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How to Play Dream 11 Fantasy Cricket | Tips & Tricks

How to Play Dream 11 Fantasy Cricket Tips & Tricks

Cricket is one of the most famous and most viewed games for a country like India. Indians are way more crazy for cricket than other sports being played. Each one of us must have played cricket some time or the other in our childhood or even as adults. And as everyone is well versed with the fact that nowadays IPL is going on and people are supporting their favourite teams by showing their support through social media. To know more about IPL, click here.

We all are also aware of the fact that technology is at its best in the 21st century and that is why now people not only watch the match and enjoy it but instead play their own games. Okay so here we are not talking about the betting that takes place during IPL, instead, we are talking about an app that people are using to play their own games and even earn cash rewards through it.

Fantasy Cricket! Yes, you read it right. We are talking about Fantasy Cricket League which is a part of the fantasy sports genre. When we talk about fantasy sports there is no site which is better than Dream11. It is a kind of an online game in which a virtual team of real cricket players is created and points are scored depending on how these players perform in real life matches. To win this, one must try to attain as many points as possible and score the highest rank on the leaderboard.

Basically, Dream11 is based on how one sets the batting and bowling order of the players which requires great strategy. Even the slightest of changes can make a huge difference on the leaderboard. Fantasy cricket is much like selecting the team for real-life matches by selecting a team of 11 players and 3 substitutes from the pool of players who play the match.

An exciting feature of this amazing online league is that it is available for all the three formats of cricket that is One Day International, Twenty20 and Test Cricket. The matches with limited overs are played in two formats one being the daily games and other being in rounds.

So we can certainly say that Fantasy Sports can be called as “game of skills” as a lot of knowledge regarding players and their games, their strengths and weaknesses and a lot of strategies is required to select a perfect team which can make you earn more and more points. Many people can even have queries like is Fantasy sports legal or not? So the answer to this question is it is legal all around the world with certain states being an exception because it is not gambling or betting but a game of skill.

Okay so now let’s know about it in a little more depth. Dream11 has two options for its audience for playing which are paid form and for free. If you have the skills required to play fantasy cricket and want to earn some money, go for the paid form or else if you just want to explore and learn how to play then go for the regular option.

Steps to be followed in order to be a part of Fantasy Cricket site Dream11:-

  1. Sign up to Dream11 and create your profile.
  2. Choose the right team having experience and try to earn as many points as you can.
  3. After selecting your team, you will be competing with your rivals which are other players.
  4. On the basis of points earned, the winner will be decided.
  5. The winning team will earn the cash prize.

Following are the tips and tricks to win Dream11 fantasy cricket league:-

  1. The very crucial step is to select the most appropriate captain and vice-captain as they make (2) and (1.5) times the points earned.
  2. Also, you should make sure that the players you are selecting should play on that day.
  3. Try to include players who are in good form and that can be seen from the previous matches.
  4. Batsmen score 1 point every 2 runs scored and a bowler makes 10 points on each wicket taken so make a good choice in order to earn more points.
  5. A fielder gets 4 points on every catch and a keeper gets 6 points on stumping.

Always try to select players who are consistent in their performance like Kohli, AB de Villiers, Gayle, Bravo and also try to select the Freshers if they have a good record in domestic matches as they can prove out to be really good for that day. Basically, it all depends on how much you know the game and the players and select the best team with all the players fit to play.

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