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Hacks and Cheats in PUBG Mobile for Android & PC

Hacks and Cheats in PUBG Mobile for Android & PC

Are you wondering whether one can hack in PUBG mobile? and if it is possible then how to do a hack in PUBG? right? PUBG hacking is now very normal. You are killed most of the time by a bot or hacker who shoots you in a one-shot from kilometers away or knows exactly where you are hiding.

There is no denying the fact that, PUBG has got some great popularity over a couple of years. The game is very famous among teenagers all over the world.

There are many hacks that PUBG users employ to pollute the gaming environment. Yes, they actually do. I have been killed many times, innocently by the hackers.

Their hackers use the scripts and software to break the game coding to get an advantage over the character or asset features.

As we know that the game contains terrains, characters and all of these have properties. So, they actually have a software which is responsible or capable of decoding the installed game or modifying its coding.

This re-engineering of the app is assisted by a custom script(s) that is build to modify certain properties that end up giving the character a lot of permissions that a normal user does not possess.

That is how they easily spot you and kill you before you see them. These hackers can finish the entire squad without a recoil with the help of their hacks and cheats.

Keep reading this article to get a complete overview as to how to do PUBG hack in your android or PC and I will tell you whether YouTube or Twitch PUBG streamers do hack.


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Hacks and Cheats in PUBG Mobile for Android & PC

PUBG Mobile Wallhack Cheat

Wallhack in PUBG mobile is one of the most used hacks. It assists the hackers to see the enemies through the walls. PUBG mobile system that keeps an eye on the player's unordinary behavior, is most often less capable of detecting this hack.

This is why Wallhack is used by most of the hackers and that is why they can easily spot the enemies whether they are made snakes or hiding in the house anywhere.

PUBG Mobile Speed Hack Cheat

With speed hack cheat players are able to run way too fast. In a matter of seconds, they can reach the middle of the zone. As such, the zone can not do any harm to the hackers of PUBG mobile.

While the player is speedily running, it also becomes very hard for enemies to aim at the player. It also helps if the enemy has spotted you, and you can quickly change the position deceiving the enemy.


Do you see that hackers of PUBG mobile do not give you a chance, in just a few shots you are finished, whereas they can shoot you in the blinking of an eye? Yes, it's because of aimbot that helps the hackers to aim at their enemies without losing luck.

Aimbot adjusts the crosshair towards the enemy very quickly. It makes sure that your ammo is not wasted.

Aimbot is very suspicious of the PUBG vigilant system (anti-cheat software), thus, over time its use has been declined.

High Jump

This is one of the craziest hacks in PUBG mobile. With a high jump hack, the player can jump high in the sky and dodge the bullets of enemies. When it comes to close range matches like TDM warehouse (deathmatch), war or a short arcade, High jump can dramatically change the results.

However, a High jump hack is highly detectable by the enemies, as such, the enemy can quickly report you. So, the use of this hack in PUBG is decreasing drastically.

Flying Vehicles

Flying vehicles in PUBG mobile is again a crazy cheat that allows the hacker to fly the vehicles in the sky. It is a very amazing hack. One can easily cross the river by flying the vehicle over the water with this hack.

Underwater Gunshot

When you are inside the water, you can not take medicine, painkiller or even shoot the enemies around you. As such there are high chances of losing the game when the game is in a tough situation near the water.

However, with the underwater gunshot hack hackers can easily take the consumables and shoot the enemies

Auto-Headshot (Magic Shot)

Auto Headshot is a very powerful hack of PUBG. With this hack, the player kills the enemy in just a few bullets. It's not that hackers can not be killed. So, if the enemy is a pro PUBG player then auto headshot coupled with aimbot plays a demon role.

With this hack only, you have to sometimes experience instant kill as soon as you see your enemy(hacker).


With no recoil PUBG hack, the hacker is able to shoot the enemies with a recoil. As we all know, that major kills happen you are out ammo or are doing the recoil.

In situations, where there is the whole squad is in front of you, you have to be very particular about your guns and recoil. However, with no recoil PUBG hack, you don't have to.

Do PUBG streamers do hacking

Many PUBG mobile hackers have been caught live on stream in the past. Many PUBG streamers do hacking. Now you will say that it does not seem if they are hacking. My reply is that they use very minimal hacks such as wallhack or sometimes headshot hack.

For most, wallhack does wonder and they don't have to take recourse to the other hacks. The apply hack on the spectating device and the main form which they actually play is not used for hacking.

As such they get seamless experience while playing, it does not affect their gaming experience. To see the enemies they switch between the windows. And it is already unveiled by many content creators on YouTube. You only have to search “streamers caught while hacking in PUBG live stream”.

Is it safe to do a PUBG hack?

No, it's not safe to use the hack. The software that is used for hacking is sometimes malicious and can lead to data theft or privacy theft. It can also lead to financial loss when sensitive data is at risk or compromised. It is always good to stay away from the hacks.

Many users use EPS hacking for PC Emulators and use GG (game guardian), VPN, Dual space apps and scripts for the mobile hacking.

How To Hack Safely/Without a ban in PUBG?

Many players(hackers) continuously develop the strategies and tactics to hack in PUBG without a ban. Many times they are successful and sometimes they are caught. So, what exactly they do to hack safely without any ban in PUBG?

Actually, they use minimal hacks and if possible they don't put the main account at risk and instead use minimal hacking such as wallhack in another device with which they can spectate. So, this is how to hack without a ban:

  • Using very minimal hacks
  • Using another device for hacking
  • Only Spectating
  • Only wallhack or another minimal hack (that is non-suspicious)
  • Using Anti Ban or Anti Report scripts
  • Turning off the spectating feature for everyone (from settings)
  • Not playing with unknown players

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So, guys, these are hacks in PUBG Mobile for Android & PC. I hope you liked this post. Please share with your friends who want to know more about PUBG hacking and cheats.



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