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15+ Best Websites to Practice Coding Online

Best Websites to Practice Coding Online

Learning to code is one of the most essential skills for those who are a part of a tech company or wish to enter the tech industry. But the question is, where to start if you already don’t have any coding knowledge? Thanks to the wealth of online resources available, that provides some of the Best Websites to Practice Coding Online and lets you master coding by getting access to all the coding information.

From the estimated data, it is seen that most technical jobs require coding skills. There are many coding languages that you can learn online which include HTML, CSS, Javascript, JAVA, Python, PHP, Mysql, React, Laravel, C++, Kotlin, Swift, Ruby, and many more.

However, it's not a spectator sport to code. Gone were the times when learning a single programming language required you to enroll in pricey classes, follow tutorials, and read books on programming. Now there are many websites with talented and skilled online teachers who can teach you how to write in a variety of programming languages.

The only way to learn to code or advance your coding skills is to practice more; online websites are the best place to practice. But before delving into a specific code-learning website, go through this thorough article which discusses the best platforms to practice coding online.

Learning to Code is also about passion, dedication, and consistency if it is not part of your curriculum. Make sure you give enough time and energy to learn your favorite languages. It is always possible that if you leave consistency, you may have to start from the beginning chapters. Thus, give proper time and be consistent. My bonus tip is that you should focus to learn one language at a time and should not be confused with multiple languages at the same time. The syntax in languages is different and most of us fall for multiple languages when we start learning which looks exciting to us but becomes the reason sometimes of knowledge or master to none. So, try mastering programming languages.

You can be a full stack developer in less time but what's the use if you skip the basics of frontend(out of exaggeration)? Thus, always remember the quote “Riches are in the niches”. You can be a recognized developer if you only know Frontend Language and it is not bad if you are a master in it. So, focus on mastering the language and not on becoming a Jack of all trades but a master of none.

Regardless of the website you choose, you must follow a learning strategy and practice coding to improve. Here, I've listed ten-plus coding websites to help you start practicing coding. Let's have a look at my top picks for various websites.

List of Best Websites/Platforms to Practice Coding Online in 2024


You might not be sure about what to practice initially when you start to build your coding abilities. Working on actual issues that other programmers have already encountered in the real world is beneficial, and Coderbyte offers this.


Using Coderbyte, you may be able to refine your abilities in real-world instances with the help of 300+ issues on data structures, front- and back-end programming, and algorithms that many software professionals have encountered in their interviews.

You can practice everything you need with Coderbyte's library, which has over 2 million user-submitted solutions and access to as many as 16 different programming languages.

Udemy offers online coding courses

One of my top suggestions for learning is Udemy, which is one of the greatest websites for online courses. It is a large supplier of online courses, which has a marketplace with over 24 million users, 35,000 teachers, and 80,000+ courses. And offers online learning resources for programming languages (free or under $10).

Here, numerous coding courses are offered by eminent educators, and they teach you high-level programming by having you create practical applications. There are also numerous free Udemy courses available that teach you the fundamentals of programming.

Educative helps you to learn coding is one of the finest resources for learning programming, interview prep for SDE and DevOps, and distributed systems architecture.

It is an online learning platform where you can take courses in distributed systems, programming, DevOps, and many other topics. Educative provides 560+ programming courses in addition to coding interview preparation and training on system design. More than 1.5 million developers utilize this platform globally. That shows how has elevated the learning experience.


Codewars pushes your coding practice

It makes sense that the Codewars is a place that would have a martial arts theme because programming is both an art and a science. While using Codewars, you will gain programming knowledge and may advance in the ranks by completing community-generated challenges or katas in one of the 29 programming languages of your choice. And once you have reached mastery, you may impart your expertise to other students.


Dataquest helps you master coding skills

DataQuest provides amazing online data science courses without charging a penny. You may use this and learn to program in Python or R and enroll in a variety of data visualization courses.

An amazing feature of Dataquest is that- it lets you work on a project while keeping accurate track of your advancement in the browser. Additionally, you might decide to follow a goal to upskill yourself or follow a certain professional route.


Datacamp helps you know coding

Datacamp is a fantastic resource for learning all the programming languages and tools that are needed for the programming category of data science. It has a free installation process.

This is a great place to start if you want to switch to the data science field or are searching for a career in this field. Here, you will learn to utilize related data analytics tools as well as coding.


Codingame fun way to practice programming

Are you someone who is always up for a game? Then you can practice coding using CodinGame's entertaining games and amazing coding challenges. Here, you may enjoyably practice your coding using this platform's single-round matches and solo as well as multiplayer modes.


Algomonster enhances your coding skills

A website called as-Algomonster is a platform that aids with algorithm education. The large library of information on algorithms offered by Algomonster includes tutorials, articles, and example code. In addition, Algomonster also provides a forum where users may post their queries and ideas. This website is designed to help users prepare for technical interviews by helping them to learn coding interviews and become competent coders.


Codechef code learning website

It is right to say that the finest learning motivation comes from competition, and CodeChef provides exactly that. This website platform, which is situated in India, is one of several that allow users to prove their coding prowess in difficult competitions with any other programmers. This website gives novice programmers a lot of experience. The rivalry is amicable, however, as participants frequently create postings and tutorials to aid one another in learning.


