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17+ Best News Apps in India for Android Smartphones

Best News Apps in India for Android Smartphones

Many people love to keep themselves updated with the news around the nation and the globe. As such, news apps and websites play a vital role these days to fill this need. But the question arises which news apps and websites are best to follow for the authentic and mature news.


In India, there are many news apps to install and browse the latest news around you. Do you know that news apps also help you to get the information to initiate conversations with others in these busy days?

Yes, exactly, this is why many people install news apps just to get some information for breaking the silence in the workplace, in meetings, while traveling, in the metro and it continues.

Another reason why people love to install authentic news apps is to keep themselves aware of hoaxes and rumors. News channels these days put hard efforts to reveal the reality behind fake news. Some new companies came in effect to put an end to false news around the nation such as Alt news. We have also seen India Today many times bashing the false news.

So, if you want to get the latest trusted and true news around you, then install these best news apps for your android smartphone or tablet.

Top 17+ Best News Apps for Android Smartphones in India to follow the latest trending news

Dailyhunt (Newshunt)

Dailyhunt or Newshunt is one of the best news and entertainment apps as of now on the play store. It takes into account various online news sources to show you the news such as Amar Ujala.

Dailyhunt allows you to see the personalized news. You can choose the specific language in which you want the news. The app interface is really amazing and it offers you to follow your favorite sources from where you would love to browse the news.

You can also follow the hashtags such as politics, sports, mobile and gadgets, lifestyle, cricket, entertainment and more.

You can explore the latest trending topics in the search bar itself. The interface and ease of access to the latest news and topics will certainly make you crazy.

UC News

UC News - Latest News, Cricket News, Viral Video
UC News - Latest News, Cricket News, Viral Video
Developer: UCWeb
Price: To be announced

UC News is one of the best and popular news apps in India. The news app offers you to choose your personalized language and interests right on the first startup.

The app interface is clean and enticing. UC News also allows you to earn money while you read the news by joining the UC News we-media program.

You can also watch the trending videos and share your opinion on the news when you are logged in. UC News is as fast as its browser.


NewsDog is another popular news app for android smartphones and tablets. The android news app is having a nice and clean interface. It lets you browse the latest news offline of your chosen topics. You can anytime switch the language from the settings.

Apart from offline reading and personalized news, you can also bookmark your favorite articles so that you can anytime continue reading them or share with your friends.

Like UC News, NewsDog also offers you to write for them and earn based on the traffic your articles receive. You can react to your favorite news articles. The news app does not take much of your storage and works pretty smoothly on any android device.


Flipboard: Nachrichten unserer Zeit
Flipboard: Nachrichten unserer Zeit

Flipboard is a wonderful news app for your android smartphone. It offers a nice and premium interface to browse the news. The app allows you to read the latest news from the various well-known news websites.

Compared to other news apps, Flipboard actually opens the website itself for viewing the original content. Thus, with each news, the interface changes and you lose the uniform article interface. And if it something that irritates you, keep on reading because the next news app has worked on it.


Feedly - Smarter News Reader
Feedly - Smarter News Reader
Developer: Feedly Team
Price: Free+

When it comes to news reading with utmost control, I prefer Feedly. This is the best news app for an android smartphone I have mentioned so far. Feedly takes into account the feed of various websites and presents to you a product that is far better than anything available for news reading.

With Feedly, you can choose various websites you want to follow including the custom ones. For say, if you want to keep updated with the latest tech news on DroidCrunch, you can search the website name and add it to your Feeds. It is easy and powerful.

Feedly offers you night mode for better reading at night. The news aggregator app offers paid versions as well. In the Feedly free, you can add up to 100 websites to your list. Whereas, with Feedly Pro or Pro+ you can scale beyond that limit.

There are many other features coming with Feedly pro and pro+ as follows:

  • Up to 2500 sources
  • Google Keyword Alerts
  • Notes & Highlights
  • Power Search
  • Sort by Popularity
  • Faster Delivery
  • Remove Sponsor of the week
  • Public Profile
  • Premium Fonts

Feedly free is although capable of everything to make your news reading experience better. You can also use Feedly on your browser via


NewsPoint is another news app for your smartphone. The app interface and fonts really amazing and they comfort the eye. Newpoint instigates the readers to read more and more news by offering them points for reading which can be redeemed later on.

