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How To Choose Unique Brand Name Or YouTube Channel Name

Welcome again on my website. If you are a new visitor, please first of all subscribe to my channel and also get in touch with us on our social media accounts. In this article I will be putting some tips regarding how to choose unique brand name or any youtube channel name. As many people before starting any digital media startup are in a dilemma as to how should they consider their brand name for successful setup. let's figure out in details how one can choose unique brand name or youtube channel name.

choose unique brand name

Easy To Remember

Brand name should be one that is easy to remember and highlights the basic functionality. It does not mean that brand name should be too concise. If the name shows its functionality as well, it is cherry on the cake. Like if a brand is expert in social media handling and the name is like social media handler then it will be more good. Not only from the remembering point of view but also from the SEO point of view.


Choose Unique brand Name that Shows Authority

Brand name should be such that can represent itself with authority. Like AndroidAuthority, AndroidPolice, Technical Guruji. All these names show some kind of authority. People are more likely to follow you if you show a high grip and authority in the field you resemble. Use the name which shows the authority in the field, just for example –

Food Blog – FoodRaja, YourFoodieking

Techblog- Techmaharaja, Techexpert, prointech, techpro

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Availability Of All the necessary social media accounts

You also need to check for the availability of various social handles specially for the Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. Checking the availability manually takes some time. To ease this task, you can take the help of Knowem website where you can search the keyword for checking its availability on various social media. This will ease the task little bit.


Do some Keyword Research

Also, do some keyword research for the desired name. Which will give you hints as to how much time and effort will be needed to beat the competition existing in the market if you are based on internet promotion and approach.

Wrapping Up

So, this was what you can exactly need to do for choosing unique brand name or channel name for your business. If you have any ideas, you are welcome in the comment section below. Share the tips with your friends who need.


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