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How To Reach 10,000 views on YouTube to Enable Monetization

Reach 10,000 views on YouTube

Due to heavy competition in relevant categories it becomes heart breaking to get views on the newly created YouTube Channel. You can not monetize your channel until it crosses the threshold of 10,000 views. Once it reaches the threshold, you can ask YouTube to review and enable the monetization. Even in some cases YouTube does not enable monetization  while you have reached 10,000 views. Those cases include some terms and conditions that you might have not followed.

New YouTubers deem fit to leave it when they do not get views on their channel. But actually they should not. I will try to help you how to reach 10,000 views very quickly on your channel and enable YouTube Monetization.

Well, in this article we will discuss some key things to remember and apply in order to reach 10,000 on your channel. To get more insight about how to rank YouTube videos, you can click here.

How To Reach 10,000 views on YouTube to Enable Monetization

With the introduction of “no monetization before 10000 views” system by YouTube, it has made YouTube a serious business for new comers. To reach the threshold of 10,000 views quickly, you can follow the tips as below:

Make & Post Original Content

In the hassle of reaching 10,000 views and enabling the monetization don't use the wrong methods to get views. Don't publish copied views or anything. Make your original content to start with.

If you publish another's content, YouTube may not enable the monetization even after crossing 10,000 views. So, be practical and follow the path of wisdom and honesty.

Shareable Content

Try to make shareable content so that people watching your content may become your representative in further lifting up its presence on the internet. Shareable content can help you grow your channel fast and easy.

Share your videos

Don't forget to share your videos as much as possible on all the social networks you have. Initial views are very important. In lack of them, your video is not going to rank unless it is ranked on low competition keywords. Even its ranking on them, you are not going to get huge views as most of the low competitive keywords have tendency of low search volume (excp. exists.).


Don't go for trending topics

Don't go for making videos on the trending topics. Because, you are just wasting your time and effort making videos over them. But in case, there is very less competition on that particular topic and you have enough shareable resource to give a kick start(Initial views), you can off course go for it.

Rank Videos On Low Competition Keywords

If your videos are not getting views even after you are making videos on highly searchable topics, it simply means that with the high volume searches, there is high competition too. In order to be in the competition your video needs to have initial kick start and high retention(watch time of more than 50%). So, better is to find the low competition keywords with average or more search volume and make videos based on that.

This is sufficient to reach the initial threshold of 10,000 views. If you make original compelling content on the web, trust me, no one can stop you from growing. Not today, may be not tomorrow but someday you will surely be discovered all over the world if you think and work wisely.

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