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How To Get UC Coins & buy/unlock Clothes in PUBG

how to get UC coins and buy or unlock clothes, weapons and items in PUBG.

If you are looking for UC coins and new clothes on PUBG, then you are surely landed on the right page of the web. You can easily get clothes on PUBG if you play well and unlock the levels one by one. Every time there is some new event coming on PUBG whereby you get some discounts on purchasing the clothes. PUBG without good clothes look some boring. But if you love war game then it is an exception. But for the 8-Min Arcade and so called classic lovers clothes has always been the priority.

Many are confused with the battle points(BP) and UC Coins. Battle Points help you unlock the few things and unlock some ordinary items. But when you want to buy some luxury and appealing item or clothe then you will realize the need of UC Coins. PUBG makers are very concerned about money. Though, PUBG mobile is a free to play royal battle game but the developers have very wisely find multiple ways to monetize it.

If you are addicted to PUBG mobile, then at some point of time you will surely think of buying a few items. So, without further a due let's start with how to get free UC Coins and buy clothes.

How To Get Free UC Coins and buy/unlock Clothes in PUBG

On internet you will encounter to see multiple ways to get UC coins for free. It may include getting coins through completing surveys, using VPN or what not. But seriously, nothing works. Yeah, they are just trying to trick you. There is no way to get UC coins for free otherwise than actually buying it.

get free pubg uc coins

So, if you want UC coins, you will need to buy it. Many Articles will tell you to download Google Opinion Rewards to collect money for using on Google play store items. Now, seriously, it really takes huge to even collect 100 of money. Completing 10 surveys can hardly give you 80Rs. Now each survey can take upto 7 days to come in your panel.

So, it is like complete 100 days to wait for 100rs to credit in your play store wallet for spending on PUBG clothes, guns and other items. Alternatively, they are also trying to trick you on the name of Getting FREE UC Coins.

earn uc coins for free purchase on PUBG

In india there are more of children under 16 who are indulged heavily in the game. Most often they are unable to understand these tactics played by market movers.


Also, Don't get excited if you see a video on YouTube or somewhere portraying you crediting UC coins for FREE. They also are trying to trick you by editing the video way they want. You can analyse their video by spectating the pauses and cuts.

With such I just wanted to make you aware of the tactics played by the movers. So, in order to get UC Coins in your PUBG account you need to do the following:

1. Adding money to your Play Store wallet

You need to add money to your play store account for the purpose of buying UC coins on PUBG. The best way, however, is to buy a Google Play Redeem Code on PayTm and then encash it by using the same on Google Play Store App. This way your paytm money will be transferred to Play Store account with which you can buy any clothes and other item on PUBG.

add money to google pay from Paytm for buying PUBG UC Coins
Adding money to play store from Paytm

2. Buy UC Coins from PUBG Game App

After you add money to your play store wallet, the next to do is open PUBG Game App and click UC Coins button on right top corner in lobby. A window will open providing you with several alternative purchases. With the more quantity of purchase you get more discount and some free UC Coins. But it is recommended to buy only the amount which is needed.

Buy Clothes on PUBG Mobile

When you have completed Buying the UC coins and the amount of coins bought are showing in your profile, you are good to go for shopping the clothes.

But do you know that you can buy clothes for free too? Yes, by using you BP you can by clothes. Below is how to buy clothes in PUBG for free:

  • Open PUBG and Go to lobby
  • Click on Crates (Right side above shop)
  • Go to soldier's crate
  • Buy a create buy spending BP
  • Hurray! You will get random item

How To Get UC and buy unlock Clothes in PUBG

As you hit play again the amout of coins spend will increase with every next play till it reaches 7000 Coins. As it is create, you can can't get selected items by spending you coins, albeit, random items will be given to you.

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So guys, this is how you can get UC Coins in PUBG and then buy and unlock clothes, weapons and other items.

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