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How to Grow Organically on Quora

How to Grow Organically on Quora

Quora is an online question and answer site which is continually growing. People from any field of interest can be a part of it, questions and answers are created, organized, and edited by them. Its sole purpose is to help the public in clearing and asking their doubts. Like some other social media platforms, Quora doesn’t allow you to buy followers so even a small number of following is credible. Also, using Quora you get the opportunity to know some cool people and read their thoughts so it is very important to choose wisely because you become the person whom you spend the most time with.

Quora is a place to gain and share knowledge by asking or answering questions. The content available on Quora is written and edited by the same people who use the website. Some amazing features of Quora which make it different from the normal search engine are: it allows the users to create their social networks and follow topics that interest them the most, it focuses on high-quality questions and answers and most importantly it enables the users to vote on answers which they think are the most accurate thus highlighting the best answer available.

List of Ways on How to grow on Quora?

While most of the times Quora is used by people for information, research, and general interest, some use it to add and build a social network. Here are some of the ways following which you can grow on Quora-

Connect Quora with your other social platforms

Connecting Quora to your other social channels is a great way of growing on Quora. By doing this you can send notifications to all your friends that you have joined Quora and they can catch you up there by following you on Quora. To connect your social channel with Quora go to the Setting>Connected accounts.

Engage in discussions

Discuss your thoughts and ideas clearly and intelligently on Quora just like you do that in your real life. And once you have shared your work keep checking the website and respond to the questions that might have come from your viewers this way you will be able to indulge in a discussion with them and attract more audience by this way of interaction. Responding to the comments of the people is indeed an amazing opportunity to connect with people on a personal level and build a beautiful relationship with a few of them who in turn will provide you with great feedback.

Quantity or Quality

There is a common confusion with people that they think more content work will bring them more followers but in reality, only good work will be useful in attracting the audience. You can start with focusing on the quantity but eventually, you should focus on the quality of material you are delivering. Make sure the content is to the point, understandable and informative.

Cross post your answers on your other social media channels

You can share your answers from Quora to other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and so on. This will be a great help to you in attracting people to join you on Quora especially when you have written on a topic of which is trending make sure to share the answer as soon as you write it on Quora because Quora’s algorithm works like that. If by chance you can get a lot of views and upvotes in the first 30 minutes then Quora will show your answer to a lot of people. So, it is also very important to post your answers at the right time.

Don’t just write answers instead share your personal views

It is always a better idea to add a personal touch to whatever you do. Usually, people on Quora write very direct answers with not enough details and feel. The majority of the people come to Quora to understand things in a more detailed manner. The normal search engine is already there to help people with their questions so to attract their interest towards your answers in Quora make sure you are adding a personal touch to it. Like if the question is: What are the best shopping places in Delhi? Don’t just come with the names of the places but a little more informative and try to mention the places you know personally so that you can add your experience and make your answer more realistic.


Establish expertise

Everyone is good in some of the other fields so if you have expertise in a particular field, writing relevant, intelligent answers to key topics can strengthen how others are perceiving your expertise. You just have to provide value to your answers and then see how people will start requesting your input on related topics. The greater number of inbound requests you get the more people are considering you as an expert.

Repurpose old content which worked well

You can sometimes post your answers from your other social media platform to Quora. There are times when you write something about a topic on your blog or any other social platform and it gets loved by a lot of people. That is the time when you know that the answer you wrote is serving its core purpose and it has potential so it will be smart to repurpose that post according to the question and make it good to go.

Pick up some niche topics

Many of you think that covering all the areas of information will be good for your growth on Quora but the answer is no. If you write about all the topics then it will get very difficult and confusing for you to answer and respond to your viewer's comments and doubts. Also, people will not be able to recognize you for what you do. It is better to write about the things which you are interested in and have a keen knowledge and understanding of. You can build a good number of followers by constantly engaging with a niche and if the viewer is interested in that niche he or she will definitely follow you and also remember your name and work.

Publish answers every single day

Don’t miss any day of writing. Make sure you are active on Quora every single day it will help you to know your viewers more and respond to their comments.

Format Correctly

Don’t just write the answers for the sake of completing it. Be very clear with what you are trying to convey through your answer. Follow a particular organized format to make sure your answers are appealing. Some of the measures you can take are: use a lot of breaks and try to keep your paragraphs short, use images and leverage bold/italics along with numbering and bullets.

Crux on the Post

So, these are some of the best ways on how you can grow organically on Quora. It definitely can take some time and test your patience. If you really want the right audience for your content and growing is not the sole purpose of using quora then definitely you can use the above-mentioned tips. However, if you want to grow by hook or by crook using black hat ways then there too are some ways but these are not recommended if you really want to get the right audience for your content.

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