Technologies in 2019

Technologies in 2019, 5G, AI, 8K and Other Abbreviations

In 2019, we will receive even more announcements and new products than in 2018. In what directions should we expect the most significant and noticeable changes in the field of consumer technologies?


In the United States of America and some other countries, one is to assume first available 5G smartphones by spring; By the same time or even earlier, new generation modems will appear. All these solutions will be for the first 5G cellular networks deployed by operators. At the recent Qualcomm technology summit held in Miami, Samsung demonstrated prototypes of 5G smartphones, and AT & T and Verizon launched a new generation of test networks. These two US carriers, as well as the recently united T-Mobile and Sprint, have far-reaching plans for 5G.

Next-generation cellular networks promise not only a significant increase in data transfer speeds but also low network response delays, which will be crucial for the development of a mass of technologies like autonomous cars, cloud games or even remote surgery.

Of course, do not expect first breakthroughs in 2019: even the full-scale deployment of networks in developed countries will not happen before 2020. In 2019, the 5G promotion will focus on building wireless networks to replace home broadband and promote new Smart Phones. Worldwide, in 2019, about 25 cellular operators will launch 5G services on the part of their territory the least, and by the end of the year, and ship approximately 1 million of 5G smartphones. For comparison: 1.5 bln smartphones will be on the market in 2019, that is, 1,500 times more.

In Russia, as expected, pilot projects to introduce a new standard will be launched only by the end of 2020. The next year is set aside to create a concept and determine frequencies. In other words, most of our readers will be able to take advantage of the fifth generation mobile networks only in 2021.

Devices with bendable screens

There were promises about this technology for a long time, but they have not arrived at the market yet. Fortunately, in 2019, the release of the first real mass devices with curved screens is expected – at least from Samsung and LG (and after them – probably from Huawei, Motorola, and other companies).

Samsung also demonstrated its idea of a future smartphone with a curved display at a conference of developers recently, and Google announced that Android would support such formats devices. However, it is still unclear how significant the advantages of such smartphones will be in the form of a large screen to put up with the inevitable inconveniences and price increases. However, the 2019th also promises to be the year of frameless displays in smartphones and the struggle to minimize cuts for cameras, speakers and buttons, until they go through a complete annihilation. Therefore, there will be a wide choice of wishing to purchase a modern device in the traditional version.

More streaming services

Apple will finally launch its streaming television service, which is designed to become a competitor of Netflix and Amazon and will offer much exclusive content. It is forthcoming that this will happen in the first of the year. The service will appear on devices of a company like iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV, but whether it will be available to Android and Windows users is not clear.

Not only the Cupertino giant will offer new services. Not so long ago, Disney announced that in 2019 it would introduce Disney Plus, its own paid streaming service, which is ready in full swing, including through the launch of exclusive TV shows. The service will offer film and television products from studios such as Pixar, Marvel, National Geographic, along with an endless stream of diverse products in the Star Wars universe.

By the end of 2019, AT & T’s streaming service, created as a result of a merger with Time Warner, will also be launched in the United States. Besides, Google and Microsoft are developing cloud-streaming gaming services, but it is doubtful for them to begin fully in the coming year.

Any new consoles of the game?

Fans of computer games, in expectation of Microsoft Xbox or Sony PlayStation consoles of the next generation, will surely get the details and even, perhaps, the preliminary announcement of the new systems. However, the launch of the Xbox Scarlet or PS5 is unlikely to take place before 2020. However, fans of Nintendo products will surely get an updated Nintendo Switch hybrid console.

According to rumors, this can happen in the summer, and you can count on an improved display, increased performance and longer battery life.

According to rumors, this can happen in the summer, and you can count on an improved screen, increased performance and longer battery life. It will be a product released by analogy with the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X – that is, not quite the new generation console, but the system for the same games, but allowing them to display themselves in higher resolution and quality.

8K TVs will not be mass

Although LG and Samsung are already offering giant 8K TVs (4 times more pixels than 4K), it is unlikely that they will be any more massive next year. Samsung, for example, is now having its 85-inch Q900 QLED Smart 8K for $ 15,000 for sale. However, 4K TVs and monitors, without a doubt, will become even more affordable and attractive purchase.

However, the technology will continue to spread HDR, FreeSync and similar standards that improve the picture. Of course, an increasingly popular standard for shooting even amateur videos, including smartphones (not to mention streaming services, online services, and so on), will be 4K at 60 frames / s, HDR and H.265. The content in the resolution of 8K (even the sports broadcasts that are ahead in this regard in the industry) will still be extremely lacking in 2019.

The ubiquity of artificial intelligence technology

The influence of artificial intelligence is already impossible not to notice, and in 2019, the emphasis on machine learning technology and similar services will become even more apparent. Breakthroughs can be expected in the medical field thanks to solutions like the latest Apple Watch, which allow you to make a cardiogram at any time and even get conclusions from it. Now, among people, the spread of various personal digital helpers and solutions automation technologies raises concerns about the development of banal mental laziness.

In a recent study conducted by Ericsson, 57% of respondents confirmed that they need a smartphone to determine them getting sick before they have symptoms of sickness. Another 43% of respondents would like a virtual helper to let them know when they need to consult a doctor, a dentist or a hair stylist.

At the same time, more than a third believe that critical thinking risks disappearing due to excessive use of virtual helpers. Also, 31% think that, by analogy with the gym halls for the body, people might have to go to individual pieces of training to practice thinking and the ability to draw independent conclusions.

Of course, the year 2019 will bring much more, including in unexpected directions. I hope that there will be more good news than bad news.

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Why Startups choose iOS platform to develop Apps

Why Startups choose iOS platform to develop Apps

One inquiry that rises up pretty frequently is whether to pick Android or iOS application development? iOS and Android are broadly utilized stages to fabricate applications. Thinking about the present interest for both, which one do we pick?  We have recorded down a couple of factors to pick iOS that would help in relating the prerequisites with the platform that will be picked. Typical learning is that the vast majority of the advanced organizations assemble applications for Apple clients first. For instance applications like Instagram was discharged first to apple clients, there are some applications that exist in the apple store yet not in the android play store.

Top Reasons to choose iOS app development for startups

Connect with the clients

Apple gadgets are typically utilized in rich parts of the world. The broad range of individuals who use iPhones manage the cost of and experience inventive applications to satisfy their requirements. iPhone application development followed with iPhone applications for higher yield. Apart from huge revenue, Apple applications frequently see a high number of dynamic clients and higher acceptance.

Client Experience

Applications produced for iPhone clients give a unique client experience. Apple never neglects to give one of a kind UI/UX condition that would pull in the clients and engineers. Apple iOS gives superlative nature of UI and UX that always ranks at the top. Each iPhone application has novel UI and functionalities that connect with more clients who love attempting new applications.

Secure Marketplace

Apple platform is progressively sorted out, they have secure commercial centers with standards and quality control strategies. These practices give a steady domain to engineers, those outcomes in unwavering quality among the application clients. iPhone limits awful or suspicious applications to be released on the application store.

Faithful Audience

Android is a popular platform with a more extensive reach to the audience yet its clients are less dynamic and trustworthy. Apple clients are known for their devotion to the brand. They are extremely improbable to change to Android or a different OS. App startups require this dimension of devotion from a crowd of people for their image to succeed and expand revenue. Hence iOS for business would affect extraordinarily on the development of the business.

In-App Purchases

Any business application that highlights in-app purchase then iOS should be mulled over. iOS application platform permits to raise a few funds through the in-app purchase highlight. The principal aim of building up an application is to connect with a wide spectrum of clients or the intended audience and sell the products & services. Apple has numerous clients who might buy and investigate the application, additionally who are eager to pay for the app. It is a reality that iPhone applications would prove a startup more reach, exposure, and income

Free from Bloatware

Apple clients are known for their dedication to the brand. They are extremely improbable to change to Android or a different OS. App startups require this dimension of reliability from a group of people for their image to succeed and expand income.

