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PUBG Mobile Tips to Survive Till Last and Kill enemies

pubg mobile tips and tricks to survive till last and kill more enemies

PUBG is the top game on Android nowadays. Its popularity is increasing day by day. Even if you are not a gaming geek you might be playing it on the recommendation of your friend or online hype. If you are new as a PUBG player you might be noticing certain headaches like you failed to reach far or someone knocks you out from behind. These happenings in the game can frustrate anyone.

So, today I will share with you some top PUBG tips to kill maximum people and survive till long.

PUBG is the game of Addiction. This multiplayer game lets you play with your team and even desired team players. If your team member is knocked out you can revive him/her back. You can communicate with your team, certain persons of the team while playing the game. This freedom of PUBG mobile makes you all crazy. Right?

No one can remember the points, however, if you know them, you can surely give your best by recalling these PUBG tips and tricks and survive till long while killing the maximum number of people.

So without wasting more time lets start off by diving into the best tips and tricks to play PUBG mobile better.

PUBG Mobile Tips to Survive Till Last and Kill enemies

  • Don’t stay anywhere for a long time, especially when you are below the mountains. Anyone can give you a headshot from the above and you might not be able to reply back. However, on the contrary, chances of mistiming may occur and you can notice the enemy and pay him with the best shot.
  • Use Grenade if you think someone can be inside the house. Quickly enter the house and point your gun to the enemy really fast and shoot.
  • Choose your guns perfectly. Use guns with quick bullets to kill the enemies near you and sniper for the far enemies. If you are perfect in shooting then choose guns more than 6mm bullets.
  • If you are on the top of the house and jumping on the surface then point your cursor towards the fence to avoid the damage.
  • If you have a sniper, then take care of the bullets you have. Make sure you target the headshot. On the contrary, you may lose your bullets and may not be able to survive long.
  • Try to find a place on the top to keep an eye on the enemies near you.
  • Leave guns to sprint faster. It helps when you are under the blue zone and want to run faster to reach the safe zone. Just click the gun you have to make it free from the hands.
  • If the enemy has seen you while targeting then start moving, don’t stay at the place until you are sure of good coverage.
  • While landing, if you find enemies near you just crunch, move and shoot. Don’t forget to keep moving.
  • If the near enemy is knocked out, try to kill him with fist which will not only save your bullets but also avoid the enemies to know about your secret location.
  • While playing keeping an eye on the sky for avoiding unexpected enemy attack.
  • To play safe, you can land in the highest places. However, you can be visible to most enemies if you are playing a war game. So, take decision according to the map.
  • Use smoke when you see more than one enemies who are not seeing you and quickly go near them and shoot ruthlessly.
  • While playing the classic game, make sure you reach the white circle safe zone faster before the blue zone kills you. But wait, don’t be hasty here. As soon as you have crossed the while circle. Relax and see for the enemies, kill them before you get the start for reaching the next safe zone. If you quickly reach the middle point of the safe zone which is very short and alive enemies are better in numbers then only your skills can save you. Make a decision to go to the middle if you have less number of alive players or you have the vehicle.
  • Don’t climb the stairs without concern. If you suspect and sure that there is one person upstairs then either quickly climb the stairs or point the gun to the upper floor and see for the enemy and point the gun to the enemy. However, if you suspect that there can be more enemies or you are totally unaware of the count then throw a grenade or something and then quickly enter and shoot.
  • If you are shooting from the window and enemy has seen you then quickly find another window or place to shoot the enemy.
  • Try to be in reach with your team players. They can revive you and protect you from an unwanted and unexpected knockout. If you are knocked out, let them know in chat or hit the build in message button.
  • If you see a vehicle coming toward you, then, before you shoot the driver, try to shoot the persons behind while moving as they can kill you faster.
  • Before you enter the house, see if the gate is open or not. If it is open then there can be the possibility of enemy hidden inside. However, if the gate is not open, don’t go carefree and collect the items until you look around you.
  • If you are at a place where you can be knocked out from above, then don’t lay down for the shot.
  • Don’t waste time killing the enemies from far away. This can make you short of bullets and in an ongoing match, it can be hard to get that without team players.
  • Don’t put shoes as they can avoid from making noise.
  • When you kill someone don’t quickly go to him and collect items until you first check around yourself for the enemies. As they can be around you listening to the voices. Collect it when you are sure of the safety.
  • Get a safe place, drop a gun or something in open and wait for the enemy to come. As soon as you find one tempting towards it, kill it.

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What are your best PUBG Mobile Tips to Survive Till Last and Kill enemies?

So, these are some of the best PUBG mobile tips and tricks to survive till last and kill more enemies. However, I would like to know in comments as to which on PUBG mobile tricks you use to play the game better than others.

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