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Top 10 Twitch streamers | How much they earn | Gaming

Top 10 Twitch streamers How much they earn Gaming is a digital platform basically designed for live streaming of videos. It is owned by Amazon now. It was created in 2011 especially for video games live streaming but now it is not restricted anymore to video games but other videos too as per the demands of the audience. But twitch however is playing the lead role in gaming live streams platform surpassing YouTube gaming with over 2 Million broadcasters and 15 million active users.  All the gamers are just insane behind this platform and they love to showcase their skills and also make a living out of it. Gaming has taken to another level:

Top 10 twitch streamers along with their net worth

Following is the list of top 10 twitch streamers along with their net worth :


Starting with the most famous streamer of Fortnite who became the most followed twitch streamer as of the current year with 5.8 million followers. The man who streams video through this name is Richard Tyler Blevins who is a YouTuber and gaming pro. His estimated net worth is around $350,000 only from his followers, not counting his income from sponsorships.


Mike Grzesiek , popular by his Twitch name Shroud recently became a full time streamer. He plays in counterstrike for more than 10 years and has huge fan base of 3 million followers. His estimated net worth is around


Summit1g is yet another famous streamer and has around 3 million followers on his Twitch account. He used to play counter strike and now he has become a full time streamer and loves to play shooting games but is not restricted to it. Instead enjoys all kinds of games. His estimated net worth is around $3,550,000.


He is one of the famous streamers but he is not only famous because of his gaming skills but also famous because of his ruthless attitude towards each game. He is an award winning international champion. He has been awarded with most viewed streams for a really long time. His estimated net worth is around


You can find professional esports and championship gameplay streams from eleague tv on Twitch and YouTube. Some of the games included are CS:GO, Injustice 2, Street Fighter V, and Rocket League.

Sodapoppin 1,870,265

Sodapoppin is a 24-year-old streamer that's been streaming for 8 years now. He came to Twitch 6 years ago and started streaming constantly. He focuses on variety of games, and jumps to a new game all the time, while playing his favorites in the meantime. He was a hardcore WoW player, and that's what he streamed in the beginning, so you'll still get to see some WoW streams as well.



He is yet another famous streamer and he finds his channel as the most bizarre community on twitch. He has started streaming a year ago as a hobby. But now he working as full time streamer and living his dream. He loves video games and loves to share his skills with his audience.


Imane, more popular by the name Pokimane  loves to play League of Legends. She loves to play it and share her experiences with her audience. Her streams are different from others in the sense that they are fun to watch and audience gets to connect with others during the process and have a great time. This is one reason that makes her streams so popular and that is why she has a huge fan base.


Phantomlord is the most popular streamer with an estimated net worth of around $4.1 million. While most streamers make money out of subscribers and donations he takes things bit differently. He earns through making many CSGO skin gambles.  In 2016, some hacker disclosed his truth and his gambling broadcasts were banned. But he again started streaming on twitch in 2017.


Rabia Yazbek, more popular by the twitch account name Nightblue3 with an estimated net worth of around $3 million is yet another famous streamer. He has amassed such a huge fan base because of his informative and communicative streams.

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So these have been the top 10 streamers of twitch and there are thousands of other streamers on this platform. If you are gaming geek then you can join these gaming freaks and if you are interested to be a gaming streamer then twitch is never a bad idea. In fact, with Omlet Arcade are other streaming apps you can stream your gaming videos simultaneously to YouTube & Twitch and even Facebook. So, why to wait?

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