Android play store is regularly stacked with 3rd party applications that make bloatware which crashes every now and again and backs off the application as well as the smartphone. Applications that are sent in the app store are examined for its quality very precisely and keeps from carrier junk flood in the application store.


Android OS supports numerous gadgets while iOS is exceptional. iOS is a closed source and can’t be modified. Apple controls the central programming and overhauls the functionalities in each rendition of release. This is beneficial for app development organizations in light of the fact that the emphasis can be on building up the application and not stress over making it perfect with different gadgets.

Conclusion :

The reality would remain that application development and income will exclusively rely upon the yield and functionalities the application can create to the clients. iOS versatile application improvement is suggested for new businesses since it gives exceptional client experience and more exposure. iPhone applications keep on being the main decision for new businesses.

Author bio:

Jeevan Kumar

Jeevan Kumar is a technology enthusiast and strong believer in agile product development. He is a Senior Content Strategist of Fortunesoft IT Innovations a leading iOS app Development Company. A Computer Engineer by education and a technology adherent by passion. His interest in computers & the internet has made him a self-proclaimed geek.
10 Things That Are Damaging Your Smartphone

10 Things That Are Damaging Your Smartphone

In today’s life, our smartphones are the most valued possessions. It is the only single friendly gadget we have that always like to keep our close. From connecting us with our friends to capture and save all our memories, passwords and secrets it is always there. While there are certain things you should always avoid to protect your smartphone.

Here’s a list of things you should always keep in mind to keep your phone protected against all the things that end up harming your phone.

10 Things That Are Damaging Your Smartphone

Always Keep Your Phone Password Protected

Due to some moments of laziness, you skip putting a password to your phone thinking who will use it except you. But this doesn’t happen. The more stuff you save in your phone there are more chances of it getting damaged. If even by chance your phone gets into the hands of someone else or get stolen all your privacy will be in danger. Therefore never take this risk of leaving your phone without encrypting any password to it.  There are multiple types of password styles your phone provides you, choose any of the best among them to suit your comfort.

Keep Your Phone Updated

It often happens that while talking or chatting with your friends you get so involved that it lets you ignore the security update pop-ups. Leading your phone running the same previous versions. Security updates are very important for your device. It helps you provide bug fixes and introduces you to many new features and settings.  Therefore never ignore the pop up telling you about updating your phone. Improving the designs of your UI it makes the functioning of your apps more faster and smoother. It takes no more than 2-3 minutes to update your phone protecting against all the bugs.

Don’t Charge It Over USB

Instead of carrying complete chargers it is very often you carry only the USB cable. Charging your phone with USB while connecting it with any of your laptop or computer is dangerous for your phone in the long run. It ends up ruining your battery completely. As compared to the charger, USB cables take four times extra time to charge your phone. It is a very slow process providing no advantage to your phone.

Use Branded Chargers

Many time just to save a few of the expenses you go buying the cheap chargers. Those cheap chargers lacking the worldwide CE, RHOS or MFI certifications. They are built using the cheap and duplicates products ensuring no protection to your phone. This as a result slightly starts damaging your smartphone.

Do Not Expose To Overheat

Avoid keeping your phone into extreme hot or cold areas. It could lead your smartphone into a devastating state. Never forget to leave your phone in the car while it is exposed in the sun. The overnight cold of winter and direct exposure to sunlight is very hazardous for your device. You must have seen or heard about the phone blasted while it was put up in the charge. Due to excessive heat, your battery could not resist the current leading to an explosion.

Overall protection for your phone

Keep the glass of your phone screen safe and protected. These days the screens of your phone itself come with Gorilla glass protection. But still, avoid using your phone without applying tempered glass to it. It adds a little thickness to your screen preventing it against all the scratches, dents or finger marks. Mobile Cases, on the other hand, acts great when it comes in protecting the outer structure or model of your smartphone. They are designed in such a way to support, attach, and hold your phone that in case if it falls it will give its protection from all the corners of its side. Therefore to save yourself from the loss of the big expenses it is much better to use glass screen protectors.

Avoid Clicking Dangerous Links

Links that come in between the text messages may be corrupted. Avoid clicking the unknown links that appear in between your screen. With the changing trend, even hackers got smarter sending the malicious links on smartphones than laptops or computers. To avoid getting your data corrupt never click on the links saying click on the link and log in to your account. All these hazardous links end up hacking or corrupting your device.

Reboot Your Phone

Until the time when your phone is hanged or not working properly, you are never bothered about restarting it again. Due to continuous and 24/7 usage of the phone after a period it starts lagging in time. Resulting in creating problems while running. Therefore timely do the rebooting of your phone it will clear all the cache memory of your phone. Resulting in running in the good speed.

Avoid Downloading Malicious Apps

Never download the apps you are not completely sure about. While getting bored it tends to happen that you download any random app that appears good in the looks. However, it can appear to be dangerous. Always make sure and read the description of the app before downloading it. Random unknown apps may contain hazardous viruses involved which after downloading will appear into your phone.

Public WiFi Networks

As soon as you turn out the door of your house make sure you turn off the WiFi and Bluetooth key options. Since WiFi networks are cheap in the use in many areas they run openly without the protection of any password. While you enter into the network area it will automatically get connect with your phone. And all the information you send and receive over the public WiFi can be visible to anyone in the area. Giving the hackers an easy route to your device. Therefore avoid using the public networks and keep stick to your own unlimited data plan. It will help you maintain the confidentiality of your phone.

best productivity applications for android

25+ Best Productivity Apps 2019 for Android【LATEST】

Looking for the best Productivity Apps 2019 for Android? Want to be more productive in your life while avoiding the waste of time? Don’t worry, we have a list of some top productivity apps 2019 for Android that can make you super productive in your life.

best productivity apps 2019 for android

We all want to be productive in our day to day life and work. Sometimes, we get puzzled by the number of tasks at hand, its sequential result-oriented process, hard and time taking way and what not. However, there are some top productivity apps for Android that can be your back in providing the various ways you can accomplish your task smartly, efficiently and all that in less time. I have tried my best to list some best productivity apps of 2018 that can actually help you and I have rooted out those productivity apps that you already know and be using like Gmail, Google Translate, Chrome, and Google Assistant. So, Let’s talk about some best productivity apps for 2019 that can make you more productive.

25+ Best Productivity Apps 2019 for Android


Trello is one of the best productivity apps 2019 that lets you organize anything that you are working on. It is easy to use and it makes your tasks organized in a good format. You can add more people to the boards and assign tasks. One can easily share the files too. You can make use of this application not only on your smartphone but also on your personal computer via their website. This means you are not going to miss anything material at a given time.


BuddyDo is really an amazing application for your daily tasks and collaboration with the people that matter. I personally used this application and found it worth using. It makes your work pretty easier. You can easily collaborate with the people, add more buddies, make work-related groups. It somewhat works like Trello and is very impressive.

Best features of the application include Sharing media, creating groups, real-time chat, planning events, creating polls, assigning tasks, inviting volunteers to join(as it’s basically for non-profit organizations), manage volunteers, internal management tools, video calling, audio calling and lot more. Like Trello you can use BuddyDo on PC too.


Flock is another personalization tool that can help you manage your work effectively by keeping in touch with the supervisors, workers, managers and all. There are a bunch of tools therein that give you the freedom to manage your team efficiently. Like the above, it also provides you group feature, voice and video calling, group video calling, file sharing, and many other helpful features. Flock is very helpful for the Information Technology companies. You can share the code snippets too. Ultimately, it is a complete solution to enhance productivity at work. You can also download Flock application on your computer and stay updated all the time with the workforce.

