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5 Reasons Not to Use AI Writing Tools

5 Reasons Not to Use AI Writing Tools

AI writing tools are the tools that help in writing content on a web platform utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) software that works on machine learning to deliver the result based on commands and actions given initially to generate the content. It saves time in writing long-form of content as it gives the output instantly. Even if you can’t decide what to write about, don’t have the experience in writing, or don’t wish to hire any trained and professional writer, you can select any AI writing tool that will give you ideas and generates an outline for your content. It performs on a Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT-3) research platform that gives access to content creators to create content using AI algorithms.

Reasons for Not Using AI Writing Software in 2024

Costly in Comparison to Writing Yourself

If you are writing content, it takes a lot of time. So to save time, you go for an AI writing tool. But before opting for an AI writing tool, you must do a detailed study about its price and learning curve as many of them provide specific features but at an extra cost, and only general features are available for free. While some of them do not even provide a long period of a free trial. So in that case, you are bound to risk money. If you want to generate full-quality content, you need a premium software plan which ranges from $10 to $200+ per month. Some of the AI writing tools come with a user-friendly interface that you can simply use through guided tutorials but many of them require a case study to operate. So in that case you need to first invest your time in research to be able to use it to get the benefit.

Absence of Human Touch

Although it provides instant content still it’s a machine writing the content so the quality is not assured. A finishing touch of humans is absent here which makes the content not so effective to get attached to. As no matter how much tone of voice it uses and gives relevant content, it fails to convey emotions properly. The generated content is robotic after all. It will simply generate the content without involving productive thoughts about your content to make it more creative and engaging. But if you hire a content writer or if you write the content yourself, innovative and different ideas are produced which helps in improving the quality of your content and increasing your sales copy by attracting customers. In comparison to an AI machine, humans can create reliable content after conducting proper research on the topic, making suitable decisions, and analyzing things for the betterment of their products. 

A Natural Flow of Content and Authenticity

One thing to worry is about the authenticity of your posts while writing with AI writing tools. Although AI writing software provides reliable tools to develop unique content which also passes the plagiarism-free test, still there are times when the content developed is repetitive and nonsensical. For example, if you use an AI platform to auto-generate a 1000-word post, you are likely to find some similar paragraphs in repetition including sentences that are almost variations of each other. In that case, no matter how much you research and choose the best AI writing tool for developing your content, once your content is been developed you must also give it a check as it is very important for maintaining the authenticity of your content. You can edit and revise the output generated by the AI software to enhance the flow and organize the productivity of your content without losing its authenticity.

Content is not SEO Optimized

For search engine optimization (SEO), the thing which can’t be avoided is the utilization of headers. As headers are taken into consideration for ranking content on a search engine. A range of headers is used by content writers which include HI, H2, H3, etc. These headers are planned accordingly to organize the articles properly so that the search engine can pass swiftly its content. But any of the AI writing tools do not involve the selection of headers for creating well-organized content. It only involves an H1 header, so there is no more option for setting up the heading to organize your content and make optimization for a better positioning among your competitors. For this reason, your content becomes a bad example of SEO.

Utilization of Traditional Keyword Stuffing Methods

The process where you stuff a webpage with a target keyword is known as keyword stuffing. It is done with the motive of ranking higher when it comes to that term in the search engines. Nowadays, many marketers go with this keyword-stuffing method for their products so that they can improve their search visibility. But the thing is many people don’t have the idea that this is a traditional practice that is no more productive for SEO as it is outdated. In the present generation, everything is evolving so why SEO will run out of this race. It is also evolving with time and this method is now replaced by several other methods which need to be taken into consideration to produce content that will be able to rank best on SEO. So, the keyword stuffing method is not sufficient for SEO. But as AI still works with this method, the quality of your content gets badly affected which as a result destroys the reliability of your website. When readers will be unable to visit your website because of being poorly ranked, your content will remain unnoticed.

