Who does not love to watch videos online on YouTube? Don’t you?… Ahh. Don’t be a lie. Well, don’t you feel most often that you should save it in your gallery to watch after you finish any specific task, or to show your friends or for any other reason? Most people want that actually. Even youtube allows you to download the youtube videos on your mobile. But, that video remains in your application itself and you can’t share the file easily with your friends.

Sometimes, creators disable the option to download the file for themselves thinking that it should not be reuploaded or for whatever reason in consequence to which you can not download that video in your youtube mobile application.

In today’s article, I will share with some simple tricks following which you can easily download youtube videos in mobile gallery.

How To Download YouTube Videos In Mobile Gallery

The simplest and working way to do that is below.

Step 1: Open Any Video In the application. In the below application you can see a video which not downloadable within the app. Just Click On Share Button.

how to download youtube videos in mobile gallery


Step 2: Copy URL of the video by clicking the button “Copy link” as shown in the below screenshot.

how to download youtube videos in mobile gallery


Step 3: Now simply paste the URL into the address bar of your video in the browser and hit enter. Once the URL loads click to edit it. Now just put “ss” after “www.” or before “youtube.com/watch?v=VIDEOID” as shown in the screenshot below.

how to download youtube videos in mobile gallery

Step 4: After hitting enter you will find the below page. Where you can choose the desired resolution and download the video.

how to download youtube videos in mobile gallery

Also, you can use the chrome extension of the same app called en.savefrom.net.

Apart from this, there are many other apps and software that you can use for the same. I hope now you know how to download youtube videos in the mobile gallery without any other third party software or application.

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