Flock - Team Chat & Collaboration App
Flock - Team Chat & Collaboration App


Writers love this software. Grammarly is helping the people for a decade. This application, as the name suggests, helps the people to correct the grammar in real-time. Not only grammar it checks for almost all the minor to major errors. Using Grammarly is absolutely free. However, for some extended features, you can buy the pro version of it. Grammarly was not for Android for a long time, but, recently they delighted the users by announcing its launch for Android users.


We use a bunch of websites and applications on our devices. Some of them are those which we use in free time but after that we want a solution to get away from them. There may be many like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. They distract us from being productive. Don’t worry if you have the same problem, Block site is an impressive application with the use of which you can block the custom sites and applications that you want. You can also block the adult sites with one click. Overall it is one of the best productive applications that can really make you productive.

Last Pass

Remembering and managing passwords is not easy. However, there are few who can do that. Still, sometimes, even then can get trouble. Using the same passwords for multiple accounts can be dangerous. If one account gets hacked, the probability of others of getting hacked arises immediately. On the other hand, using different passwords can be a headache. But don’t worry, in order to overcome such instances Last Pass is there to help you avoid all this and you can manage all your passwords at one place. LastPass is safe to use application which is being used by millions. Now you can even use hardcore strings in your passwords and keep it safe from the annoying hackers.

LastPass Password Manager
LastPass Password Manager
Developer: LogMeIn, Inc.
Price: Free+


For arranging and remembering day to day tasks can be frustrating at times. However, there is an application called Stuff which works as a widget on your Android smartphone. On stuff, you can manage your tasks with ease and that would be showing on your home widget screen.

Google Keep and Tasks

Google keep and google task are two and the different applications. Google keep works as an advanced notepad while google task helps you assign different tasks. Both can be used as Android applications as well as in E-mail. These applications are very easy to use and capable of enhancing your productivity.

MediaFire, Mega, G-drive

You can always keep your Android Smartphone clean and fast by uploading your big files on the Mediafire, Mega or Google Drive. Among these, Google drive is very fast in uploading or downloading the files.

Developer: MediaFire
Price: Free
Developer: Mega Ltd
Price: Free+
Google Drive
Google Drive
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free+

Sticky Notes

Most of the PC users find it productive to use sticky notes on their computers. You can mention your next plans, meetings, tasks, lines of code or anything in notes. There is an android application too for Sticky notes which is one of the best productivity apps 2019.

Sticky Notes + Widget
Sticky Notes + Widget
Developer: SYM coding
Price: Free+


Being one of the best productivity apps 2019, CamScanner, undoubtedly, is the best mobile document scanning application which has been downloaded by millions of people around the Globe. You can easily scan and store the documents. There are many competitors for this app, however, it is the which provides lossless scanning, thus, it is the choice of millions.


Many of us encounter a problem having a good sleep. I have seen people using smartphones and computers are more prone to this disease – Insomnia. There are many ways you can get rid of this. You can use blue light filter applications on your smartphones and PCs to reduce this gradually. Even most mobiles companies offer this feature in their custom ROM these days which is termed differently like Reading Mode or Eye Comfort. Even you can use Sleep application to have a better sleep. The application comes with a number of features to help you have a perfect sleep and make your daily life more productive. Interestingly, millions of users take advantage of this application to make their life productive.

Sleep as Android
Sleep as Android

Digital Detox

No matter how much we curse ourselves for using the smartphones more than ordinary, the next day we again make the same mistake and it continues. However, the diagnosis of this problem is simply that you actually put some effort to get rid of the digital addiction. To do this, you can first block the website and applications that you feel you are most addicted to. Secondly, you can download Digital Detox or any other application that provides such features. Well, digital detox application helps you lock your smartphone for custom hours for which you can’t use it. However, emergency use feature allows you to make use of your smartphone. Not much, but you can slightly reduce your addiction with the use of this application which will, as a result, make you more productive.

Contacts Optimizer

Most smartphones have not featureful contacts application which people can actually make use of. However, Contacts Optimizer application is a third party application available on the play store using which you can manage your contact properly, professionally and efficiently. There are some advanced features like Merging Contacts, Cleaning contacts, Edit Contacts, Removing Duplicates and many other which make it very productive. The clean and attractive UI of the application makes it one of the best productivity apps. The size of the application is just half an MB.

Contacts Optimizer
Contacts Optimizer
Developer: Compelson Labs
Price: Free+

WPS Office

WPS office for android is one of the best productivity apps available on the play store. Millions of people use WPS office to create, edit and manage their files on the go. It is a lot of fun and you can use your files anywhere. As the name suggests, WPS – Word, Powerpoint, Spreadsheet, it lets you manage all these at your fingertips.


With the use of Tasker, you can simplify your application behaviors. This application comes in handy when you use your smartphone a lot and you are looking for advanced configurations that can manipulate the behavior of the application with respect to action in any set of rule.

Developer: joaomgcd
Price: 2,99 €

ES File Explorer

ES file explorer is one of the best third-party file explorer application which has the bunch of additional features that makes it different. You can share the files, compress and decompress the files, manage the files and many more. ES File Explorer is one of the top productivity apps 2019 for Android that one can find very helpful for the smartphone.

ES Datei Explorer
ES Datei Explorer
Developer: ES Global
Price: Free+

Quoda Code Editor

If you love coding and want to keep experimenting even on the smartphone then Quoda Code Editor application is for you. Just install it on your device and keep on doing your coding while on the go.

Quoda Code Editor
Quoda Code Editor
Developer: Quoda
Price: Free+

Engross: Focus Better

When it comes to Productivity, we can’t forget to include Engross which is surely one of the top productivity apps. Engross lets you focus better on your activities. It lets you manage your tasks, track your time, cure your distractions and lot more which strive to make you even more productive and live a stressfree life.


WhatTheFont is a very helpful application for designers with the help which they can easily identify the Font inscribed on any sort of document or media with a shot.

Developer: MyFonts
Price: Free

Automatic Call Recorder (ACR) Pro

If you get many phone calls on day to day basis and you want some kind of proof for your professional conversations then ACR is here help you. It may happen that the buyer may deny the product quantity saying that he had talked the less or any other such case where your claim needs an evidence, this application results out to be a boon.


Evernote is one of the most popular notepad applications that is having many quality features that everyone seeks for. With Evernote, you can take better notes, scan documents, share your ideas and lot more. The application has been professionally designed. It can help you organize and make life simpler.


IFTTT is one of the best productivity apps available in the store. Basically, IFTTT is an automation application which can help you in different ways like Tasker. However, it is different from Tasker in the sense that it works on online applications and its area of expertise is pretty definitive. In short, IFTTT can make your digital life very simpler by automating it.

Developer: IFTTT
Price: Free


CleanFox is another productivity app for Android that lets you clean your inbox, reduce your carbon footprint and unsubscribe from unwanted e-mails. Precisely, this is a very helpful application if you are annoyed with the number of emails and newsletters you receive on a day to day basis.

Smart Kit 360

When it comes to utility we have like many applications on our device. To get rid of many applications, there is one app that can replace them and that is Smart Kit 360. This productivity application comes with many basic applications that we actually find on most phones. It consists of a battery saver, sound meter, heart rate monitor, compass, magnifier, mirror, notepad, unit converter and a lot more functionalities

Smart Kit 360
Smart Kit 360
Developer: Kafui Utils
Price: Free

Resume Builder App

Sometimes we want a quick resume for us or any friend. In such a case, resume builder application helps you making a cool resume in no time and impress the interviewer. This resume builder application lets you make visually stunning resumes that catch the attention in the first impression.

Mindly (mind mapping)

It is a very impressive application for planning a project, brainstorming ideas and much more. Many people are using Mindly and their response is very decent about this application. If you get many ideas in your day to day life but you forget to implement that due to full mind then this application is surely for you.

Mindly (mind mapping)
Mindly (mind mapping)
Developer: dripgrind
Price: Free+

SPACE – Break phone addiction

This is one of the impressive productivity apps that lets you leave the addiction with your smartphone. If you think at the end of the day that you are inclining too much toward your smartphone and providing less time towards the life goals that you have then this application can surely help you with that.

