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How to Choose the right VPN service for your need?

How to Choose the Right VPN Service

VPNs are a great solution to make your PC appear to be coming from a different location by creating a virtual network that routes all your computer or smartphone’s network traffic via an encrypted tunnel and out the other side thus letting the world see that you are at a location where the VPN server is located. Thus, helping you to bypass geographic restrictions, keep your online identity relatively anonymous, and avoid censors.

The problem is there are about 300 VPNs in the market and it’s great to be in the market of VPNs but it’s quite a tough job to select the right service for yourself, so it is very important to know which one is the best for you. VPNs have no doubt plenty of benefits from security and encryption to different IP addresses and anonymously browsing. You might get confused to choose a VPN so there are factors you need to keep in mind before starting up with a VPN service. To make this job easier for you we have listed below some of the things that can help you in selecting a VPN.

List of tips that will help you in choosing the right VPN service

There are scores of different VPN providers out there in the market, and there are many reasons to use one of them so here are some of the reasons which may help you to choose the right one-

  • Look for the qualities a VPN offers
  • Figure out what you need and then look for a VPN that meets your need
  • Check if a VPN is covering all your important locations
  • Check out what are the devices that are compatible with a VPN
  • Decide for a payment plan that you can easily afford
  • See if the VPN offers a money-back guarantee
  • Aim for a VPN that offers reliable customer service
  • Look for a VPN that has a user-friendly interface

Look for the qualities a VPN offers

All the VPN services have prioritized something it could be encryption, it could be speed or it could be anonymity. What you need to do is match your needs with their priorities. Like if you wish to watch content that is blocked geographically then you need a VPN that has the reputation to unblock content. As there are VPNs that have trouble bypassing Netflix’s VPN block there are also VPNs like CyberGhost and ExpressVPN that successfully negotiate those obstacles. And if you are someone who prioritizes their anonymity and privacy then you need to find a VPN that does not retain logs and has strong encryption. 

Figure out what you need and then look for a VPN that meets your need

It is very important to know what exactly is your purpose for using a VPN is. If you require to stream movies online, then you need a VPN that offers high speed, reliable connections, and unlimited bandwidth. If you wish to have a VPN for your entire household then you need a router-based VPN or a VPN that allows for multiple connections simultaneously. Meanwhile, if you are a regular traveler who is largely reliant on public Wi-Fi networks then you need a VPN that assures excellent security and has its servers present all across the world. Once you are clear with what are your needs and purpose of using a VPN are you will be able to choose the right VPN service.

Check if a VPN is covering all your important locations

All the VPN covers a different number of servers and locations which can be a deciding factor. If you are someone who lives in a developed or a less populated country or has to travel or live there then you will need a VPN that has its servers in that location or nearby.

Check out what are the devices that are compatible with a VPN

Most of the VPNs available in the market support platforms like Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS while some VPNs are not available on all the platforms. In case, if you have a Windows PC but you also use an iPhone then you need to first check for a VPN platform that has an app for both. You can also check how many devices a VPN allows you to connect with simultaneously. As some VPNs allow unlimited device connections while others do not allow you to connect with more than three devices.

Decide for a payment plan that you can easily afford

When you are looking for a VPN, it is very important to consider its payment options. All the VPN services offer different pricing plans depending upon their subscription length and features. The method of payment is also important, some VPNs allow complete anonymous payments, like BitCoin, while some allow you to buy gift cards and avoid using any personal information. The free VPN sounds tempting but it is never the better option because even if you are saving your money, you can lose your data, whether that’s with unreliable protection, bad quality streaming, or ads. In case, pricing is an issue then you can look for a VPN that offers coupons and discounts.


See if the VPN offers a money-back guarantee

As you know there is a huge variety of VPN services available in the market and at times it is possible that you might end up choosing a service that you no longer want to continue with or you have found a better option to work with. In such a scenario, a money-back guarantee that a VPN offer is a great way to make sure that you will never get stuck with a product you don’t want to use and there will be no issue for you to get off your contract. Find a VPN that offers a money-back guarantee within a promised period, so you don’t have to stay with the one until your contract is up.

Aim for a VPN that offers reliable customer service

Customer service is often an overlooked factor but is one of the most important aspects of a VPN service. You should always check if a VPN is providing customer service 24/7. As the VPNs change from time to time and you need to contact someone who can help you with any snag you hit. It is best if you go for a VPN that offers live-chat support as tickets and emails can take hours and even days to answer.

Look for a VPN that has a user-friendly interface

The interface that a VPN has plays a major role in making it a better or less-better service. The user interface and setup of some of the VPNs are quite complex or complicated to deal with. So, if you are not pro-tech-savvy and find it difficult to configure a VPN, then it is very crucial that you choose a VPN service platform that offers simple procedures and has a user-friendly interface. Some VPNs even offer a virtual setup letting you get started with them without even lifting a finger.

Some great VPN services that you can opt-

  • Surfshark
  • NordVPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • CyberGhost


Surfshark VPN Review

Surfshark has been an amazing VPN service. It allows split tunneling and offers a large collection of privacy tools, unlimited device connections, and a brilliant app. Each of its plans offers the same features for an unlimited number of devices. One best thing about this VPN service is- it keeps only the limited minimum information that is necessary to upload your account and never logs the web traffic. In all, Surfshark is a well-designed app that helps to improve your privacy.


NordVPN Review and Features

NordVPN is a very popular VPN service provider that ensures a safe atmosphere for online surfing. It offers secure tunneling protocols and military-grade encryption that makes sure to keep your data safe. This service is available for multiple platforms like- smartphones, macOS, Android, Windows, and iOS. And a manual setup is available for NAS devices, wireless routers, and other platforms.


ExpressVPN Software

ExpressVPN is a great option if you are looking for an easy-to-use platform. This VPN is for clients of Mac, Android, iPhone, Windows, or Linus. ExpressVPN can handle bypassing or torrenting geographic restrictions. It also offers a money-back guarantee for 30-days. In all, it is an excellent VPN service that can be trusted as it offers great privacy practices that protect your information by keeping it safe from hackers.


CyberGhost VPN Service

CyberGhost VPN service is another great piece of software that works to hide your IP address and reroutes your online traffic via an encrypted VPN tunnel. It is considered a trustworthy VPN that is also the largest VPN server network powered by the latest VPN technology. CyberGhost offers an outstanding speed, has a large and well-distributed server fleet, and allows up to seven simultaneous connections.

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The Synopsis

All the VPN services offer different services so never get fooled by believing that they all are the same. It is very important to know what are your needs and what features you are looking for before choosing the best VPN service. If you are someone who has no time to sit and go through all the VPNs information then this article can help you a lot by letting you understand the main objectives that you need to keep in mind before choosing a VPN. Some of the VPN services that are recommended to you in this article are compatible with most of the devices, offer nice payment plans, have servers present at thousands of locations, have a great customer support service, and include a money-back guarantee.

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