How to increase visibility of your Gigs on Fiverr

how to increase visibility of your gigs on fiverr

Freelancing on Fiverr is a great medium to learn and earn. One can dive deep into Freelancing with some serious skills. There are opportunities for Designers, developers, writers, editors, animators, actors and what not. People find Fiverr to be among the best sources to buy the online digital services as it is fast, result oriented and save cost too sometimes. Apart from that there is perk of finding the best talent for the specific service.

As such, Fiverr serves as a medium to the digital buyers and sellers. With the change in time Fiverr is experiencing a crucial time for the new comers. Sellers who joined way back and their gigs are ranking already, are earning huge out of it. But for the new comers they have challenge to provide the unique and quality services and all that for low cost.

However, we have this guide to help the new sellers to increase the visibility for their gigs, increase sales, promote their gigs best way and get more clicks on gigs.

Tips to increase visibility of your Gigs on Fiverr

The amount you earn on Fiverr depends on number of sales you make and thus it depends on number of clicks on gigs and impressions. In order to increase the impressions of your gigs on Fiverr, you can perform the following actions.

# Research

To get visibility, you first need to do some research before you add your gig. Your research should be based on who are your competitors, how active they are, what is room for improvement, any loophole in services that you can fill up, how strongly they have occupied the position and more. Simply, you just need to see if your gig can perform well for the specific service. Even if the service is highly competitive you can module your promotion strategy accordingly.

Suppose, you are a designer looking to add a logo making gig. Now you find that they is huge competition on such keywords on Fiverr, then you can module your services with the following, like-

  • Logo for Twitter Account
  • Custom logo design for Instagram

The more you narrow down your gig, the better results you will achieve. Now this will help you get quick results and fast orders. Interestingly & fortunately, you can edit your gig later when you find that it is performing well and you should target it for more wide keywords.

Scaling at that point of time would be fruitful as you will have enough of reviews and completed orders on the same gig.

# Title, Description & Tags

Your gig on Fiverr is like a post on any other authority website. You can rank it better with on page SEO strategies like better relevant title, description & tags.

To do this you will need to study the gig offering page for the desired keyword. Now make sure you include the most keywords that are coming in top ten gigs results.

Your description should not be only user friendly but also search friendly so that it may get visible to Fiverr as well as search engines on the Top.

# Using Video is recommended

It is always recommended to use the video in featured content as the buyers want to see more of what you are offering. Also it lets the buyers see more visuals on hover. Overall videos are powerful enough to persuade the buyers the best way. However, if your gig is pretty old and you have completed pretty good amount of orders then most often your completed offers work for your featured content.

Even if you use images, make sure that it is visually decent, relatable and looks distinct out of the crowd. Check the most probable keywords, search the gigs over them and find the colour scheme which may make your gig visually distinct. Don’t worry it is not that hard and time consuming. Even if it is, this will reward you later.

# Be active

If you are little bit familiar with Fiverr, then you might have noticed that the users from the top gigs are often active or they had recent activity or logins. In other words, their response time and activeness on the platform is pretty high which returns them with good orders.

# Be responsive

Being active alone will not help you until you provide quick feedback to the queries asked by the prospective buyers. Try to respond to all the messages quickly and maintain a high response time. This is surely going to show a positive element to the buyers checking your gigs.

# Professional, Fun and Persuading Touch

With the professional, fun and persuading touch and a user-friendly description you can build an instance connective with the buyers. It will help you get more conversions out of the impressions.

As it is seen that even if your gig ranks and people are clicking and reading it, but in lack of usability and perfect touch it does not convert in to orders and sales. So, if your gig is new you need to work on to it as you have no or less reviews and the work to show.

# Promote it on Social Media

Promoting your gigs on social media is a great way to get the quick actions and visibility which may help you get its visibility at high rate on the platform(Fiverr) as well. However, sharing gigs on the platform will help you only if you share it with the right audience. Suppose your gig is about “WordPress customization and developing custom themes” then you can share it in a group of Web design, WordPress and likewise.

So, these are some strategies following which you can increase the exposure, visibility or reach for your Fiverr gigs. Increased exposure of Fiverr gigs in turn will let you leverage the more sales and orders.


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