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How to delete history from Google chrome

How to delete history from Google chrome

Ever wondered that there are some points in time when you might not want other people to know for what purpose you were browsing on the internet? We are always here to help you out in such situations. Google offers various functions, may it something funny or something needy. Imagine that there is a time, for instance, you are living with your friends and do not want them to make out which site do you visit via your web browser history. It’s not just the only situation but many relatable things happen in our day to day life as well. So, today we are going to talk about something beneficial for the people which would help them to understand how to delete their chrome history.
There are a variety of internet browsers available for your computers as well as for mobile phones but there is something about Google Chrome which makes it different from others. It offers various functions, out of which we are going to talk about one. Considering the history of your chrome, it records all the websites and links you have visited in last 90 days. Chrome history does not record what you have done in your incognito window. So here is a way to keep your web searches totally private to yourself. Let us look at some of the steps which would be helpful to delete the history from the browser.

First, let us consider the steps to reach history which we have to delete. Open chrome, click to ‘more’ at the right top corner of the window and in that list, click on history. Finally, in that history list click on history.
Chrome -> more
More -> history
History -> history
To clear all the history
For computers
I. On the left side of the history, there appear two options, go for the one which says “clear browsing data”.
II. A new page will open in which there will be a drop-down menu, select “Obliterate the following items from” as “the beginning of the time”.
III. From the options below the drop-down menu, go for the things you want to delete from chrome history.
IV. After doing all these, click “clear browsing data” and you will see that the options you wanted to be deleted are done.
For smartphones
I. When the history of your browser will after the following signature steps, there will an option right at the bottom of your phone which says “clear browsing data”.
II. After that, there appears a list of the items you want to delete. Select the items.
III. Finally, click the “clear” button and all the history will vanish from your smartphones.
To delete a particular item from the history
For computers
I. In the list of history you have visited in past 90 days, select the items you want to delete by marking the little box right in front the item.
II. After the selection of one or two items, click on the “delete” button and it will be deleted.
For smartphones
I. For androids, this is quite simple as you just have to go to the history and right in front of each and every item there will be a “cross” button.
II. Simply clicks on that cross button in front of the history items you want to delete and it will do its work.
There might be various reasons one would want to delete their browsing history. We have been talking about it so far and hoping that this may help to some extent. So, go through the steps mentioned above when required and enjoy browsing the way you want to, keeping it private to just yourself.

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