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How to manage time with lifetracker android app?

“If you want to be more productive, you need to become master of your minutes”- Crystal Paine

Crystal Paine’s words are something each and every human being need to have in mind. Time management is a very significant step to achieving our goals. It not only makes us achieve our goal but also reduces stress, reduces mistakes and possibility to rework, provide you more time for leisure, improve reputation and its provides more opportunities in life.


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There are various methods and techniques to manage time but as per the developing technology, people have made various gadgets or simply applications for your handset which provide you with the facility to manage your time according to your routine.

Nowadays, a mobile phone is not just a way of communication but it has certain functions to help you day to day life as well. One such usage is to track your life using tracking apps in your smartphones. So let’s take a look at some life tracking application for android smartphones and how they are helpful for your routine life.

1. To Do List

lifetracker android app

Ever wonder how so many people can to a variety of tasks in one single day and we find no time to do few things? Here is the thing you need to manage the time according to your tasks. To do list helps you to list all the things you have to do in daily routine and the app will alarm you on time. It is friendly to manage task and also making group tasks handy. Just add your task through voice box or text and the app will automatically notify you about the task you have to perform.

2. Habit Clock

It is true that when you have a good morning, your whole day will be good. Habit Clock is an application that makes your morning fresh and happy by helping yo to perform various morning routine. By having a morning in which all the routine tasks are completed, your whole day is spent productive and fresh. As we talk about all the successful people around the world, they always work efficiently in the morning. Similarly, Habit Clock allows you to work like that of other successful people.

3. Habitica

How amazing it would be if you imagine your life like an adventurous game similar to what we use to play during our childhood. Habitica is the thing for the adventurous people as it motivates people in a different way by making your life a game.

It shows you a different avatar as compared to that of the other applications to control your routine tasks. The game provides you with various levels to unlock pets, skills, armour and much more. Is it not an interesting way to manage your time?

4. Routinely

Like various other applications, ‘routinely’ helps you to develop a good habit by managing your routine tasks. By allowing a weekly routine to revise, routinely allow you to perform the task which is important but you usually forget. Reminding you of the priority tasks, it develops a habit of being productive and efficient in your work.

5. Time Tune- Optimise your time

To achieve your day to day goals, ‘Time Tune’ provides your an opportunity to be effective and efficient by distributing your time in a sound and organised manner. By doing everything in an organised manner, it allows you to have more time for yourself by squeezing every minute of the day.

Final Words

So far we have been talking about various applications that can work as your routine schedule planner. These are the things must need in our life to manage the time may it for work, for family or for simply leisure. It is always up to you what and how you have to achieve your life goals. These apps will provide you with a simple way to remind your necessary task and also making you more productive towards you goals.

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