Pixel 3 Leather Black Totallee Cases Review | Thin & Light

If you are looking for Pixel 3 cases that are thin and premium then Totallee cases are one of the best choices out there. We are introducing you with the totallee’s Pixel 3 Leather cases which are winning every pixel user heart. Leather cases have always been the choice of users for a long span [...]

11 Apps for iPhone that will Increase your Productivity

Everyone wants to save their time in today’s world.  And luckily, we have technology as our helping hand. Big tasks can be done in just matter of few clicks and seconds. Productivity means doing multiple tasks together efficiently and also saving your time and managing your tasks. Here we have come up with 11 apps [...]

How to increase visibility of your Gigs on Fiverr

Freelancing on Fiverr is a great medium to learn and earn. One can dive deep into Freelancing with some serious skills. There are opportunities for Designers, developers, writers, editors, animators, actors and what not. People find Fiverr to be among the best sources to buy the online digital services as it is fast, result oriented [...]

30+ Best Free VPN ( Mobile + PC ) | Fast & Secure

A virtual private network(VPN) connection has been among the recent trends around the technical generation. A VPN allows you to maintain your privacy over the internet surfing through the loads of websites by encrypting your signal. It has been popular among the people due to the restrictions imposed on the individuals by their government. There [...]

iOS V Android – is Cross Platform Development the answer?

For much of the history of computing, hardware tended to be specialized towards specific tasks – and that meant that operating systems were developed to enable those tasks to be carried out as efficiently as possible. In the last ten years though, the raw power available on devices has meant that most devices have becomes [...]

Best PUBG Mobile Streamers on Youtube in India

PUBG Mobile is one of the top royal battle game which is being played and streamed online by huge gamers around the world. There are many of the best PUBG Mobile Streamers on YouTube in India. The game has allowed the gamers to show their gaming talent to a vast range of audience. The game [...]

How To Get UC Coins & buy/unlock Clothes in PUBG

If you are looking for UC coins and new clothes on PUBG, then you are surely landed on the right page of the web. You can easily get clothes on PUBG if you play well and unlock the levels one by one. Every time there is some new event coming on PUBG whereby you get [...]

How To Live Stream PUBG Mobile on YouTube & Twitch

PUBG is the top royal battle game after the Fortnite. On Android, PUBG Mobile enjoys like the complete monopoly because Fortnite is yet not available on Google Play store. However, there are other games like Rules of survival which show devil smile face to the PUBG, the beast. Still, Rules of survival lacks such popularity [...]

Top Successful Instagram Marketing Campaigns Ideas & Examples 2019

Instagram has got some immersive fame over the years. The photo video content sharing app has billions of active users worldwide. It is a great platform to increase the visibility and exposure of your business page. Some of the top Instagram Marketing Campaigns ideas & examples can help to get a significant position on this [...]

Best Instagram Story Ideas & Trends 2019

Instagram stories is a great way to let your audience remind them of your existence. But seriously it is much more than that. With the launch of the feature Instagram users have shown a great interest in it. Instagram story provides you with many ideas to implement. It is a great way to get a [...]

Top 15 Budgeted Smartphones to Play PUBG Mobile under 15,000

Talking about Top Phones for PUBG mobile, there is list of many smartphones. But when budget is something you are concerned about then the decision making becomes bit hassling. PUBG is doubtlessly the top mobile game played by millions of people worldwide. The game is so addictive that every next week or so you get [...]

Best Gaming CPU Build with Good RAM, Graphics & Processor

When it comes to Gaming our CPU needs to be very responsive in terms of graphics & processing. If you want to play PUBG on PC with high graphics and resolution then the below-mentioned details can help you make the best choice. However, we shall include the best CPUs that you can buy for editing [...]

Nokia 9 Price in india and full specifications

Nokia 9 Price in india : Nokia is about to launch its well designed and powerful device Nokia 9 in the market soon. The device is rumored to have bunch of key specs that are enticing the consumers at large. Let's talk in detail what we have heard so far. Display Nokia 9 is supposed to [...]

Nokia 6 Review, Price in India and specifications

Nokia 6 is a premium designed smartphone launched by Nokia. The smartphone gives premium feel from all sides. The smartphones has passed most of the major benchmarks and has invincible features. Let's talk in details about Nokia 6 review and specifications. Nokia 6 Review & Specs Design Nokia 6 has metal body and excellent design. [...]

How To Take Motion Blur Images With Your Smartphone

Motion blur in videos and images incredibly changes the appearance and feel of the file. Motion blur effect works when the object is in movement. Focusing the object and setting appropriate shutter speed and exposure the images are taken. I will today tell you how you can take motion blur images with your smartphone. Even [...]

Zopo Speed X Review and specifications

Zopo speed x price and specifications : For the Indian consumers Zopo may be new company. However, Zopo is working since 2012. It is china based company. Recently Zopo announced its killer smartphone Zopo speed x. Zopo arrived in India in some years back. Now Zopo India has become stronger competitor for existing brands in India [...]

How To Download WhatsApp Plus For Android

WhatsApp is the most convenient and secure messenger application not only for Android users but also for other OS users. Many people ask and search as to how to download WhatsApp plus because of its numerous functionalities. Apart from regular WhatsApp, you can download WhatsApp plus latest version to do these things with WhatsApp Plus : [...]

How To Increase Application Downloads in Google Playstore

There are undoubtedly large number of android applications on Google Playstore. To boost the application downloads is slightly monotonous thing to do. At the same time it is bit difficult as your technique can not work until your final product is appreciable or worth downloadable. With some logical thinking you can of course increase application [...]

Best Applications to Make Vector Images in mobile

Vector images dramatically give a new look and feel to your virtual profile. Many eminent You tubers, bloggers, digital marketers use vector images of their own to enhance the look of their profile. You can make vector images in mobile very easily. Making vector images in mobiles rather than on PC machine takes a little [...]

Best Covers for Redmi Note 4 to buy on Amazon

Redmi note 4 undoubtedly has shown remarkable performance this year. The phone has very attractive design. It is having all the best features as its prcedents had. In this article I have compiled a list of best covers for Redmi note 4. 1. Topfond All sides protection The cover is in black color. This case [...]

Show/Hide WhatsApp Images App Review

WhatsApp is major medium today people use to share and receive data worldwide. Millions and billions of data files are transferred using this medium every day. When you receive data using this medium your device generates a new folder where all files received through WhatsApp is accumulated. This folder accumulates a large number of files [...]

OnePlus 5 featuring 8GB ram – Expectations vs Reality test

Hey User, OnePlus has shown with its earlier releases that their products are promising and unbeatable. Soon, OnePlus 5 will hit the market. The device is very stable and coming in different variants. Lets talk about its specifications. Display  OnePlus 5 is coming up with Optic AMOLED capacitive touchscreen 16M colors. The size of the device [...]