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Best Live Chat Plugins for WordPress 2022

Best Live Chat Plugins for WordPress

Are you looking for the best live chat WordPress plugin?

You're reading the right article, we've covered the top 15 live chat WordPress Plugins with detailed comparison and will help you to pick the right live chat WordPress Plugins as per your needs.

In this article we're going to cover:

  • Each Live chat WordPress plugin detail and features
  • How their interface looks and the setup process
  • Comparing prices and best budget for you

We filtered the best live chat WordPress Plugins based on their price/ features and Ease to Set Up. 

If you are selling a service on your website, then your customer definitely needs a lot of information to make up his/her mind before opting for the purchase. To help satisfy the customer queries you can write down all the service information section after section. You can also use FAQs in your website to help the customers. But have a representative to satisfy the customer questions in real-time dramatically helps you increase the conversion.

In today's Era, We don't want to send support emails to any company and are waiting for their automated reply after 2 days. Everyone is busy and Every customer has the problems they want to share with the company but on their own terms and based on their time. They don't have time to wait for the next 2days to get an automatic reply. 

That's why Live Chat helps you to fulfill both requirements of the company and customers easily. Live Chat provides Immediate Response, Personalized experience, and an effective way to Support customers and engage them.

We pick the top 15 Live chat WordPress plugins to engage with customers, help with their queries and give them Support.


So, without wasting time Let's dive in.

List of Best Live Chat Plugins for WordPress 2021


Livechat WordPress Plugin

As the name goes, LiveChat helps customers with their amazing support and providing a great experience. LiveChat is super easy to use for Visitors as well as for you to operate.

In LiveChat, you see a very nice chat box at the bottom of the page and also greetings with People. This live chat box can be accessed in a single click and immediate response you get for any query you've. You can start conversations with LiveChat and ask for solutions easily, then after conversations, you have the option to send feedback and share your experience with LiveChat. 

The Best Part is, they can give you a shout-out on social media because of the share button embedded in the chat box.

Features of LiveChat:

  • Engage with customers immediately with a positive experience
  • As Owner, you have the option to customize the chat window
  • You have control of all conversations from a single dashboard
  • You get 14Day's Free Trial


Chatbot Livechat for WordPress

Chatbot is a future in LiveChat. In ChatBot Live chat WordPress plugin you get 24*7 customer Support features that make this Plugin Very Special.

Small businesses or Startups using ChatBot as their Favourite tools for Handling their Website customer’s objections or Queries through Live Chat Support. Just by Using AI (Artificial intelligence) ChatBot engages with customers very smartly and finds the best solution to their queries.

ChatBot Comes with a Drag and Drop interface so it's easy for anyone to create their own ChatBot. But don't worry if you're not creative because ChatBot has dozens of Readymade templates for various areas.

It's easy to grow a small business using ChatBot that allows you to add a Virtual Assistant to your Website, Facebook and Messaging Applications. It's like you're communicating with a real person in live chat.

Pricing: ChatBot has various plans for all businesses. Starter Plan $50/Month and get access to 1000 chats per month.

Note: Each Plan Comes with a 14 Days Trial.


Crisp Livechat Plugin for WordPress

Using Crisp you can Create ChatBots and have the option for a live chat on multiple channels. Crisp chatbot plugin you can do more than just LiveChat i.e,

  • You can create your own help desk
  • Create Complete email campaigns
  • Video call with chat user
  • Monitor and Analysis online status of website performance

But Still, Crisp is mainly known for LiveChat Bot and Customer Service. Using Crisp Plugin in WordPress you need some more installation. For Ex- In Crisp you need to add a chatbot plugin, then you can add a Bot Plugin. And for Automatic replies, you need to add an autoresponder plugin. So in Crisp for every purpose, you need to install an inside plugin.

Pricing: In Crisp, you get two paid plans. One is Pro Plan that Comes with 4 live chat agents and More features like – Fb messenger, Twitter, Email, and Telegram) at $25/Month

Another Unlimited Plan is $95/Month and in this plan, you get everything Unlimited for use with Unlimited live chat agents and use all features of this plan.


Intercom Livechat Plugin for WordPress

Intercom live chat plugin is a flexible tool with the help of intercom you can capture leads, engage with customers and boost your customer’s conversations in LiveChat with an intercom attractive interface. Intercom offers Messaging services and LiveChat Support System you can automate in your own way.

