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How To Finance A Phone Online Without Credit Card

How To Finance A Phone Online Without Credit Card

Are you wondering as to how to finance a phone online without credit card or with credit card? If yes, then you are surely on the right page on the web. Financing a smartphone can be bit hectic process for those who are unknown of its implications. Some people even knowing about the financing opportunities go for it. Right? Most of the people don't go for financing be it for TVs, Smartphones, Car, Bike, Scooty or Laptop.

But when it is question about buying a smartphone or product that affects your available liquidity and funds then you should surely take recourse to financing facility. Let's make financing little bit simple for you.

How To Finance A Phone Online Without Credit Card

Offline Financing or Financing the smartphone on shop is bit easy. What you need to do for such financing is just go to shop, choose the smartphone and ask for financing it. right? But below is what you need to make sure:

  • Choosing the best shop that provides Financing Facility
  • Check the company from whom they finance the phone
  • Making sure that Down payment does not affect your available liquidity
  • Satisfy yourself with the terms and conditions

In order to finance a phone from Amazon or any other e-commerce websites is also quite simple. On Amazon website you simply get information about the possible EMIs for the respective smartphone that you are looking to purchase. Amazon also provides No Cost EMI option for some phones.

[su_note note_color=”#7e7e7e” text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”5″]No Cost EMI refers to EMI process where the total amount paid will be equal to product price. EMI will not include the interest charges. Eg. if you buy a phone on finance under No cost EMI for 25000/- then under No cost EMI you will need to pay 5 EMIs of 5000 each, 2 EMIs of 8000/- and 3 EMIs of 3000/- or Likewise. [/su_note]

No Cost EMI option is available only in certain cases like where you pay via credit or debit card or where you pay the lump sum amount in few investments.

Finance can also be availed via third party. Bajaj Finance is well known in the context of Financing a phone. To get the finance this way, you need to make sure that:

  • You are eligible by age, source of income or other factors as may be prescribed
  • Ready to incur the fees & charges as may be prescribed for the the purpose of finance
  • You have necessary documents to submit for finance the smartphone

Interestingly, Bajaj Finance is not restricted to mobile phone finances only & can be availed for Financing the Laptops, Refrigerators, Air Conditioners and more stuff as may be eligible for the time being.

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Should I finance a phone?

Definitely Yes, If you are planning to buy a costly smartphone. No one wants to take risk of non liquid situation and finance is the great cover to overcome such situation. So, if you think your phone expense can affect your pocket to a great extent then you must go for financing a phone by the methods shared above.

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