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Best Notes Applications for Android Smartphones

Notes Application for Android Smartphone

Note-taking applications make it very easy for Android users to simply organize notes, both at home and at the workplace. This is very important and useful as smartphones are now a common device used for business as well as general consumers, and is probably one of the most essential of the various business apps running.

There is a huge variety of note-taking applications for android. Whether you are just typing a text, scribbling with your figure, or writing with a stylus, there are different note-taking applications for each purpose. While some applications are more focused on taking a simple note other come with more features and functionalities that can turn your smartphone into a digital notebook. You can use your smartphones easily in meetings and during discussions to simply put down business ideas and other inspirations, work with collaborative software with your colleagues and add the notes you make.

List of Best Notes Application for Android Smartphone

Listed below are some of the best Android note-taking applications that you can download and install –


Evernote is one of the most amazing note-taking applications. It comes with a lot of features that include the ability to take a variety of notes. You can sync between all your devices using Evernote. It is one of the cleanest and polished note-taking apps.

Features of Evernote-

  • Al suggestions
  • Presentation
  • Cloud features

    Pricing of Evernote-

  • Free
  • $7.99-$14-99 per month


BlackNote is a minimal and simple note-taking app. It works like most of the other note-taking apps with several standard features. You can search notes and lock the app to keep it safe from prying eyes. It is very easy to use and comes with a free version also.

Features of BlackNote-

  • Organization
  • Ability to take list notes
  • Widget options
  • Easy-to-read UI.

Pricing of BlackNote-

  • Free
  • $2.99
BlackNote Notepad Notes
BlackNote Notepad Notes
Developer: Notas Notepad
Price: Free


OneNote is one of the most capable and popular note-taking apps. OneNote can be used whether you want to capture information details from emails or embed Excel tables. It is a multi-platform affair hooked up to the cloud, which means if you are writing a piece of note on your laptop you can access it in a meeting via your smartphone. Another amazing feature of it is you can even scan notes made on paper and make them searchable in OneNote. It’s also possible to organize or categorize your notes based on their importance.

Features of OneNote-

  • Flexible canvas
  • Allows for collaboration
  • Organize data in Notebook
  • Text Search

Pricing of OneNote-

  • Basic- Free
  • Premium- $7.99 per month
  • Business- $14.99 per user, per month

Material Notes

Material Notes is a great app for note-taking. It allows you to create to-do lists and set reminders. You also get the ability to mark some notes with stars to label them as important. It is very safe and secure as you can create a 4-digit pin for all your notes and ensure that the information in it is not accessible to any other person.

Features of Material Notes-

  • Search notes easily
  • Set reminders
  • Create widgets
  • Export and import your notes

Pricing of Material Notes-

  • Free
Material Notes: Colorful notes
Material Notes: Colorful notes
Developer: cw fei
Price: Free

Keep My Notes

Keep My Notes is a very popular note-taking app. It is well designed and helps you to get your thoughts recorded in the form of notes, memos, and checklists. You can also create a handwritten note using fingers or a stylus and additionally there is also an option to create notes by using the built-in text-to-speech feature.

Features of Keep My Notes-

  • Set alarms
  • Record audio
  • Use lock
  • Switch to a dark theme
  • Voice-to-text functionalities

Pricing of Keep My Notes-

  • Free
  • Advanced plans starting from $0.99 per month
Keep My Notes - Manage Notes
Keep My Notes - Manage Notes
Developer: Shoppycat
Price: Free


Simplenote is a popular and simple notepad application. It has solid organizational capabilities and is specially designed for people who want to save their time to jot down spontaneous ideas. You can organize your notes by using tags and pins. Every note you create in it can be accessed through cloud on other devices.

Features of Simplenote-

  • Task tracking
  • To-do-list
  • Templates
  • Real-time collaboration

     Pricing of Simplenote-

  • Free
Developer: Automattic, Inc
Price: Free

Google Keep

Google Keep is backed by Google. It allows for scanning documents and is a highly capable note-taking app in the form of keep allowing you to create as many notes as you want. It is a quite decent and simple note-taking app, very handy n with lots of standard features.

Features of Google Keep-

  • Color-coded labels
  • Reminders
  • Record memos
  • Scan handwritten notes through the camera

Pricing of Google Keep-

  • Free
Google Keep - Notes and Lists
Google Keep - Notes and Lists


ColorNote is amazing note-taking application software. It is especially for people who are in search of a basic app with advanced features. It offers many standard features and works like the simplest app out there,

Features of ColorNote-

  • Reminders
  • Calendar
  • PIN-lock
  • Automatic sync and backup

Pricing of ColorNote-

  • Free
ColorNote Notepad Notes
ColorNote Notepad Notes
Developer: Notes
Price: Free

Notepad Free

Notepad fee is for people who simply want to take notes and keep them safe. It is an amazing notepad that allows you to create an unlimited number of notes and it backs them for you. It may not be the best note-taking software but it can do well if your only requirement is to jot down ideas and create a basic shopping list.

Features of Notepad Free

  • Pin individual notes to your screen

Pricing of Notepad Free

  • Free
Notepad - simple notes
Notepad - simple notes
Developer: atomczak
Price: Free


Squid is an application specially designed for students and people who loves to take handwritten notes. Also, if you are taking notes in a lecture or during a meeting in a beautiful handwritten note then Squid will be a great help to you. In Squid put your pen to the digital paper and record things very easily.  

 Features of Squid-

  • Create beautiful notes and write using your figure.
  • Change handwritten text thickness and color.
  • Export notes into PDF, PNG, or jPEG.
  • Notebooks help in keeping similar notes in one place.

  Pricing of Squid-

  • Free
  • Advanced plans start at $1 per month

Crux of the post: Which notes app you should consider

So, these are some of the best notes applications for android smartphones. With the help of these android apps you can easily take notes and save your important data locally or on the cloud.

Considering the various business needs, it is very important to use the apps that allow you to sync your notes data on the cloud so that you access it via web app or use it on multiple devices without an issue. Apart from that, you should also consider an app that is easy to use and does not offer limitless features that you probably do not need. As such, you should consider fully-features apps only if you are a hefty notes app user.

As such, Google Keep, Evernote & OneNote are always my recommendations when it comes to Note apps. Further, you can decide for yourself after downloading these notes taking apps.

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