Intercom is more than a Live Chat Plugin. This tool can be used as an onboarding tool, As a Support Assistant, Lead generating tool, Marketing Automation, and best for user engagement purposes.

In my opinion, if you're looking for a live chatbot for your business so you need to consider the rest of the option because intercom is more than a LiveChat bot Plugin. But if you need a tool that grows your business digitally then you can consider Intercom as the best option.

Intercom is Easy to use and easy to integrate with Google Analytics, CRM software, Marketing Services, and More.

Pricing: Intercom Plan Start with $87/Month, its pricing calculated based on usage and add-on purchase.


Zendesk Live chat Plugin for WordPress

Zendesk Chat plugin also known as Zopim. This is a LiveChat Solution for Websites and Businesses.

In Zendesk maybe you see some old Style looking but the features offered via Zendesk are amazing you need to look at it.

Zendesk key Features:

  • You can Chat in Zendesk Chatbox via a web browser or mobile apps
  • As an Owner, you can customize the ChatBox based on your theme or interest
  • They've Automatica Triggers to engage with customers during LiveChat
  • They've Visitor Tracking Feature
  • Chat Analytics with metrics
  • This plugin can integrate with other Social media platforms
  • They've Chat Feedback and Rating option
  • Automatic Chat translation

Pricing: Zendesk chat has a limited free time plan that offers normal features and one agent with one chatbox use. This Free Plan is for those who have a fresh website but a good amount of traffic that can be handled by one agent.

After, they've two more plans:

  • $14/Month billed Annually
  • $19/Month billed Monthly

You get a Free 14 Day's Trial for all Plans if you want to test these features without spending money.


Olark Livechat Plugin for WordPress

This time you need to Read Carefully because Olark is something you need in your business if you're looking for a complete Live chat WordPress plugin for your business. Olark is easily integrated with WordPress through a widget.

You get a simple embedded code to integrate the olark plugin with WordPress. 

This is a Truly advanced and professional LiveChat Bot Plugin. These are some major features in olark:

  • You get a chart report so that you can track chat frequency, responsiveness, and customers satisfaction
  • CRM Intergeneration with Salesforce
  • You can Set Manually, Hide and show chat box, send a message automatically, chats specific departments
  • Even Help desk Intergeneration with Groove/Zendesk etc.
  • Search chat history
  • You can see what visitors have in their Shopping cart
  • Most important White Label Features – you can show this plugin as your own branding

Each time, when customers chat with Olark live chat, you get detailed chat conversations. Even This Olark works as an Analyst or tracker that tracks customers Page view, Cart, and what they take action on page everything will track via Olark. Olark is so advanced level LiveChat Bot Plugin for WordPress


Userlike Live Chat for WordPress

Userlike is a LiveChat WordPress Plugin that you can use to engage or chat with your customers easily by using chatbox. This Live Chat Box you can embed in websites, Facebook messenger, telegram, etc. Userlike ChatBox Plugin you need to be embedded in a Website so that when any new visitors reach your website, your Userlike LiveChat Box is ready to Start engaging with visitors and solve their queries.

User link is one of the Most Rated plugins used in WordPress. You should know that Companies like BMW, Trivago and many more. Use Userlike Plugin to build and engage with customers.

In the User link, you get a great interface, lots of features.


Tidio Live Chat for Websites

Tidio is known for the Best Free WordPress Live Chat plugin and LiveChat Bot. If you make your customers' experience so easy, beautiful, and Engaging then you should go with Tidio Plugin.

Tidio is something that helps you to build relationships with customers and engage them, nurture leads, and automate work to Grow your Business.

It's Super Easy to implement in WordPress Website and Start Live chat support on your website. It takes up to 3 mins. No technical skills required are easy to set up. Livechat Plugin for WordPress

More than 38Lakh+ Business owners use this Free LiveChat Plugin that helps to grow business and gives advanced functions like monitoring and Live Chat support for customers. It's Truly Free and Always be. WordPress plugin is the most used plugin #1 in the world. But there is a reason behind being at Top.

  • You Get more Value Insight and monitoring website in real-time
  • This helps customers to stay connected and engage with them
  • LiveChat Support is most convenient for customers, help them with desired solutions and giving them a better experience and support

With the help of WordPress Plugin you can increase your customer engagement, and manage customers online with LiveChat Support.


