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Best Gaming CPU Build with Good RAM, Graphics & Processor

Best Gaming CPU Build with Good RAM, Graphics & Processor

When it comes to Gaming our CPU needs to be very responsive in terms of graphics & processing. If you want to play PUBG on PC with high graphics and resolution then the below-mentioned details can help you make the best choice. However, we shall include the best CPUs that you can buy for editing and gaming purpose. The problem with e-commerce websites with respect to CPUs is that there is always something missing. If you have already had some rounds on these websites and come here then you might have surely noticed it. A CPU build with Intel Core i7 will be missing a good graphics card or a CPU with high graphics card will be missing Good RAM size or processor. This continues through multiple scrolls and pages.

What You Need For A Gaming CPU


For a gaming CPU build, you need high graphics of course so that it run games in good resolution(pixels) with better 3D rendering. A better graphics card will support the majority of games be it PUBG, Call of Duty, God Of War, GTA and you will end up noticing less or even no lags & frame loss at all. So, it is something that you can't compromise with. Not at all.


To provide fuel to your games and give them a better backend you doubtlessly need a better processor. A better processor will ensure better multitasking. The more threading the better it is. Processor above quad core is recommended. Dual core processor may give some lags. A processor with i5 or above i5 can work best for gaming CPU.


To have an immersive experience you need to have a monitor that can display games in good resolution i.e. at least FHD resolution(1080x1920px) or above.

Keyboard & Mouse

Gaming Keyboards are different from ordinary keyboards. Likewise, the mouse for gaming is more advanced and give better accuracy. To have better gaming experience it is recommended that you don't compromise with keyboard & mouse.

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Options for Gaming Build

You perhaps have several options covered for the Gaming build. Either you can buy a complete gaming machine, gaming laptop or you assemble one for you. Here we have covered only the best gaming CPU. However, with top gaming CPUs, we will show you some ways to assemble a gaming pc for awesome gaming as it is the best way to get most out of your money. You can refer to our historic article for best gaming laptops.

Best Gaming CPU Build with Good RAM, Graphics & Processor

Below are some retrenched Gaming CPUs with amazing performance and gaming specs.


REO Slim

With REO Slim you can Experience the Speed and Performance with Slim, features with an elegant design. It comes with Intel Core i5 7th generation processor which gives you the clock speed of around 3.0 GHz. 8GB of DDR4 RAM makes it possible to run big games and software. It has a 120 GB solid state drive that is much faster than a hard drive. Apart from 120GB SSD it also gives you 1TB HDD to store huge data. SSD helps to give you speedy performance in running apps in real time.

Compassco Inizio X200 Gaming

Compassco Inizio X200 is a Gaming CPU that is well built and comes with high specifications out of the box. The Gaming PC comes with Intel Pentium 7th Gen G4560 3.5 GHz Processor. It is powered with GTX 1050 Windforce OC 2 GB Graphics. Apart from that it is having HyperX 8GB RAM, 120 GB SSD & 1TB Hard Disk drive. Cosidering its specifications it can run big games like PUBG, Call of duty, GOD of War and many more without any major issue. The performance of the CPU is pretty awesome. It works like charm for running high end tasks.

Intel Toshiba

Intel-toshiba can not be a bad choice for the users looking to play high end games and editing high resolution videos. Intel Toshiba CPU provides you with Core i7 2600 processor with the clock speed of 3.4GHz. Its RAM size is 16GB. You get 1 TB Hard disk drive to store your favorite games, songs, movies, templates, softwares and much more.


Intel iBall comes with core i7 2600 3.4GHz Processor. It lets you enjoy games with the back of 16 GB of Powerful RAM & 120GB of Solid State Drive. It gives you Nvidia 710 2GB graphics card to run smooth graphics. We can't say if these graphics are pretty better. But yeah, when combined with such processor and RAM this can work pretty smooth for 3D rendering. These is also VGA, HDMI & DVI Display ports. The CPU comes with Windows 10 installed in it.


CHIST cpu has been uploaded on Amazon with Chist PUBG Gaming as the text in title claiming to be one of the best CPUs for PUBG gaming. The CPU comes with Core i5 Processor with 3.10 GHz. It is having 8 GB RAM. The box is well designed and looks very stylish. In other words, for a gamer it looks very decent. The CPU is having NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Graphics. The performance of these Graphics are pretty better than other graphics listed in above CPUs. You can check and compare the Graphics performace on Userbenchmark Official website.

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So guys these are some of the top gaming CPU Build with Good RAM, Graphics & Processor. You can make purchasing decision according to your need and budget. Make sure you consider the required specifications according to your gaming need.

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