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Which one is your favorite out of these Best Productivity Apps 2019 for Android?

These are some best productivity apps 2019 for your Android smartphone that can help you someway or the other. If you like this list of best productivity applications then, please share it with your friends on your social media profile. Also, let us know which one of these is your best productivity app that you use or will recommend others for use.

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pubg mobile tips and tricks to survive till last and kill more enemies

PUBG Mobile Tips to Survive Till Last and Kill enemies

PUBG is the top game on Android nowadays. Its popularity is increasing day by day. Even if you are not a gaming geek you might be playing it on the recommendation of your friend or online hype. If you are new as a PUBG player you might be noticing certain headaches like you failed to reach far or someone knocks you out from behind. These happenings in the game can frustrate anyone.

So, today I will share with you some top PUBG tips to kill maximum people and survive till long.

PUBG is the game of Addiction. This multiplayer game lets you play with your team and even desired team players. If your team member is knocked out you can revive him/her back. You can communicate with your team, certain persons of the team while playing the game. This freedom of PUBG mobile makes you all crazy. Right?

No one can remember the points, however, if you know them, you can surely give your best by recalling these PUBG tips and tricks and survive till long while killing the maximum number of people.

So without wasting more time lets start off by diving into the best tips and tricks to play PUBG mobile better.

PUBG Mobile Tips to Survive Till Last and Kill enemies

  • Don’t stay anywhere for a long time, especially when you are below the mountains. Anyone can give you a headshot from the above and you might not be able to reply back. However, on the contrary, chances of mistiming may occur and you can notice the enemy and pay him with the best shot.
  • Use Grenade if you think someone can be inside the house. Quickly enter the house and point your gun to the enemy really fast and shoot.
  • Choose your guns perfectly. Use guns with quick bullets to kill the enemies near you and sniper for the far enemies. If you are perfect in shooting then choose guns more than 6mm bullets.
  • If you are on the top of the house and jumping on the surface then point your cursor towards the fence to avoid the damage.
  • If you have a sniper, then take care of the bullets you have. Make sure you target the headshot. On the contrary, you may lose your bullets and may not be able to survive long.
  • Try to find a place on the top to keep an eye on the enemies near you.
  • Leave guns to sprint faster. It helps when you are under the blue zone and want to run faster to reach the safe zone. Just click the gun you have to make it free from the hands.
  • If the enemy has seen you while targeting then start moving, don’t stay at the place until you are sure of good coverage.
  • While landing, if you find enemies near you just crunch, move and shoot. Don’t forget to keep moving.
  • If the near enemy is knocked out, try to kill him with fist which will not only save your bullets but also avoid the enemies to know about your secret location.
  • While playing keeping an eye on the sky for avoiding unexpected enemy attack.
  • To play safe, you can land in the highest places. However, you can be visible to most enemies if you are playing a war game. So, take decision according to the map.
  • Use smoke when you see more than one enemies who are not seeing you and quickly go near them and shoot ruthlessly.
  • While playing the classic game, make sure you reach the white circle safe zone faster before the blue zone kills you. But wait, don’t be hasty here. As soon as you have crossed the while circle. Relax and see for the enemies, kill them before you get the start for reaching the next safe zone. If you quickly reach the middle point of the safe zone which is very short and alive enemies are better in numbers then only your skills can save you. Make a decision to go to the middle if you have less number of alive players or you have the vehicle.
  • Don’t climb the stairs without concern. If you suspect and sure that there is one person upstairs then either quickly climb the stairs or point the gun to the upper floor and see for the enemy and point the gun to the enemy. However, if you suspect that there can be more enemies or you are totally unaware of the count then throw a grenade or something and then quickly enter and shoot.
  • If you are shooting from the window and enemy has seen you then quickly find another window or place to shoot the enemy.
  • Try to be in reach with your team players. They can revive you and protect you from an unwanted and unexpected knockout. If you are knocked out, let them know in chat or hit the build in message button.
  • If you see a vehicle coming toward you, then, before you shoot the driver, try to shoot the persons behind while moving as they can kill you faster.
  • Before you enter the house, see if the gate is open or not. If it is open then there can be the possibility of enemy hidden inside. However, if the gate is not open, don’t go carefree and collect the items until you look around you.
  • If you are at a place where you can be knocked out from above, then don’t lay down for the shot.
  • Don’t waste time killing the enemies from far away. This can make you short of bullets and in an ongoing match, it can be hard to get that without team players.
  • Don’t put shoes as they can avoid from making noise.
  • When you kill someone don’t quickly go to him and collect items until you first check around yourself for the enemies. As they can be around you listening to the voices. Collect it when you are sure of the safety.
  • Get a safe place, drop a gun or something in open and wait for the enemy to come. As soon as you find one tempting towards it, kill it.

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What are your best PUBG Mobile Tips to Survive Till Last and Kill enemies?

So, these are some of the best PUBG mobile tips and tricks to survive till last and kill more enemies. However, I would like to know in comments as to which on PUBG mobile tricks you use to play the game better than others.

Best laptops to play PUBG mobile on emulator

7 Best Laptops for PUBG Mobile | Smooth & Fast | 2019

Are you looking for the best laptops for PUBG mobile for streaming or playing in high graphics and FPS? Then surely I have got your intention. Many PUBG players are not happy with the kind of satisfaction they receive from the usual laptops because of fewer graphics and processing. Bare with me throughout this article and I will share the top laptops where you can play PUBG very smoothly.

PUBG(PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is a high-end game which works perfectly fine on smartphones and PCs. The game requires high graphics, storage, and performance to give you the best experience. The games like PUBG have already been in existence since long but the main reason for immense popularity for PUBG game is because of its availability on Smartphones and PCs, Voice Chat Multiplayer capability which is additionally free to play.

Many people love to play PUBG on PC and Laptops because of its controls. Playing PUBG on laptops lets you enjoy the controls at its best. On Mobiles, many people have to struggle with the controls, especially with the player movement. On Laptop the player movement becomes very precise with A, W, S, and D keys.

Before we begin with the best PUBG laptops list, Let’s talk about the advantages of Playing PUBG Mobile on the PC emulator.

Advantages of Playing PUBG on Laptops

Better Controls

Perfectness in PUBG game is all about the perfectness in the gaming controls. If you can peek, crunch, move with the ease at the right time only then you can be Pro in PUBG. Laptop PUBG controls are way better than that of mobiles. Your left hand four fingers and one thumb all are indulged to support better gameplay. Your taps are just 0.1s away. There is no denying the fact that people love to play PUBG mobile on Laptops because of having better controls.


Widescreen helps to detect enemies early. Your success to have the chicken dinner depends on the timing you detect enemies. You win if you detect the enemies before they detect you. Widescreen laptops are capable to show you the enemies locations, even in low resolutions.


PUBG mobile given streamers a life. People love to do their own streams and watch others streams online. Laptops open doors for the streamers because of the flexibilities. Mobiles sometimes are not able to give the efficiency needed to stream as the network connection is used simultaneously by the streaming app and game itself. This makes it pretty hard to handle by most mid-range mobiles. Also, the streaming apps for mobiles do not that many features which streaming software for PC possesses like donation tickers, follower goal, subscribe widget, super chat notification, and lot more. Streamlabs is one of the popular streaming software online that people find easy and comfortable for streaming PUBG via laptops and PCs.

What you need to consider for buying laptops to Play PUBG mobile

You must consider a few aspects before you get ready to take the laptop home or accept the delivery online. Your laptop should not focus on the minimum PUBG mobile system requirements but recommended system requirements. The minimum requirement is capable of just running the game on PC, however, if you need good performance, graphics and satisfaction from your laptop then you can wait a lil bit and buy a laptop that contains recommended or even more of the recommended system configurations.

