Reduce Blue Light On Laptops and Mobiles to Protect Eyes (How To)

Reduce Blue Light On Laptops and Mobiles to Protect Eyes (How To)
Digital composition of eye interface

The world is shifting towards the digitalization. We use digital devices on a daily basis be it Laptops, Mobiles, Tablets, Television, Gaming Devices etc. With this change, its impact on eyes is noticeable when compared to past data.

People are encountering problems like Insomnia(difficulty while sleeping), Headache, Loss of vision and what not. And that all much in even such young age.

Prevention is better than cure.

As the quote suggests, it is always to take precautions which is far better than the cure.

This picture tells how dangerous blue light may be for the eyes.

how to reduce blue light on laptop


How To Reduce Harmful(Blue) light On Laptop 

If you are using Laptop be it mac, windows, linux or of any other OS, fortunately, there are applications available.

You can download Iris software from website. Iris software is trusted by Millions of users all over the world. Though the software is not free and will cost you 5$ or 10$ as per your buying requirement.

You can also use Sunset Screen software which is free to use and will help reducing blue light to affect your brain and eyes.

If you are using Windows 10 PC you can simply do it by following the below steps.

  1. Go to Settings > System > Display  Or Just search “Change Display Setting” and hit enter hovering the preferable selection.

Reduce Blue Light On Laptops and Mobiles to Protect Eyes (How To)

2. You can change the Night Light Settings and turn on or off Night Light from this page.

Reduce Blue Light On Laptops and Mobiles to Protect Eyes (How To)
Night Light Settings

From the settings, you can change the Turn On & Turn off Timing, set the color temperature at night.

This way you will not need to download any third party application.

How To Reduce Harmful(Blue) light On Mobiles

Reducing blue light on Mobiles is recommended for better night hours and eyes of course.

To reduce, blue light emission in mobile, firstly you may look for any application that already exists in your device. For example, in Xiaomi’s MIUI you may have noticed “Read Mode” that lets you reduce the blue light.

If the application does not exist you can download third-party applications.

You can download any of the below ones.


Twilight is an award-winning application which can reduce the risk caused by Blue light.

Using the application for a couple of days will tell you how important this application is for the sake of your eyes.

Blue Light Filter

Developed by Leap Fitness group, Blue Light Filter application can keep you energetic while making your sleep hours full of rest and pleasing.

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Final Words

Eyes are one of the most important organs. Taking precautions to protect it may result in success in near future. You can follow these steps to Reduce Blue Light On Laptops and Mobiles to Protect your Eyes. However, these applications are not the full and final security of your eyes. If you are suffering something weird, consult with your doctor first. Also, make sure you use these apps wisely. Don’t reduce the blue light too much resulting in the increase in red light. These digital devices are the means to simplify and complete our tasks quicker and not for harming us instead. So, Be smart, be safe and stay happy.

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