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10 Things That Are Damaging Your Smartphone

10 Things That Are Damaging Your Smartphone

In today's life, our smartphones are the most valued possessions. It is the only single friendly gadget we have that always like to keep our close. From connecting us with our friends to capture and save all our memories, passwords and secrets it is always there. While there are certain things you should always avoid to protect your smartphone.

Here’s a list of things you should always keep in mind to keep your phone protected against all the things that end up harming your phone.

10 Things That Are Damaging Your Smartphone

Always Keep Your Phone Password Protected

Due to some moments of laziness, you skip putting a password to your phone thinking who will use it except you. But this doesn’t happen. The more stuff you save in your phone there are more chances of it getting damaged. If even by chance your phone gets into the hands of someone else or get stolen all your privacy will be in danger. Therefore never take this risk of leaving your phone without encrypting any password to it.  There are multiple types of password styles your phone provides you, choose any of the best among them to suit your comfort.

Keep Your Phone Updated

It often happens that while talking or chatting with your friends you get so involved that it lets you ignore the security update pop-ups. Leading your phone running the same previous versions. Security updates are very important for your device. It helps you provide bug fixes and introduces you to many new features and settings.  Therefore never ignore the pop up telling you about updating your phone. Improving the designs of your UI it makes the functioning of your apps more faster and smoother. It takes no more than 2-3 minutes to update your phone protecting against all the bugs.

Don’t Charge It Over USB

Instead of carrying complete chargers it is very often you carry only the USB cable. Charging your phone with USB while connecting it with any of your laptop or computer is dangerous for your phone in the long run. It ends up ruining your battery completely. As compared to the charger, USB cables take four times extra time to charge your phone. It is a very slow process providing no advantage to your phone.

Use Branded Chargers

Many time just to save a few of the expenses you go buying the cheap chargers. Those cheap chargers lacking the worldwide CE, RHOS or MFI certifications. They are built using the cheap and duplicates products ensuring no protection to your phone. This as a result slightly starts damaging your smartphone.

Do Not Expose To Overheat

Avoid keeping your phone into extreme hot or cold areas. It could lead your smartphone into a devastating state. Never forget to leave your phone in the car while it is exposed in the sun. The overnight cold of winter and direct exposure to sunlight is very hazardous for your device. You must have seen or heard about the phone blasted while it was put up in the charge. Due to excessive heat, your battery could not resist the current leading to an explosion.

Overall protection for your phone

Keep the glass of your phone screen safe and protected. These days the screens of your phone itself come with Gorilla glass protection. But still, avoid using your phone without applying tempered glass to it. It adds a little thickness to your screen preventing it against all the scratches, dents or finger marks. Mobile Cases, on the other hand, acts great when it comes in protecting the outer structure or model of your smartphone. They are designed in such a way to support, attach, and hold your phone that in case if it falls it will give its protection from all the corners of its side. Therefore to save yourself from the loss of the big expenses it is much better to use glass screen protectors.


Avoid Clicking Dangerous Links

Links that come in between the text messages may be corrupted. Avoid clicking the unknown links that appear in between your screen. With the changing trend, even hackers got smarter sending the malicious links on smartphones than laptops or computers. To avoid getting your data corrupt never click on the links saying click on the link and log in to your account. All these hazardous links end up hacking or corrupting your device.

Reboot Your Phone

Until the time when your phone is hanged or not working properly, you are never bothered about restarting it again. Due to continuous and 24/7 usage of the phone after a period it starts lagging in time. Resulting in creating problems while running. Therefore timely do the rebooting of your phone it will clear all the cache memory of your phone. Resulting in running in the good speed.

Avoid Downloading Malicious Apps

Never download the apps you are not completely sure about. While getting bored it tends to happen that you download any random app that appears good in the looks. However, it can appear to be dangerous. Always make sure and read the description of the app before downloading it. Random unknown apps may contain hazardous viruses involved which after downloading will appear into your phone.

Public WiFi Networks

As soon as you turn out the door of your house make sure you turn off the WiFi and Bluetooth key options. Since WiFi networks are cheap in the use in many areas they run openly without the protection of any password. While you enter into the network area it will automatically get connect with your phone. And all the information you send and receive over the public WiFi can be visible to anyone in the area. Giving the hackers an easy route to your device. Therefore avoid using the public networks and keep stick to your own unlimited data plan. It will help you maintain the confidentiality of your phone.

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