Below are Recommended system requirements to Play PUBG mobile on PC:

  • OS: 64-bit Windows 10
  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 5-1600 / Intel Core i5-7600K
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB or better
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 30 GB available space

Now let me show you some better laptops that you can buy now or in the future to PUBG mobile better. It recommended buying only better laptops. If you can’t afford one for now then you can wait or you will lose your money and will not get the satisfaction you were looking for.

7 Best Laptops to Play PUBG Mobile 2019

ASUS Rog Zephyrus GX501GI-EI004T 

This laptop is one among the beasts. It can play PUBG very smooth. The laptop can handle multiple requests at a time. It comes with 24 DDR4 RAM that is enough to run high-end games like a notepad app. Undoubtedly this is one of the best gaming laptops. The laptop is having intel core i7 CPU that ensures processing at its best. It can play the games in Ultra 4K resolution effortlessly.

  • OS: 64-bit Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i7 8750H
  • Memory: 24GB DDR4 RAM
  • Graphics: 8GB NVidia GeForce GTX1080 Graphics
More Details

Razer Blade Pro

Razer Blade Pro is a gaming laptop. It is having 17.3 Inches FHD resolution. It weighs around 3.08 Kg. It supports core i7 processor with 3.8 GHz clock speed. It contains 16GB RAM which can be expanded upto 32GB. It has 256GB SSD(solid state drive) + 2TB(2000GB) HDD(Hard disk drive). 256GB of SSD helps to make this laptop even more faster to run high end softwares and games. Not only for gaming this laptop can be used for 3D animation, video designing, graphic designing and lot more stuffs. The laptop is armed with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 GPU.

  • OS: Windows 10 Home
  • Processor: Intel Core i7
  • Memory: 16GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVidia GeForce GTX
More Details

MSI GT75 8RG-255IN

MSI laptops are known for gaming and MSI GT75 8RG is the laptop which people admire for its ultra smooth performance. The mystry behind its smoothness is its powerful specs. This laptop possess the new intel i9 8th gen processor which works magnificiently. The laptop is a solution to all the high end gaming you might be looking for. For PUBG it can handle it with High FPS and High resolution. If you want to stream then go ahead with this one.

  • OS: Windows 10 Home
  • Processor: Intel Core i9 8950HK
  • Memory: 32GB DDR4 RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce® GTX 1080
More Details

Acer Predator PT715-51

Acer Predator laptops are renown for gaming and Acer Predator PT715-51 is one among them. The laptop comes with a high-end specification to give the best gaming comfort and experience. Designed for high-end software and games this laptop is the choice of gamers all around the world.

  • OS: Windows 10 Home
  • Processor: Intel Core i7 7700HQ Processor
  • Memory: 16GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 with 8GB of dedicated GDDR5X VRAM
More Details

Alienware AAW17R4-7002SLV-PUS

Alienware is with a doubt an amazing gaming laptop that can play PUBG mobile with such a ease that you can’t resist to play even more. The laptop is well build and gives an impressive gaming touch. It comes with core i7 7th gen processor. Its Cooling system is very good.

  • OS: Windows 10 Home
  • Processor: Intel Core i7 7th Gen
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 1060
More Details

HP Omen

If you are looking for HP Gaming laptop to play PUBG mobile then HP Omen can be the game changer laptop for you. HP Omen comes with huge 32GB of RAM powerful enough to handle high end software. The laptop is having 17.3-inch diagonal FHD (1920×1080) display. The build and design of the laptop is also very impressive. It looks more intense and appealing than usual laptops.

  • OS: Windows 10 Home (64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-7820HK
  • Memory: 32GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 1080
More Details


Dell XPS 9570 is an another gaming laptop that comes with high end specifications from one of the top trusted laptop brands. With Dell XPS 9570 you get 15.6-inch FHD Laptop which is having 8th Gen-Core i7-8750H processor. The laptop is having 8GB DDR4 RAM and 256GB Solid State Drive which way better than HDD. The laptop weighs around 1.75kg and comes with Windows 10 operating system. When it comes to PUBG on Dell XPS 9570 then for sure it can handle it properly without a single headache. 

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Core i7 8750H
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
More Details

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Which is your top Laptop for PUBG Mobile?

These were some best laptops for PUBG mobile 2019. Let me know in comments which is the best laptop for playing PUBG mobile in your point of view. This list includes high-end laptops only for the smooth gaming experience. You can also check out our previous post about budgeted gaming laptops with high-end specs.

Also, I have separately shared the best tips and tricks for the PUBG mobile which you can check out if you are new to PUBG. Before you leave this page, make sure you subscribe to DroidCrunch on YouTube and follow this blog for wonderful posts and videos.

Best emulators to play PUBG on PC

Best Emulators to Play PUBG on PC

Do you want to play PUBG on PC? Here we have the complete solution as to how to play PUBG on PC. We have shortlisted some best emulators for PC for you to easily and smoothly run PUBG game on your PC.

These days the game which is on everyone’s mind is PUBG( Player Unknowns Battleground). In this game player unknown to each other fight in a battle, either as a solo member or in a group. For Android users, this game is freely downloadable from Google Play Store but for PC it’s a bit tedious process. Every child or adult keeps talking about this game and their queries related to it. This article is made to give a response to all your queries as many people keep asking questions like How To Play PUBG on PC? How to use an emulator to play PUBG? What is an emulator? And much more. So lets sort everything out.

How to play PUBG on PC???

Being easily available for Android users on Play Store, PUBG is not that easily available for PC users. But there are two ways to play PUBG on Pc:

  1. By buying it from steam

It is easy to buy PUBG from steam but one has to pay for it. It costs nearly $15 on Steam and if the offer is there, then it costs $10. It is not that costly but still, people don’t want to waste their dollars on a game, hence they don’t prefer purchasing the game.

  1. By using an emulator

To avoid spending money to purchase just a game people prefer using an emulator. Let’s first make clear in our minds that how does an emulator works and basically what is an emulator?.

What is an emulator?

It is a software which enables one computer system to behave like another computer system. It produces an exact copy of a guest system onto a host system in order to make the host use services designed for the guest system.

How it helps in playing PUBG?

The emulator copies the working of an Android phone onto a PC and also gives various options to control the phone and also the gameplay using keyboard and mouse. This enables playing PUBG on pc without any hindrance.

Nowadays various emulators are emerging but we need to discuss only the top ones.

Best Emulators to Play PUBG on PC 

The best emulators for PUBG are as follows:

  1. Tencent gaming buddy
  2. Nvidia GeForce now
  3. Nox player
  4. Memu play
  5. BlueStacks
  6. Remix is player

Tencent gaming buddy

Tencent gaming buddy best emulator for pc

Tencent buddy is the best and most popular emulator for PUBG. It is developed by the creators of PUBG only, i.e.  Tencent. It is developed only for playing PUBG and provides an easy user interface.  It provides best controls through mouse and keyboard and one need not put a lot of efforts.

How to install?

  1. Go to gaming Buddy Tencent website
  2. Download the .exe file on your Pc.
  3. Install the file.
  4. Open it and it will automatically download the required files to play PUBG.
  5. And here you go, start playing!!.

Nvidia Geforce Now

Nvidia Geforce Now to play PUBG on Mobile

This is one of the best PUBG emulators which is not exclusively made for playing PUBG and instead lets you play other games as well, Fortnite or PUBG. In this emulator which is a cloud-based service, the game is played on it’s server, the computer serving as a monitor. Under this, the handling of graphics and processing is done by the server, the player is only required to control the game. It is best for Apple Mac book.

How to install?

  1. The player is required to connect his Mac with good internet.
  2. Next to have to do is install Geforce Now by a simple double clicking process.
  3. Go to settings and make adjustments for your play.
  4. You will see a number of games, make your choice and here you go.

