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Best Emoji Apps For Android 2020 (Latest)

Best Emoji Apps For Android users

On the Play store, we can find top Emoji Apps for Android users 2020. There are many emoji applications for Android which can help to make the conversations really better. Conversation without emotions becomes quite boring and dull. These days text conversations without emojis can’t be expected. For example:


“How are you?” looks quite intimidating whereas when coupled with any relevant emoji the glory of text gets increased.

“How are you? 😊” 

Now the above text consolidated with an emoji seems to be nicer.

It has also become the tendency of people that if someone talks without emojis it’s perceived more like a formal conversation. And the expectation of these emojis has gone to that extent that in lack of these emojis the person is perceived to be rude and sober when it comes to informal conversations.

Emojis are the figure of text conversations and play a vital role to make the conversation healthy, enjoying and fascinating.

We will talk about some top Emoji Apps for Android that you can use to add enthusiasm to the conversation.

Best Emoji Apps For Android Users 2020

Swiftkey Keyboard

Swiftkey keyboard comes as an inbuilt application in many smartphones. This keyboard application for Android users is very advanced and comes with plenty of features. With the tons of emojis, you can make your social media conversations way a lot better. Swiftkey keyboard is the best alternative for any emoji apps for android 2019. Swiftkey has gesture features as well that make the tasks a bit fast. It has keyboard resizing features, a bunch of eye-catching themes, glossy emojis and more.

Microsoft SwiftKey-Tastatur
Microsoft SwiftKey-Tastatur
Developer: SwiftKey
Price: Free

Kika Keyboard

Kika is an interesting emojis app for android 2019. This keyboard application consists of amazing 1600+ Emojis and Emoticons. This keyboard application makes your task on conveying messages much more easier while providing you with a bunch of keyboard features and jaw-dropping emojis. Kika Keyboard application is packed with plenty of themes that you can use. The application allows you the send GIFs, Emojis, Voice to Text and much more at a time. It supports many languages. This emoji keyboard application is installed by millions of users around the world and has been reviewed by millions of users as well.


When it comes to best emoji keyboard apps for android Bitmoji has its own legacy. Bitmoji allows you to create your own cartoon emojis. These custom and personalized emojis make your text conversations very captivating. With Bitmoji, you can express yourself way better. It allows you to send emoji while chatting on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or other social media platforms.

Developer: Bitstrips
Price: Free


Gboard is an official keyboard application developed by Google itself. This application is easy to use, lightly weighted and works seamlessly. One can easily search anything on google while typing with just a tap. You can send emojis, relevant GIFs, search emojis and do a lot with Gboard.


Just like Bitmoji, Facemoji also allows you to create your custom emoji avatars to send on social media text conversations. Facemoji, as the name suggests, is a wonderful emoji app for android users 2019. It turns your face into emoji and gives a unique touch to the chats. It does not collect personal information and thus keeps you secure. Facemoji Emoji Keyboard is compatible with most Android phones.

Emoji Keyboard

This keyboard application, developed by Sunspot widgets is a wonderful emoji keyboard application for Android. Emoji keyboard has a custom face emoji feature, stylish themes, Funny GIF keyboard, Multi Language Keyboard. The interface of this emoji app for android is very attractive.



Go keyboard is a complete keyboard application with amazing features like emoji, gesture controls, fast, secure and reliable. Gokeyboard has plenty of themes to make your keyboard look much better. This emoji keyboard application is being used by millions of Android users. GoKeyboard is available for many languages. According to its self-proclamation, it never collects your personal info including credit card information. In fact, they care for the privacy of what you type and who you type.

TouchPal Emoji Keyboard

Touchpal Emoji keyboard is an android keyboard for those who love and appreciate emojis for text conversations. Just like other emoji keyboard applications, it allows you to create your own avatar and send amazing Emoji. However, you can create a layout on your own to use in the touchpal emoji keyboard.

New Black Keyboard Theme

The new black keyboard theme is a splendid emoji keyboard for android users. It is simple and easy to use. The keyboard comes with a variety of designs and layouts.

Emojidom Animated / GIF emoticons & emoji

The popular Emojidom smileys are now animated! You can Have fun sending cool and funny GIF emoticons in WhatsApp, Facebook, LINE, Skype and many other chat apps.

Elite Emoji

Elite emoji comes with Sensational emojis and stickers to express emotions and ideas beautifully in your chat conversations. The application comes with a bunch of chat emoji to make your text chat very expressive.

Elite Emoji
Elite Emoji
Developer: Emoji Guide
Price: Free+

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Did you find your Best Emoji Apps For Android?

These are some of the best emoji applications for Android 2019 that you can install in your smartphone and make your text conversations bit interesting and enjoying with the use of emojis and emoticons.

Share this article with your close ones and let them also know of the top emoji keyboard applications for android users 2019.


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