG lovers. The creator loves to stream PUBG. Most of videos of DracoGames is all about PUBG game. Apart from live streaming, DracoGames channel loves to make how to videos on his channel.

Gaming Guru

Gaming guru is another channel which was started in 2017. He makes videos on PUBG, Fortnite and other royal battle games. Till now the channel has accumulated 15 Million views.


Gareebooo channel for PUBG is known for its classy and interactive commentary which playing PUBG. The channel used to have different content but with the introduction of PUBG the creator significatly changed it to full fledged PUBG channel.


It is a PUBG gaming channel. The creator loves to stream pubg with fans. You will more of stream videos rather than regular uploads on his channel. Started in 2017, MDisCrazy got super success in 2018. 2018 has been the year for gamers. In india we have seen many gamers that year. MDisCrazy is among them who earned lot of respect any engagements in 2018 due to PUBG.


CaseToo is another PUBG channel. Many pubg lovers are though aware of this channel as it makes videos only about PUBG. Most videos on this channel are about how to topic. The channel started in 2016, now possesses a great reach on Video sharing platform.

Sunil Gamer

This is a really new channel started just an year ago. The channel has accumulated huge number of views and subscriber in such short time. This channel grew mostly because of tutorial videos on PUBG. His popular videos are mostly about the short tutorials on various places in Erangel or Sanhowk viz. Top Serect places to hide in PUBG, Noob vs Pro, best guns and what not.

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There are many other PUBG gaming channels in India on YouTube. However, this is a quick list of top PUBG YouTube streamers in India. If you think anyhow that one of your favorite channel for PUBG in India is missing from this list then you can comment it below or simply ping us on Facebook or Twitter.

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