Nox player

Nox player to run pubg on mobile

This PUBG emulator also supports other games other than PUBG and also various apps like Facebook, Whatsapp etc. It makes your pc behave exactly like an android phone. It allows the players to customize the controls in the setting according to your needs. It works great and supports keypad, gamepad and also handles high FPS games without any problem.

How to install?

  1. Download NOX player from its official website.
  2. Install it.
  3. Open and you will find the play store app on the main screen.
  4. Open the play store and log in with your google id and password.
  5. Download Pubg from there.
  6. Install it on emulator and enjoy.

MEmu player

Play PUBG on PC with Memu emulator droidcrunch

It is one of the top PUBG emulators which doesn’t require various system formalities. It makes playing PUBG on PC easy. It has a greater ability than others to match the mouse and keyboard controls. It gives great performance.

How to install?

  1. Download MEmu player.
  2. Install it on PC.
  3. Open it and click on create.
  4. Open Google store and log in.
  5. Download and install PUBG on it.
  6. Make your settings and customize as per your requirements.
  7. Whoa! You are done to go.


Play PUBG on Bluestacks for PC

At a time, this PUBG emulator gained so much popularity being the only option available to play games like subway surfers and temple run. But now it also helps us to play PUBG with a very few clicks.  It possesses the right mixture of powers. It makes PUBG function smoothly.

How to install?

  1. Download BlueStacks from its official website onto your pc.
  2. Install the app.
  3. Open it and click on Playstore app.
  4. Add your account.
  5. Look for Pubg and download it.
  6. Install and enjoy playing.

Remix os player

Remix os player emulator for PUBG on PC

It is basically made for playing games. It consists of various options to customize according to your gaming preference. It provides a good control through keyboard and mouse. It is the only emulator which also supports to play multiple games at the same time. It requires Android marshmallow.

How to install?

  1. Download ReMix os player on your Windows PC.
  2. Install it and look for Playstore app.
  3. Add your Google account with your credentials.
  4. Download Pubg from store and install.
  5. Enjoy smooth playing.

Bonus Read:

PUBG game on the emulator is a lot fun as the controls are at its best on PC. With the emulators listed about you can enjoy playing PUBG. If you are a beginner then you can have a look at these short tips and tricks articles with which you can extend your PUBG gaming skills.

PUBG mobile tips and tricks to have maximum kills in one round

It is always advisable to play this game for a limited time for many reasons. And if you think that you are addicted just put a let back and read the below article to avoid PUBG addiction.

How To Quit of PUBG Mobile Addiction

Which Emulator for PUBG on PC have you heard before?

The above-mentioned PUBG PC emulators help you to play PUBG on your Windows or Mac PC. All these emulators help you to play PUBG easily and smoothly on PC. But one should keep his/her Pc updated with the latest software or hardware. Among all the best emulator for playing Pubg on your PC is Tencent gaming Buddy as it is specifically made for playing it. We would also like to know if you have heard of any other emulator that is not listed in this list of best emulator for PUBG on PC.

Also, to run PUBG on PC requires high specifications with respect to graphics and processors. These PUBG Emulators are just the software to run the game. As you might know that PUBG is a high-end game which requires good graphics and processing speed. Thus, it may happen that your normal PC can face challenges while running this game even if you are using Tencent gaming buddy or any other PUBG Emulator for PC. Below are some top gaming laptops that can run PUBG game very smoothly with the support of the above PUBG PC emulators.

Best Gaming Laptops to Play PUBG 

With the coordination of better PC and good emulator for PUBG, you can smoothly run this game. To run the game on laptops having less or moderate configurations you can just lower the resolution settings and close all the apps running in the background.

I hope you liked the article, please subscribe to DroidCrunch on YouTube and Follow on Facebook, Twtter and Instagram. Stay happy!

How To Make Online Resume - Fast, Easy and Secure

How To Make Online Resume – Fast, Easy and Secure

When we go for an interview, usually, Curriculum Vitae or Resumes play, certainly, a vital role in enticing the interviewer apart from your real-time communication, technical and subjective skills. It is better to prepare than to repent. A well-designed resume can leave an impressive impression upon the interviewer. Well, to have a solid resume doesn’t really ensure that you will find the job, however, it’s an extraordinary convincing approach to ensure you get the best interview. I will tell you the best way you can make an attractive resume online without any worry.

[clickToTweet tweet=”No one has a resume that they are 100% comfortable with, nor does anyone have a life that they are 100% comfortable with.” quote=”No one has a resume that they are 100% comfortable with, nor does anyone have a life that they are 100% comfortable with.” theme=”style5″]

Using Canva

Canva is the wonderful platform for designing graphics of any sort of category be it for the facebook post, facebook cover, logo, thumbnails, card, calendar, bookmarks, invoices, presentations, recipe cards, web banners and more. You can also use it for custom size and make a design for your own. Canva provides you bunch of free templates for making eye-catching resumes in minutes.

See here: How To Use Canva For Designing

make resumes online with canva

Using Uptowork

You can also use Uptowork for making decent resumes in no time. You just need to fill up the information step by step and the resume as per your chosen template will be ready in front of you for download. But it is to mention that you will have to pay to uptowork for making resumes. And, there are two plans, start and premium. However, there is some alternative to uptowork as well.

Alternatives To Uptowork

make online resume with uptowork

Step To Make Resume With UpToWork :

  1. Open the website and click on “click my resume now”
  2. Select the template you want to use
  3. choose the desired color scheme
  4. Click on “Create Resume”
  5. You will be redirected to the tutorial page, after that put all the information. Once done click on “Preview and customize” and download your resume.
[clickToTweet tweet=”Doing things is easy, but people remember those who do them the best way possible. ” quote=”Doing things is easy, but people remember those who do them the best way possible. ” theme=”style5″]

Using Kickresume

When it comes to resume creation online, how can we ignore Kickresume is a wonderful service experienced by lacks of people worldwide. Making resume on kickresume is easy and it gives you many templates considering your job requirement. They have templates for like all major categories of jobs.

How To Make Online Resume with kickresume

Using Android Applications

You can also create resumes through your smartphones on the go. It is easy to make and fast way to do that. The best applications I can suggest in this regard are as follows:

Resume Builder Free, 5 Minute CV Maker & Templates

Using this application is not a hard nut to crack. Just fill up all the required info one by one and you are ready to go.

Resume Maker – Creator

CV/Resume Maker - Creator
CV/Resume Maker - Creator

The first application does not provide you stylish eye-catching templates for the resumes that you make. However, this application developed by Stylish App world provides you four eye-catching templates that are pretty attractive. You can make your resume in minutes with this application for free.

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Final Words

Making resumes online through the above ways is fast, easy and reliable. Your first impression is the last impression. Always bear this in mind, make an attractive resume and give the employer no reason to avoid you.

There are huge no. of online websites that provide you with this service like,, and more. But for the sake of conciseness, I have included only the best one to serve you the best. As a valuable user, it is our prime onus not to overburden you with information but to provide you with the elixir of entire information.

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best android simulation games

Best simulation games for Android 2019

Looking for some best Simulation Games for Android 2019? We have compiled a list of some best simulation games for you. You can install any of these top simulation games on your Android smartphone and enjoy.

What are simulation games?

Simulation games are a category of video games which are designed to show real-world activities in the form of games. This category of games i.e. Simulation games, copy activities from real life and transforms them in the form of games. Simulation games are used for various useful purposes like training, analysis or prediction. There are many subgenres in simulation games such as construction and management simulation, life simulation, sports and others like dating simulations, medical simulations, war games etc. In simulation games, there are no predefined goals to be achieved, instead, the player is free to control the character in the manner he wants. Simulation games help in enhancing the skills of the player. Simulation games let us design our real life on a virtual platform.

best simulation games for android 2019

Let’s move on to see what are the best simulation games for Android.