Advantages of AI Writing Software

  • It helps in writing descriptions for your products whether it's your social media posts, blog posts, or creating captions on your social media posts, giving a brief introduction or conclusion for better clarity of your product, mentioning subject lines for email, and so on. AI can do all this.
  • Increases sales copy by generating good quality social media copies and google ads by providing an efficient marketing scheme like by well structuring your content through keywords, word count suggestions, meta descriptions, automatic formatting and so on which works for promoting your content in a more enhanced manner digitally and engage new customers along with making old customers to even repeat their purchases.
  • In case you are running short of time, you can go for an AI writing tool to create content along with the correction of grammar mistakes. It can also help you create a general outline for your content by providing ideas and delivering content in less time no matter if it’s long-form of content or short form of content. It serves well for both. In this way, you can grow your content output without wasting much time on researching and creating drafts. As AI writing tools can simply autogenerate your content just by giving some commands to it, which frees up more space for you to invest in other sections of your business. For instance, you can put that time into revising your content to make any further changes if required to improve the quality of your content.

Best AI Writing Tools in 2024

Many AI writing tools are available in the market using which you can generate content like social media posts, blog posts, product descriptions, captions for your social media posts, bio for your profile, and so on. It uses machine language which gives output instantly. Some of the best AI writing tools are given below:

Surfer SEO

SurferSEO is software where AI tools help in content optimization through high algorithms and gives the best quality of content as an output. To maintain the intended audience from the top ranking, it uses audit tools and develops internal links. If you are looking for creating a long form of content in less time, this is one of the best options for you as it delivers specific sections for your content after generating a proper outline. In this way, your workflow is also well organized. The most beneficial thing is that it generates content in every language so that you don’t have to worry about translations to the desired language of your customers.



Rytr is a platform where AI writing tools function using scientific copywriting formulas. So there remains no more need for much editing. It also generates original and plagiarism-free content without taking much time. The productivity of your content can be simply maintained here as it provides an SEO analyzer. It also has an in-built landing page creator. 30+ use cases, templates, and languages are given access. So that you can develop content in any of your preferable formats and language. 20+ tones are also provided for conveying proper emotions to your audience to engage them with your products. It also uses copywriting formula AIDA which helps in converting the audience into customers.


Scalenut is an AI writing software that is beneficial for creating not only long-form of content but also short form of content with the help of an AI SEO assistant tool provided here. Integrated content brief and automated NLP key terms are available which helps in generating great content and that too in less time. 40+ cases are provided here to generate the content in the way you need. It is simple to use as all its functions are properly explained in its dashboard. It also gives you unlimited ideas for your blog introduction, conclusion, product description, social media captions and posts, and so on. It provides all of your SaaS solutions and creates high-ranking content to grow your sales.


Jasper is an AI writing software that generates long content in a short period. You just need to give commands and then relax. Jasper AI writing tool will write it for you by creating content ideas and a general outline and finally giving output in different paragraphs. 50+ copywriting skills are available which helps in generating good quality content at a fast speed. 25+ languages are provided to write content in your preferred language. The content generated here is full of keywords and also passes a plagiarism-free test. It finishes your first draft 10 times faster so that you can invest that time in some other productive section of your content. It functions as your writing assistant in terms of developing high-transformation sales copy by providing beneficial marketing schemes, and through blog posts, social media posts, articles, and so on.


Writerzen is an AI writing tool that works with the help of various keywords given from the source of Google Keyword and Google Suggest Database. It works on GPT-3 generated AI writing software and provides topic research and keyword explorer tools for organizing the workflow of your content and further also improves your product sales. Writerzen evaluates your competitor’s content and then on that basis gives you advice for creating content and making any relevant improvements if needed. 60+ templates are available here to select and autogenerate your content. You can also update your content after considering your customer’s suggestions. 

Over to you

Now it depends on you whether you want to use AI writing tools for your content or not. Although it generates your content instantly most of the time it does not fit as a reliable source of information about your content as it is a machine language and besides creating plagiarism-free content, it lacks proper editing and the accuracy of your content stills remains questionable. In addition, it is costly also if you are going to take a subscription for longer use. But if you are willing to save time for your next project or anything like that, you can give AI writing tools a try. Some of the best AI writing tools are listed here which also give you free access for a specified period. So, you can use it and decide for yourself whether it has more advantages than disadvantages or not.

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