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Best Resources To Learn Android Development For Free 2018

Best Resources To Learn Android Development For Free

Today, I am gonna share with you best resources to learn android development for free. In the present scenario, where there is a huge number of people having smartphones many people find it worthy of the time to learn android development and start a career out of it. Meanwhile, in the start, people get confused with many aspects of it. They don't know actually as to from where to start and what specific line of action they should stick to. Offline resources like books, schools or coachings are bit time to consume. Thus, I will present you the best possible resources to learn android development.

First thing first, after installing the JAVA JDK(Java development kit) and Android studio. Your job is to understand the widgets, logics, languages, layouts and lot more. To start off, you can choose to start with short projects.

Things will become more and more clear as you scroll down and continue reading. Be sure you don't skip over as you may miss something material.

Best Resources To Learn Android Development For Free

best resources to learn android development is an exclusive website which will give you all the necessary information with respect to android development. No aspect of information related to Android development is untouched here, as it is the official Android website.

The best way to learn anything is to be more and more practical. The same you will need to be practical and implement things as you learn. You will find many obstacles in the beginning phase. Keep doing practical things, if you are stuck anywhere, you can immediately head over to this website.

StackOverflow is also a wonderful website which can provide you a lot of detail of any question you ask related to Android.

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Learning Java

best resources to learn android development


As of now, Kotlin is the official language of Android. Still, you can not ignore the importance of Java. If you already know Java, you will find rare difficulties. And, if you don't, you will surely find it difficult as JAVA is must for Android.

You can give a kickstart to your Java learning phase using the below resources.

[toggle title=”Sololearn”] Well, Sololearn is a wonderful platform to learn languages. You can also download the Sololearn android application to learn it on the go. The app interface is amazing. Everything is specified in a very well manner. After the session you can perform multiple choice questions.

[toggle title=”Javvy”]

Javvy is the second alternative which is exclusively made for learning java, unlike sololearn which include many other languages as well. The application is easy to use and is very user-friendly. Though, it is not free and restricted to features.

Javvy - Learn to code in Java!
Javvy - Learn to code in Java!
[/toggle] [toggle title=”Codecademy”]

Another resource to learn JAVA is Codecademy. With codecademy, you can learn JAVA easily. [/toggle]

[toggle title=”The New Boston”]

If you are the digital freak you might know about Thenewboston YouTube Channel. If not, then let me tell you that its channel of Bucky Roberts. And, if you want to learn Java then it may be the best free resource for that. You can either learn it from the channel playlist or from thenewboston website. [/toggle] [toggle title=”Master Android”]

Master Android can be your best companion to give you bunch of Droid information out of the box. The application has been updated many time to give better user experience. You can download it right away and start learning from it.

Master Coding - Learn Coding f
Master Coding - Learn Coding f


best resources to learn android development

You can also enroll for Android or Java courses on Udemy. There are some free courses as well. Be sure you enroll in the complete course. There are some professional courses as well which may cost you but it will worthy of your time and cost.

Android Arsenal & Github

best resources to learn android development

Android arsenal can provide you a bunch of project codes that you can use and implement on your own Android projects. These projects can enhance the user experience, its interface and much more. Also, you can find many interesting Android projects on Github website. There are many best resources to learn android more and more.

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Google+ Communities & Facebook Groups

best resources to learn android development

Google+ communities and FB group are not going to give you any serious knowledge. But yeah, if you join some, and keep connected, you can be updated with the environment and find some cool stuff shared by the community members also some best resources to learn android really quicker. You can even make some good friends out there and thus can get a quick answer to your problems. Which will, as a result, give a boost to your learning phase.

This is just like school days where we learn things quickly because of the community. The same way if you will spend time in android developers community, you may learn quickly.

Wrapping Up

So, these are the ways you can opt for learning android development. I hope you like our cover-up on the best resources to learn android development for free where some of the resources we shared, though, are not fully free and are optional for use.

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