Best Simulation games for Android 2019 (Latest)


It is one of the best simulation game who is made for the ones who love transportation by trains. Mashinky is a game in which player make his own empire by developing his transport business and improving the assets in the game. The game is going to be released in 2019 where players need to lay tracks on hard terrain.

Motorsport Manager

The game is listed on the second position of our list of best simulation games for Android in 2019 because in the game the player will be responsible for putting a driver on the podium. The early stages of the games are just for the tutorials for the player so that player is just not only spinning the wheels.

Transport Fever

The game starts in 1850 when the rails were introduced, the goal of the game is master the rails in such a way that you may become a true transportation magnate. The player is supposed to make the decision regarding the most cost-effective instead of just upgrading to new vehicles.

Game Dev Tycoon

It is a business simulation game and a superb game. One is asked to define his company and character. Once one is done with setting up the basics, he will find himself into a 1980s garage and starting from there he will have to create a very big game industry. The basic theme of this game is creating an empire starting from a garage. It is a good game with high simulators of business and counts among the best simulation games in 2019.

The Sims

It is also among the best simulation games for Android. The concept of the game is to choose a character, define its sex, customize his/her hairstyle and outfit and then creating a lifestyle of the aim, one is also required to set personality traits of the aim. One is asked to set a career of the sim and to socialize him/her sim through hosting and attending parties same as in real life. This game is highly interesting.

Trailer park boys: Greasy Money

It is a simulation game based on a comedy show. It starts with hitting the Canadian prime minister with a jug of piss. The basic theme of this game is to manage a small chain of business, as the money and economy get destroyed because of embarrassment faced by the prime minister. The player will manage a chain of business, collect profit and make investments to grow customers and expose your business to grow. The player will also get into boss fights and will have to win and will get arrested at the end of every season.

Farming Simulator

This simulation game let’s one take farming to a whole new level. In this game, the player will be a modern farmer with more than 50 vehicles and machines. The player is required to plant and harvest a variety of crops and look after his livestock. This is wholly related to farming and virtualizes real-life farming techniques into a game.

Cities: Skylines

This is really a rib-cracking simulation game and very interesting. In this game, the player possesses powers of a mayor or city planner or more than that. Player has the ability to build or destroy the city, within your budget and also the main motto is to keep your workers and customers happy. The player is required to expand as much as he can and develop his city to a greatest possible extent.

My supermarket story: Store tycoon simulation

In this game, one plays to become a highly known business Tycoon. The player is required to build the most successful supermarket in the world. It is among the easiest simulation games. Player expands his store and keeps in mind the products which customers like. Organizing gift sessions, discounts, and sale are also a part of this game as in real life supermarket.

Flight Sim

Under this simulation game, the player is virtualized as a pilot. The player will have access to a variety of planes and maps for guidance. The player controls the flight as in real life, tilt steering, challenging landings and also weather changes take place making it more adventurous and interesting. This game has the best sounds and will give you a good and thrilling gaming experience.

Operate now: Hospital

This is a simulation game which is exclusively designed for people in the health department. Player will have his own medical hospital and his own dedicated medical team and the player will be a doctor. The player is required to operate with surgeries and make a patient live. This game is full of activities and keeps the player busy. And here comes the end of the article and all the above-mentioned simulation games are really interesting and full of amazement and adventures and highly stimulating.

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Which is your favorite out of these best Simulation games for Android 2019?

These are some of the top Android Simulation games that you can play in 2019. We would like to know which of these games you have already played and how do you like them. We respect the comments. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

best blogging apps 2019 for blogger

Best Apps for Bloggers 2019 | Blogging Apps that work

Are you a blogger and looking for the best apps for bloggers 2019? If yes, then you have landed on the right page on the web. Keep reading and we will discuss some top apps for bloggers to make blogging easier and more productive for you.

Blogging is surely addictive. if you earn a little you can’t leave it for sake of making that little something big.

Many bloggers around the world are not happy with the amount of burden on them due to the sole management of different tasks that actually require a team to handle. Some are not able to manage the tasks. There are some blogging mistakes that a blogger makes that result in unexpected results.

Applications have been the tool to make the tasks easier and goals achievable. Without wasting any more time, let’s dive into the best apps for bloggers that one can install to increase the productivity in blogging.

Best Apps for Bloggers to Make Blogging Easier

WordPress or Blogger App

Official WordPress app for iOS and Android developed by Automattic works very fine and tell you bunch of different things. With the use of the application, a blogger can easily add and edit their posts and pages via the smartphone. They can easily check the stats, manage comments and see activity. However, blogger app by Google is another wonderful app to manage blogs based on the blogger website. It lets you easily manage the posts and other data. Although, when it comes to comparison WordPress gets a better response than blogger app.

Google Analytics

Used by millions, Google Analytics helps many bloggers and pro bloggers. It gives you maximum access to the website analytics. Google analytics gives you essential stats that can be used for the implementation in a better way and derive positive results.

With Google Analytics, one can make better marketing and content plans for the website. It lets you know your audience and catch their pulse.


SocialPilot is an impressive social media scheduling and marketing tool which can automate your content sharing across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Vk and more platforms from one SocialPilot app. For social media professionals, agencies and influencers, SocialPilot is a great tool. SocialPilot offers multiple features. It increases your brand visibility on your FB profile and groups.

SocialPilot is a social marketing tool for agencies & social media professionals. Hopefully, we are able to cover the vicinity for making your social presence more efficient, fulfilling your social media needs.

It lets you have team collaboration. SocialPilot allows you to easily share content from others application be it Flipboard, Pocket, Pulse etc.


Evernote is among the top notes apps. For bloggers and digital marketers, it is no less than a boon. This app helps you focus on what matters and have access to your information when you need it. With the app, you can create notebooks, organizers and planners. With the app, you can organize notes in a better way.

And Evernote syncs your notes and notebooks across your devices so your information is always with you, everywhere you go.


If you want to be updated with the best sources online, the Feedly is there to help you in having all the information. You can get access to the content from all the publications and sites that you like. This will enable you to see the content of the only sites that you like.

With the app, you get the freedom to access the desired content in one place. Millions of people worldwide use Feedly to read blogs, learn new topics, and track keywords, brands, and companies.

Feedly app offers useful Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Buffer, Pinterest, Linkedin, IFTTT, and Zapier integration so that you can easily share stories with networks and teammates.

The only thing the user needs is searching for the favorite blog, website or publication available online and add it to the category. This will let you access the feed from that specific media.

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Your Best Blogging Apps 2019 Conclusion

These apps can serve the best way to bloggers. However, for more productivity, you should not be depending too much on the mobile applications. Taking recourse to PC apps can be way more productive for most bloggers out there. Although, if you are mobo geek and use smartphones on most occasion then these blogging apps 2019 can surely help you manage your tasks and ultimately achieve your blogging goal.

5 best apps for travel

5 Best Apps for travel to Use on Your Next Trip

Someone may say that travel season is never over, but soon it will be that time of the year when we start packing our bags, booking our flights and buying all the lotions and suns creams we can carry. With so many cheap and easy to find flights, it is fairly simple to visit exotic destinations and even travel the whole globe. The wonder of travel lays in the experiences you will get, sights you will see and sounds you will hear, but it can still bring some headaches.

Planning and organizing a vacation can sometimes be very stressful and annoying which can kill your excitement about the whole trip. Luckily for us, with the help of the technology, many of these problems can be a thing of a past. There are plenty of mobile apps that can help you find accommodation, book cheap flights, navigate through the unknown city and even do a little bit of work remotely.

So, who needs travel agents when you have all the information accessible right at the tip of your fingers? Just like packing the right things for your trip, having the right apps on your mobile device can make you or break you. Here are some of our favorite apps that we believe will make your vacation enjoyable and stress-free.