Topcoder website to learn coding

One of the oldest coding platforms available is TopCoder. It is a close-knit community of top-skilled programmers and developers. TopCoder features a tonne of weekly tasks and explanations, tough contests, and other learning resources to help you learn how to code nicely.

Those coders who demonstrate their skill can work as independent contractors and complete many digital projects for prestigious customers like NASA and Harvard and even advance to become project managers known as Copilots.


Sphere online judge to practice coding

One of the biggest and most advanced code libraries available is called SPOJ, which stands for Sphere Online Judge. This website includes as many as more than 20,000 coding tasks, and it occasionally awards winners incentives like prizes and gift cards.

Although not every official code solution is put on its forum, it is still an excellent location to learn new coding skills. Additionally, even while you can perfectly write your code using their amazing editor, if you'd like, you can transfer it from another editor of your choice.


Hackerrank to practice coding skills

Anyone who wishes to develop their coding skills or abilities should use Hackerrank. On the website HackerRank, you may practice your coding abilities nicely by practicing tasks and taking on challenges. Additionally, you may also earn badges to demonstrate your coding prowess. The platform provides a range of courses in a variety of languages.


Leetcode website to practice coding

LeetCode is a great platform for developers who are wishing to prepare for interviews or get noticed by top tech organizations, while it may be more suited to those who already have some level of programming expertise. This website contains more than 2,000 projects in over 14 programming languages and offers weekly as well as monthly challenges in everything from algorithms and system architecture to database and functional programming.

Additionally, LeetCode collaborates with businesses to offer training tools and evaluation that help programmers develop, as well as offers interview preparation tools that assist the best deserving candidates to get the job.


Geektastic for practicing coding

Geektastic is a platform that offers a multitude of tools for programmers of all skill levels, including peer-reviewed coding challenges and thorough answers to their multiple-choice. And if a programmer achieves a high enough ranking, then they may even be permitted to join the Geektastic review team in addition to their interactive challenges and contests.

There are many code challenges available in Python, PHP, and Java. Additionally, Geektastic provides tests of your Java, JavaScript, and fundamental coding abilities. Geektastic offers free developer membership and flexible pricing that can support organizations of any size.

Initiative Euler

Project euler to solve problems using coding

The opportunity to use the script for providing answers to difficult arithmetic problems is provided by Project Euler. While you are not able to directly write your program into their editor, you may use it to simultaneously obtain practical math as well as coding skills.


What do you understand by coding?

Coding, to put it simply, is a way to communicate with a computer system. Giving instructions to a computer in a language that it can comprehend easily for it to carry out particular tasks is known as computer programming.

It is only possible with the help of coding, for us to develop things like computer software, applications, websites, and video games.

Instead of using Websites to Practice Coding Online. What are some of the other best methods for learning to code?

Some of the methods to learn coding is-

  • Making a programming language selection
  • Enrolling in boot camps and online courses
  • Watching videos about coding and reading books
  • Practicing using your own and other people's creations

What are the benefits of learning to code?

Some of the benefits of coding are-

  • Enormous income potential
  • Jobs involving coding are still in great demand.
  • Workplace adaptability
  • You can save some money by learning how to code.
  • You may earn more money through coding.
  • Coding may be helpful at unexpected times
  • You learn to answer issues rationally through coding.
  • It aids in bringing your concept to life.
  • Enhances a child's capacity to learn

How can you quickly practice coding?

Use these seven suggestions to accelerate your learning of computer programming-

  • Concentrate on the basics
  • Put your knowledge into action.
  • Learn to ask for help
  • Find out how to manually code
  • View beneficial online coding resources
  • Recognize when to stop code debugging and take a break
  • Don't just read the sample code, do more than that 

How can I write Code faster?

Writing coding languages involve typing brackets, quotes, and many symbols as part of the language syntax. As such, it is essential to have a perfect grip on the keyboard to write code faster. You can use Speedcoder, Codingspeedtest, Typingtom, or for practice typing code. With the use of these websites, you can start developing a habit of writing the syntax faster in your desired programming language.

How can I stay consistent in my coding practice?

The websites mentioned in this article are helpful to keep you consistent in your learning path. No matter which one you choose, you should follow it till you finish. If you always stay confused in the selection, you may stay confused throughout the learning. As such, it is pertinent to choose your learning material and follow it with throughout your learning. You can take online coding challenges, make and revise notes, and challenge yourself with some exciting projects to stay consistent with your coding practice.

Over to you: Best Online Coding Websites to Practice Coding

Your coding skills will only advance if you do practical coding practice. However, beginning to code might look a bit frightening to you, but as you practice, you will grow to love it. Learning to code will help you develop algorithmic thinking, which in turn will offer you an advantage over other people in the tech world.

Whether you're trying to learn a new language or are just getting started with coding. Mentioned above are websites that are some of the finest for providing novices with coding practice. Many of these code-learning websites provide text-based tutorials to teach programming, while few others use videos. They are making it possible for you to utilize coding tutorial websites most simply and practically possible.

I hope that all these above-mentioned websites will assist you in exploring your possibilities for coding languages and tech-related careers once you have acquired a few fundamental abilities of coding.

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