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List of 12 Best Alternatives to Moz Pro

Best Alternatives to Moz Pro

Are you looking for the best alternatives to Moz Pro then this post is going to give a complete list of best SEO tools you can opt for if not Moz Pro. There is good amount of competition between SEO software these days whether you are looking for ranking tracking software, keyword research tool, backlink analysis tool, site audit tool or any other tool that lets you do all or some exploration or research based on data. As such, it is little difficult to decide which one should be the best for you.

However, it is always recommended to go with the best or go with best in-own. With that I mean, to go with either the leader or go with the one whose feature (that you are looking for) is best in all.

In this post, I've listed out top 10 best alternatives to moz pro whilch will give you room for switch if you are looking to. All the tools have the ability to increase traffic on your website and unearth the potential details so as to work on them. Most of the tools have great features like keyword research, content analysis, competition research, backlink analysis and many more.

Go through this post and choose the best suited SEO tool for your website(s) or project(s).

  1. SEMrush
  2. Spyfu
  3. Ahrefs
  4. Siteimprove
  5. Conductor
  6. BrightEdge
  7. Raven Tools
  8. SEO PowerSuite
  9. SEO Profiler
  10. HubSpot
  11. Alexa Marketing Stack
  12. gShift

List of 12 Best Alternatives to Moz Pro


Price: $119.95

SEMrush is an all-in-one SEO tool that lets you do complete research about any given domain or keyword. With the best use of SEMrush, you can easily find the weakness and strength in your website. SEMrush has power of data that is so accurate that you can make better decisions and outrank your competitors. Their keyword magic tool, backlink audit and site audit feature is something that beats any other SEO software in the market. SEMrush is truly the best alternative to MozPro that you can consider for better ranking and growth of your web project(s).


Price: $39 per month

From keyword analysing to working with domain this application does a great job. This is the great option for small businesses as well as medium sized businesses that want to expand themselves and work hard to get on page one of SERP. It helps small businesses to work on various factors of website so as to achieve ranking. Its various features let you dig into the pocket of your competitors and have complete picture as to where they stand and how much effort you many need to outrank them. It also lets you see their PPC campaigns and PPC strategy which will help you develop your own strategy and give them a tough competition. Its price is highly reasonable and does not make it hard for you to work with.



Price: $99 per month

Ahrefs is literally an amazing tool for the SEO marketers, advertising persons, content marketers, bloggers, growth hackers and digital marketers. It is a brilliant tool that allows you to do keyword research, rank tracking, content marketing, growth hacking and much more. Ahrefs can bring in confidence in you about the work that you do. This tool is completely based on data on which you can rely for further decision making. When it comes SEO tools, SEMrush and Ahrefs are the two you will get puzzled with. Both of them are all-in-one SEO tools and are in competition to each other. Both, however, have their own USPs and popular features that make them stand out.


Price: $79 per month

The site is one of the favourite Web governance products with absolutely reliable and efficient features.Its main features are QA, Analytics, accessibility check, Keyword search and many more. This all in one tool with high efficiency gives you a way to create better and effective content. It provides better solutions than Google and is used by website developers on a daily basis to keep their website updated.


Price: $1995 per month

Conductor is a that that provides a short popularity for your website. Customers have reviewed the site with better compelling content and also increased web traffic. It tends to provide better customer service to people by providing them with insights about what people are searching online. Small businessmen and even business men on a higher scale use this tool to increase the efficiency of the website.


Price: $2500 per month to $6000 per month

The best part of this product is their customer service. This highly efficient and famous product gives their customers a great service but providing them with all efficient features. The solid product having a great dedication to their customers has increased its market value and is used by most of the businessmen. Digital marketers often tend to find Tools that are good at service but do not increase their efficiency with time; this leads to a decrease in their market value. However, this product from time to time increases and enhances its features that makes it better for usage.

Raven Tools

Price: $89 per month, per feature

Raven tools is mostly preferred by digital marketers, small businessmen and also the advertising industry. This tool is from a Tennessee company that tends to provide search engine optimization with a lot of features. As designed for SEO professionals and digital marketers, the tool has excelled in its way. Raven tools are not that crazy when seen from the point of view of the features it offers. However, a free trial of this tool is provided for customers to have better understanding whether to go with this tool.

SEO Powersuite

Price: $320 per year

SEO friendly keyword search is often not very reliable on many websites but SEO powersuite is a reliable option to work with. Four extremely highlighted tools of this application are Rank tracker, it helps you to do keyword search in a good way. Website auditor is another tool of this app that helps you to do website crawling. Spy got glass application of this tool helps you to search backlinks. Link assistant is the fourth tool of this application, it helps you to create links.

Similarweb Pro

Price: One $199 per month to $799 per month

Similarweb is a SEO tool that aims to provide its customers with data on which users can rely. One of the best market research tools is provided on the site. It’s keyword research is highly reliable and analyses its competitiveness. This tool is great for small businessmen who want to increase their business through digital marketing and increase the content of their website.


Price: $99 per month

One of the easiest products for businessmen is web CEO. Its interface is really easy to use and also efficient. Best part of the story is that it updates its features from time to time that allows its users to increase as well as enhance their website content. When compared to other platforms on this review or otherwise you will find this product to be efficient even with lesser price value.

Alexa Marketing Stack

Price: $99 per month

The best part of this product is that it helps you to save time. This is done because it tracks overall ranking as well as checks on page content. It has helped many businesses to be more efficient and has led them to page 1 of the website search. It helps customers to find, reach and And convert it’s audience into marketing that works well.


Price: $79 per month

This leading software provide its customers with better content creation and enhances their quality. It has had known brands and businesses with their website development. This tool allows known as well as unknown digital marketers to increase their online business. It has assured web traffic for their site.


Now at the end of this review, you have some of the most well-known and efficient software to increase your website business. However, if you are low at budget and have just reached out to digital marketing then this post will help you to get tools with a low budget. When compared, you will find these tools as efficient as Moz Pro. These 10 best alternatives are researched and reviewed at high rates. You can choose the best suited software for your website and with this increase your digital marketing business. You can connect to us in the comments section with any query or suggestions regarding the above listed tools.

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