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How to get Maximum kills in PUBG TDM Warehouse Deathmatch

How to get Maximum kills in PUBG TDM Warehouse Deathmatch

PUBG TDM Warehouse is a great game version for those who want instant action and can not wait much for the guns and start the action. Specially for the office going people and for those who have literally very less time gaming, PUBG TDM Warehouse is a boon and instant elixir. I personally prefer to play TDM Warehouse whenever I feel to play. In classic matches you are restricted much and sometimes have to leave in the middle of the match because of certain reasons. On the other hand, playing TDM warehouse mode lets you enjoy the action.

Recently, PUBG Developers have introduced more features in the game where you can slide while running and hitting couch button. This makes the Evo Ground Deathmatch really killing and fast. If you are a beginner or put yourself into a beginner category then you will love the tips shared in this article for the Evoground Death match. However, if you are a pro, you will certainly find something new.

Before we begin with TDM Warehouse Tips and tricks, let me tell you that below tips don't include any hack or cheat. All the tricks and tips shared in this article are usable and under the normal course of action.

Tips & Tricks to get the Maximum kills in PUBGM TDM Warehouse Deathmatch

Choosing the Perfect Guns

The game starts with a warehouse where you have 4 opponents and you are the team of 4. You are invisible for few seconds before the match starts. You can choose your best guns in this period of time.

The best combination of guns can give you an edge over your enemy. Though you can choose any gun from the available guns at your comfort. But while doing so, you can keep in mind the fact that it must be high damaging gun. For so, I recommend to use AKM or Beryl M762 for first slot and in the other you can use Kar98. This deadly combination can give you highest kills.

Some really good players prefer to use Vector or UZI as well. As these guns fire at a really impressive speed. These guns can also be used if you are really good at it.

Keep Moving

It is advised to keep always moving throughout the game. The more dynamic you are, the higher kills you earn. With the new slide feature now you can be extra dynamic and play with ease.



In the game you may face many pro players who can kill you in the blinking of an eye. Most of them can have Kar98. Some Kar98 players love to go in front of their enemies and kill them in one shot, on the other hand, some players love to use 4x scope in Kar98 in Warehouse Evoground Death Match. They find it very convenient for them and they just love it. To play with the scopes in the warehouse PUBG match you always have to very quick. If you are hiding yourself behind something, make sure you are really quick at peaking. It helps you to avoid an unwanted headshot & instant death.

You can keep moving while your scope is open and aiming the enemy. The best thing to get some expertise in playing open scope is to train yourself in training mode or just play some war games.

Instant Reactions

Some instant reactions can work wonders while you are in the match. Like quick crunch or prone while firing can do wonders. With this instant reaction in PUBG mobile game you save your 20% health and chance to kill your enemy.

ADS Sensitivity

In warehouse match, you will get close to your enemy multiple. Thus whenever you going for a close kill your ADS sensitivity should be perfect according to your system. The higher it is the better and quickly you can point the aim towards your enemy. With the new updates where the players can slide and play quickly, it has become bit crucial to have high sensitivity of aiming so that you can move 360 degree really fast.

Triggers or Four Fingers

Gaming is all about controllers. The better controls and mastery in controls make you the real pro. Thus, to get most kills in evoground warehouse PUBG matches, you will need to have better controls. Many PUBG mobile players love to play on iPad as it allows them to play in big screen and with better controls. If you are a mobile player and want some better controls then you can opt for triggers and controllers for PUBG mobiles. Triggers can give you some extra controls with having to worry about practicing much.

Keep Guns Reloaded

Warehouse match challenges you to face you enemies in limited space. There can be situations multiple times, where there are all or more than one enemy in front of you, shooting towards you. At that time, either you can kills them with a quick reloads or switches of guns. Keeping guns reloaded always help you to win the tight matches.

There are more other tips and tricks for PUBG mobile users that we have shared here

i hope you liked these TDM warehouse deathmatch tips and tricks. For more gaming and technology content, you can Join DroidCrunch on YouTube, Facebook & Twitter and we will share more ideas and tricks together.

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