5 Best Apps for Travel


A couple of years ago, when you went on a vacation the only option was to stay in the hotels. There was no centralized place where you could see and rent homes. Airbnb changed the way we book accommodation when traveling. With over 500K listings in more than 35K cities, you can rent a beautiful apartment in the center of a city or a charming little cottage in the countryside. The app includes guides for local sightseeing and you can even book experiences with local cooks, artists and more. In the US it is also available to book tables in the restaurants.

Price: Free
Available on: Android and iOS


This app got you covered, with the help of Skyscanner you can book flights, hotels, and rental cars. The app is looking for the best and most affordable options tailored just for you throughout their partner websites. Like most other plane ticket booking apps, you can see the best and cheapest dates to fly and the app also provides alerts in case of a price drop. What separates Skyscanner from other apps is the option to enter boarding airport of your choice and the app will provide you with best flight deals from the selected airport to various destinations.

Price: Free
Available on: Android and iOS


No matter how many times you went through all the things you need to pack for your next trip, there is a high probability that you will forget something and it will be too late when you realize it. PackPoint represents an intelligent packing app and packing list builder that functions in a slightly different way. You just need to enter your destination, length of travel, weather at the destination, any activities that you have planned doing and the app will tell you what you need to pack based on those criteria.

Price: Free
Available on: Android and iOS

Now we will focus on some apps developed primarily for the business people who are constantly on the move.

PDF Converter Ultimate

If you are a frequent business traveler and your daily job requires dealing with a lot of PDF files than PDF Converter Ultimate is the right choice for you. With this app, you can convert all your documents to more than 20 popular file formats and vice versa. You can even convert scanned documents considering that the app is using the industry-leading OCR technology. You can convert files from your mobile device, Google attachments and from supported cloud services like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and more. The app is light on your device (only 4MB) and won’t drain your battery since conversions are done on the servers.

Price: Free
Available on: Android and iOS

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Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud platforms where you can share, store files and collaborate with your colleagues. It brings all your files into one central place which is accessible across all of your devices and operating systems. Features like document scanner shared folders, and offline access makes the app even better. Dropbox has more than 500M users and 200K business.

Price: Free
Available on: Android and iOS

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As we said, planning a trip can be a real pain, but now it’s 2018 and we should turn a new page and start making our trip preparations enjoyable and stress-free with the help of these apps. If we forgot to mention some of your favorite ones, please let us know in the comments below.

Best GarageBand Alternatives for Making Music

Best GarageBand Alternatives 2019 for Making Music

If you are anyway into music or love to listen to music you have had surely an inclination towards the making of good music. Making your own music is such a pleasing work if you know the rules of the game. There can be sort of music that can be easily created with the simple software, however, when we go deep into the music we come to know that there are a hell lot of things to consider for making soulful music that can entice audience at large.

No matter if you are into Bollywood or Hollywood, you are still open to showcase your musical talent worldwide in the present digital era. You can upload it on YouTube, Soundcloud, and many other websites in the start where there is huge exposure for the same.

Not only this, if your songs do well on here you can collab with other paid-agencies to sell your music. The sphere is very big and there are a lot of opportunities provided your music stands out.

But to make a living, as it looks, is not that simple. You have to work harder than expected at the start. Today, we are introducing you with the top Garageband alternative 2019, which itself is a great music production software, to make your own music. If you are a Mac user you might have already heard about Garageband which is a complete and free solution to making amazing songs.

GarageBand gives you access to lots of loops, effects, instruments, settings and customization options to make impressive songs. LogicPro for Mac is another solution to go pro with the music. It is same as GarageBand but with extended features. If you are interested in Logic Pro, you must first get acquainted with Garageband. Garageband will set your hands in editing and when you feel you need to upgrade you can anytime go ahead with LogicPro.

So, if you love GarageBand and want to experiment more with music then we have these GarageBand alternatives 2019 to help you make music of your dream.

Best GarageBand Alternatives 2019 for Making Music


garageband alternative lmms

The LMMS project is an open-source, cross-platform music production suite. This software for music production is a flexible and very powerful tool. It works perfectly and can be downloaded for free. LMMS comes with a variety of software instruments. When it comes to interface, it wins the syllabus to some degree of extent. However, in the features department, it lacks the expected flexibility.

Considering the pricing that is free, this software can be the best alternative so far for the GarageBand. LMMS comes with an impressive array of samples. It also supports external samples. Which as a result lets you record in your phone and import it into LMMS and use it.

Moreover, the interface of the software is such that a newbie may face difficulties to understand as to how the software can be used well. But when you get a hold of it, you will come to know how powerful it is as music production software.


Mixcraft 8 Home

Garageband alternative Mixcraft 8 Home

Who wants to struggle with so many settings to record a melodious song? So, here is Mixcraft 8 home which lets you quickly and easily record, arrange loops, remix, edit video, mix and master compositions. Mixcraft 8 home literally provides you the pave to reach the dream destination of making amazing songs that can stun your audience. It comes with the thousands of loops and effects.

Buy  (27$ Approx)

Music Maker Jam

Garageband alternative music maker jam

If you are more into smartphone than PC you might have used or seen Music Maker Jam. This application is an easy, convenient and quick way to make music on the go. It can be accessed on Android, iOS, Windows. The application is best for the newbies to learn how they can edit audio with some tweakings. It lets you add drum loops, guitar loops, piano loops with the recorded voice. Moreover, it works in the real time which makes it easy and time-saving to tweak with the best output. This softwares ends your best Garageband alternatives research to most extent.

Buy Now | Download


garageband alternative StageLight

StageLight is a software worth of money. It comes with an amazing interface and a bunch of features to make a complete song. It lets you, like other huge software, choose from built-in loops and sounds to make an amazing melody for the song. Its interface is very lively and very explanative. It is one of the best Garageband alternatives 2019 for sure.

Buy Now | Download

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GarageBand alternative FLstudio

FLStudio is doubtlessly the full-featured top most music editing software used by numerous people for song editing. It has so many features that give you amazing power and control. Its interface is very impressive. The software runs very smooth, however, it’s recommended to have high-end specs for the proper smooth running of FLStudio.

FLStudio is used for corporate and professional audio editing. It lets you go deeper with the experiments and the resultant output amuses you every time. Interestingly, when it comes to any software competing LogicPRO, FLStudio has its own name in the music industry to seek the attention of the thinker.

FLStudio is developed by Image-Line company. This software is very trusted and comes in various bundles the pricing of which are all different. Additionally, FLStudio comes for all the platforms like Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. This enables you to stick to one software for all your needs. The new version of FLStudio is all ready to entice every music editor. Surely, FLStudio is the top alternative to Garageband 2019.

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garageband alternative reaper

Used by Professionals, Reaper is one of the best alternatives to GarageBand 2019. It consists of all the features that a powerful music production software should have. That is why there are huge people who recommend using Reaper for professional music making. Reaper provides an extra layer of smoothness to the song.

The software is not free, at the same time, it doesn’t cost that much when you compare the features and flexibility that you get in return. Also, reaper provides you Video lectures to access for free on their website. You can learn the best practices to edit the audio there. Moreover, they have a forum as well. The community is very supportive where you can get the solution to anything related to the software.

Buy Now


garageband alternative audiotool

AudioTool is another audio editing software. The visual interface of the software is very appealing. It lets you control most of the aspect of an audio file. The software coming in clean UI gives you impressive editing experience. It is having good effect controls and easy to control UI. The software is used by numerous other professionals around the world. It gives surety of the impressiveness.

Magix ACID Pro

garageband alternative Magix ACID Pro

Magix ACID Pro is a kind of audio editing software that can handle to edit any kind of song or audio file. It comes with inbuilt loops and effects that can be used in the audio file for enhancing it. Not only this, the software is very flexible and comes with Advanced MIDI and audio editing features.

Which of these is your Best GarageBand Alternatives 2019 for Making Music?

So, these were some of the top Garageband Alternatives 2019 for producing better music. You can check out these software and decide yourself as to which can satisfy your needs better while keeping your cost low and production better.