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Pixel 3 Leather Black Totallee Cases Review | Thin & Light

Pixel 3 Leather Black Totallee Cases Review

If you are looking for Pixel 3 cases that are thin and premium then Totallee cases are one of the best choices out there. We are introducing you with the totallee’s Pixel 3 Leather cases which are winning every pixel user heart. Leather cases have always been the choice of users for a long span of time. Leather cases show the premium feel and appearance to the device. To keep this in mind and provide an unconditional premium feel Totallee has launched Leather cases for the Pixel 3 users.

We recently got an opportunity to hands on these leather cases. It was shocking to see such a brilliant quality of product. The texture of the case is really amusing and it attracts a lot. The cases give an extra level of finishing touch to the device. To those who love black and premium these leather Pixel 3 cases are one of the best alternatives to choose from.

Even after having made of leather the case does not add the weight to your Pixel 3 device. These cases add perfection to Pixel 3 with its amazing quality and features. When it comes to leather cases for Google Pixel 3, Totallee cases perform a way better job as they fit the palm perfectly without having to worry about the slips. Even if you are in a metro, bus stop or any other place carrying your pixel 3 with you, you can trust the cases for its amazing grip.

In market, there are many cases out there. If you have been to Delhi then you can probably find the mobile phones cases at Gaffar, Nehru Place at such low cost. But seriously all of them are temporary and waste of penny. On the other hand, these cases have 2 years of warranty coming with it. And of course the quality is beyond explanation.

The built of these cases is pretty strong and not that delicate. The company provide amazing after sale service so you can expect the best for your best(Google Pixel 3). The cases come in a well packed box. And trust me, Packing of the cases is something that will entice you a lot.

These Pixel 3 leather cases are not only light but thin and branding free. You can buy Pixel 3 cases on the Totallee website. Apart from leather Pixel 3 cases, there are Matte and Glossy variant too. Matte is available in both black & white color. However, the Glossy and Leather cases for Google Pixel 3 is available only in white and black colors respectively. With the product you get fast delivery and 30 day money back guarantee.

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