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Bright Data vs NetNut: Which is better?

Bright Data vs Netnut Proxy Provider

There is a huge number of proxy providers available in the market. So, it becomes tough to choose anyone among them. In this article, we have tried to compare two amazing proxy providers; Bright Data and NetNut to make your decision-making quite easier among them.

So, if you are confused about these two then this article will help you figure out which you can choose.

Definitely, both the proxy providers are quite popular and have plenty of advantages, however, based on a few technicalities it is possible to decide the one which can be opted for. So, let's get into it.

Bright Data vs NetNut: Which Proxy Provider Should I opt for?

Bright Data


Bright Data formerly known as Luminati Network is now the world’s number one web data platform. It allows you to retrieve the public web data from data collection infrastructure to ready-made datasets. So far Bright Data has been used for collecting stock market data, travel aggregation, social media marketing, market research, and more.

It offers a comprehensive range of proxies in many cities and countries of the world. Using it is very simple as there is no requirement of the coding and it's just marginally a bit more complicated than a commercial VPN. Bright Data has many advanced features like- intelligent routing, SSL decryption, custom rules for reducing bandwidth use, and more.

It has a web unlocker that solves captchas and automatically retries for a better success rate. The data controller is another additional product that fetches hundreds of standard data types including Amazon products, social media profiles, Google search results, and YouTube content using your search terms. It has a search engine crawler that gets you geo-targeted search results for any keyword, on each search engine.

Bright Data also has a Bright Data Proxy Browser extension that is a Chrome add-on and enables you to use your proxies directly from the browser, you can use it much like a VPN: select a country, connect, visit the target sites, run searches and do anything you wish to. In all, it is a huge network that comes with flexible billing options.

Features of Bright Data


Bright Data has a very nice user-friendly dashboard. The dashboard has a bunch of summary information, charts to monitor your proxy later, and a sidebar that has icons for different areas of service zones.



Speed is a very important factor as it depicts the amount of data that can pass through the proxy and ping the time that is taken for the data to make a trip to the contacting server and back. Bright Data offers a very fast speed.

It's faster than most of the other proxy servers because the built-in rotation manager of Bright Data is the most efficient. However, the speed also depends upon the type of proxy you are using which means it is not the same for the data-center, mobile or residential proxies.


Bright Data offers a great team that has a solution to almost every problem. They offer one of the best customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Pricing of Bright Data

Bright Data Pricing and Plans

Bright Data has various types of pricing plans for each of its four IP address types: data center, residential, static residential, and mobile. The monthly subscription plans of Bright Data are- Experimenting at $300/month, Starter at $500/month, Production at $1000/month, Plus at $3,000/month, and Enterprise to customize a monthly plan as per your needs.

Why choose Bright Data?

Bright Data has a great infrastructure and it possesses amazing tooling. It is one of the best proxy providers in the market. It has proxy-based APIs, complete data sets, and a no-code web scraper. It is a very flexible, reliable, efficient, and fully compliant platform where new features are released every other day.

Bright Data also has 24/7 global support from a team of experts and gives tailored solutions that meet your data collection goals perfectly. There are about 72+ million IPs available in Bright Data. It has residential, mobile, and data center IP options and flexible pricing options to choose any. It requires no coding skills, provides ready-made and customizable templates, and is very accurate and reliable.

Bright Data is highly powerful and has amazing configurable tools that make it a must-try for users and demanding projects. An advantage of using Bright Data will be you will not have to invest your time any further in collecting the information manually about the websites that you or your customers visit and your business will be improved by using its custom-tailored service.

  • Target any country, city, carrier & ASN
  • 99.99% uptime which is extremely stable
  • 72+ million ethically-sourced IPs


netnut proxies

NetNut has control over three proxy networks: US Datacenter Proxies, Rotating Residential Proxies, and Static Residential Proxies (ISP). It has an exceptionally different way of offering the residential IPs to the customers, it connects to IPs directly from all across the globe.

It can be said that NetNut is one of the only platforms in the market that is directly connected to ISPs worldwide. It provides cyber and web intelligence companies with residential proxies that allow them to collect data from the web anonymously.

Most of the proxy providers use the P2P (peer-to-peer) networks for sourcing their residential IPs but NetNut with a different company called “DiviNetworks”.  This network plays a great role in making NetNut a hit, it provides services to 100 ISPs from tens of PoPs (point of presence) around the world and also manages 100’s Gbit per second of the network traffic and allows any customer to access the data and content from any web source.

In the data delivery network field, this network is the leader. NetNut has dedicated private proxy pools that are fully optimized and based on your targets they make sure the highest success rates at the highest speed. Using NetNut you can manage the IP location that you wish to use and monitor the traffic usage.

In all, like the other proxy providers, NetNut also provides a simple way to manage the proxies with a user-friendly dashboard UI. It is very simple to use and easy to understand.

Features of NetNut


NetNut has an amazing real-time dashboard with updated statistics including the usage per country, total usage, sub-user information, and a number of requests.


NetNut is the fastest proxy platform in the market. It provides one-hop ISP connectivity without any dependency on the end user as the traffic is not routed through the end user’s device. And this direct ISP connectivity approach brings faster proxy speeds.


NetNut has a very dedicated account manager that provides the fasted possible support in its residential proxy network. And full integration support is provided along with the remote sessions whenever needed.

Pricing of NetNut

NetNut has packages for pretty much every need. You can get in contact with NetNut’s team members and receive the custom pricing options. Their pricing starts at $300 per month for 30 days and goes up to a request-based enterprise plan at $25,000 per month.

Why choose NetNut?

NetNut is probably the fastest proxy provider in the market. It works intending to provide the best proxy services to every user in the world. It has the capability of handling hundreds of gigabytes per second making sure that you can access any web data content that is geo-targeted. Its residential proxies are very fast and perform well for high volume use. NetNut works the best for those who wish to have proxies at a scale and are experienced. It has an additional peer-to-peer proxy network other than IPs and ISP for increased scalability. And a customer support team is available that is very helpful and supportive. It also gives a money-back guarantee of 7-days so you can also try using it for free.

The Synopsis of the article

In the above-mentioned proxy networks, we discussed both Bright Data and NetNut briefly. NetNut is one of the fastest residential proxy IP networks present in the market. While Bright Data has the largest proxy service that has a residential proxy network of 72 million IPs all across the world and a proxy management interface for zero coding.

Bright Data can just be a bit complicated to set up and more expensive but it surely is a better choice as it is the world’s leading proxy service that not only provides a very good quality of proxies but also gives an extremely supportive and strong customer support, with a user-friendly and easy-to-use dashboard. It is a company that has evolved much stronger than any of its competitors and become a very popular choice among its users.

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