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How to Set up Paytm Merchant account

how to setup paytm merchant account

If you want to know how to set up Paytm merchant account and Paytm for business, then you are certainly on the right page. Paytm provides you the easiest, convenient and quickest way to receive payments from the buyers, receivers, and debtors. Vendors who sell items of mid-range get the huge benefit of Paytm services. Bookstores, Mobile Stores, Web users (who want to receive payments via Paytm from their online users for their products and services), Small-scale vendors and more category of vendors can make use of PayTm merchant account and enhance the transaction productivity.

how to setup paytm merchant account
PayTm For Business

You can use Paytm for receiving payments in several ways. Let's scroll and look at each of these ways.

How To Set Up PayTm Merchant Account

On App/Website

PayTm provides Paytm SDKs, Plugins, Paytm merchant api and code options to implement on your web or app with the help of which you can start receiving money from the users. To make this happen, however, you will need to set up a Paytm merchant account. In order to create a Paytm merchant account you need to create paytm account and head over to the PayTm business page as follow: and process for create merchant account paytm.

paytm merchant account setup
Login and Verify

Opening up the application you just need to log in with your credentials or sign up for a new account. The steps after logging in are pretty quicky.

paytm payment gateway setup
Steps for Integration

If you have already the documents and details in hand then it can be really simple and quick for you otherwise you may wait for the completeness of your details. After all the details are furnished, you just need to accept the application and get the implementation details.

You can implement Paytm payment gateway with various E-Commerce Platforms by using the plugins provided by Paytm on:

paytm business account setup
Paytm business account setup

You can use PayTm SDK and Developer Friendly API for your Android or iOS applications and accept payments.

paytm sdk for mobile apps
PayTm SDK and API

In Your Store

Majority of people use PayTm QR code service. Setting up this feature is really fast and easy.


paytm qr code service offline 50k

You need not furnish the ocean of information for leveraging this service. Just select “In Your Store” option under “Accept Payments” and click on “Get your QR code“. Now you need to specify the handful of information to get started.

paytm qr code receive payments
Paytm Accepting Payments via QR Code

Once done with the information, you will get your printable QR code which you can download, print and use in your shop allowing customers to pay via PayTm. After you get qr code paytm, you can benefit more of services.

Advantages of QR Service

-Many customers suffer from the handling of liquid cash with them and prefer to use PayTm and such other digital banking services. QR code available on shop helps not only the vendors but also the buyers with the trouble of handling liquid money.

-Using PayTm does not cost transaction fee and also allows cashback offers at times.

Payment Link

Paytm Payment link is a convenient way to send your debtors a custom order and ask payment.

Paytm payment link setup
Paytm Payment Link

You can easily create a link of the fixed or variable amount and send it via SMS, chat or email to your recipient.

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Over To You

So, this is how you can Set up a Paytm merchant account and leverage the paytm business offerings. You should use a suitable offering for your business. For more information, you can take help from the Paytm Implementation Guide available for different modules on PayTm Business Website.

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