Chaport Livechat Plugin for WordPress

It is a Modern Live Chat WordPress plugin that offers ChatBot services for Websites. This plugin is specially designed to communicate with customers easily and enjoyable like chatting with friends. The ChaPort interface is very attractive and it looks like we're talking with friends online.

This tool is So useful for those who want to communicate with customers or engage their website visitors. This ChaPort plugin used by 10k+ Happy Users and Giving excellent reviews.

In simple, You can transform your basic website to completely Modern + Stylish Look + Virtual Assistant + Eye-Catching ChatBox with Immediate Response taking your website to the next level.

  • 24*7 Customers Support
  • Quality Service
  • Lead Generation and Qualifications
  • Increase Sales
  • Automation


SnapEngage Live Chat Plugin for WordPress

SnapEngage Live Chat WordPress plugin is best for three things. i.e,

Engage-Convert-Support. It's enough to describe the use of the SnapEngage Live Chat WordPress plugin. With this tool, you can easily set up a live chatbox on a website or any messaging application. SnapEngage Live chat plugin has an eye-catching ChatBox to increase Engagement and Convert them with their Communication Ways and Solve queries immediately for better Support.

If you need a plugin that helps you in Engaging + Converting + Support means you're looking for SnapEngage WordPress Plugin for better results.


FreshChat Live Chat For Websites

FreshChat WordPress plugin is another topmost plugin we used in the Website for LiveChat Bot. FreshChat has awesome features that's why FreshChat is used by some well-known big companies.

FreshChat designed for conversations and Messaging Applications, this feature allows visitors to start conversations, live profiles, customized bots available for particular results with complete Automation.

FreshChat is more than just using LiveChat Bot. Because it is an advanced level of LiveChat with Pro-level features added in this plugin.

Its LiveChat plugin Connect with Support Tickets via Zendesk. We can customize this Tool for more productivity via canned response, labels, private notes, etc.

Pricing: FreshChat offers a free live chat service plan for 10 members and Another paid plan starts from $15/Month billed Yearly.


Smartsupp Live Chat for WordPress

Ultimately you can boost your business with the Smartsupp LiveChat WordPress plugin. This is the Most Advanced Plugin you can embed in a Website.

With the help of the Smartsupp Plugin, gives you the best shopping experience with the advanced level of information given by this Plugin that helps customers to Purchase products.

Smartsupp WordPress Plugin used by more than 500k+ Users With Happy reviews. This is one of the most popular LiveChat WordPress plugins in Europe. Install Smartsupp LiveChat WordPress plugin and Convert your visitors into happy customers.

Smartsupp has many Eye-catching Features :

  • Customized Chat Box (You can customize with own way)
  • Customers satisfaction Rating and Reviews
  • ChatBot (Automatic Chat Support)
  • Mobile App (Ios/Android)
  • Responsive Templates
  • Detailed Analysis
  • Online chat support in 7 languages


Drift Livechat For WordPress

Drift is a Marketing platform because this is the combination of Two Major Features like a Live chatbox and an Automated Chat Bot Plugin and if we combine together that’s become a Drift LiveChat WordPress plugin. This plugin helps you to save time, energy and helps to convert your visitors into customers easily with amazing live chat support with automated replies.

So you can grow your business without your presence just using the Drift WordPress plugin.

Drift features are so powerful and Eye-catching that help to Grow your business Automatically.

Features Like:

  • Drift Bot
  • Anonymous visitors intelligence
  • Account-based marketing
  • Scheduling meeting

Pricing: Its Standard Plan Starts with $50/Month with 2 Seats billed Annually. Another plan i.e, $500/Month billed Annually with 5 Seats.

NOTE: Drift is not affordable for Small businesses.


PureChat Live Chat for WordPress

If you need a LiveChat plugin without any investment then another alternative is, Purechat.

This is the best live chat plugin you need in your small Business or Startups. It's absolutely Free to use their basic features. In Purechat you can customize and add a Nice live chat widget on the website. In Free Plan of PureChat, it allows you to add 3 Operators with Unlimited Chat History.

PureChat also has a Mobile Application so it's easy to stay connected with visitors and customers. These are completely Automation tools that help to grow your business online as well as offline.

Pricing: PureChat has a Free Plan with Basic features and Another Paid plan starts at $79/Month billed Annually.


In this article, we've compiled the list of Top 15 LiveChat WordPress plugins with detailed comparison, features, and Pricing Plans.


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