The app is lightweight and works pretty smoothly. One can easily personalize the information and get great content.


Inshorts - 60 words News summary
Inshorts - 60 words News summary

Inshorts is for those who don’t care about the long talks and deep insights about the topic. And I would say there are major newsreaders who only read the headlines and sometimes few lines of intro para as their reading behavior.

Inshorts detected that behavior and presented you with a product where you can consume more and more news in very little time. And, this is best for working people who don’t get much time for reading the news.

However, it is not like you are restricted to the full news, in fact, you can anytime swipe to left for reading the full content. While, by swiping up, you can keep on reading the various news.


With Inshorts you are always intact with all the breaking news you personalize for yourself.

Jio News

Jio News is one of the advanced news apps available on the play store. This Android news app offers you 365 days of free trial which is certainly a long time that will make you addicted to this impressive news app.

If you are a Jio user, you already might have installed Jio news as the Jio always recommends its existing users to download its other Jio apps.

Coming back to the app, it offers you great features. It also offers live news tv containing various popular news channels such as Times Now, India Today, Republic TV, NDTV, BBC, News 9 and more.

Apart from that, you can also download and read various popular magazines.

Microsoft News

Microsoft News puts all the relevant and useful news in one place. With Microsoft news app you can access meaningful news in a well organized and easy to use way. The app takes into account only the trusted sources to show you the news that matters.

Many users love this app for reading regular and daily news.


Developer: Read It Later
Price: Free+

Pocket is an amazing news portal app for android that lets you build a personal library, save content to view later, improve focus and productivity and discover articles to read.

Apart from some basic features, Pocket also lets you consume the content via audio. sounds interesting? Yes, it does. The pocket app will allow you to listen to the article when you are logged in.

Inkl News

inkl: daily breaking news
inkl: daily breaking news
Developer: inkl
Price: Free+

Inkl is another news app in India that lets you enjoy news from various trusted sources. It is one of the popular news apps in India.

Inkl offers you a premium subscription as well. You can manage your sources, use dark mode, search for the content you want, use filters and much more.


Refind is a trending news app in India for Android users. The app offers a nice interface and functions to the users. It lets you create a list and personalize the sources.

With refind you can also listen to the content. One can bookmark the favorite news content and save it for reading later. It also lets the users to directly read the content in an article view without having to open the source website itself.


TimeofIndia is actually a source of news. It is the leading news publishing network in India. TimeofIndia android app is very famous in the play store. The app possesses millions of downloads and leads the news publishing community.

The app offers the latest news on cricket, entertainment, politics and much more.

Hindustan Times

Hindustan Times is another trusted source of latest and trusted news in India. The publisher offers the android app that is used by millions of users in India.

The app interface is very enticing and the app ensures the latest and relevant news to the readers. The Hindustan Times app provides local news in India.


NDTV News - India
NDTV News - India
Developer: NDTV Official App
Price: Free+

NDTV is one of the trusted and most-watched news channels in Delhi and all over India. The publisher also offers an android app that provides you the latest and trending news.

NDTV android app is very popular when it comes to an android news app for the trusted source of news in India.

Aaj Tak

Aaj Tak is doubtlessly the leading news channel in India. The android app of Aaj Tak news is one of the best and offers great features and content.

It compiles all the relevant and trending news for you.

BBC News

BBC News
BBC News
Developer: BBC Studios Limited
Price: Free

BBC News is another news channel media in India that provides the latest entertainment, cricket, economy, finance, and politics news in India.

BBC News app is very well designed and it provides the content to its users in a very managed way. If you are a news lover, then BBC News app will surely wring your heart.

Dainik Bhaskar

Dainik Bhaskar is another source of news and journalism in India. The media channel is very huge and shares content all over India.

The app of Dainik Bhaskar is very popular. It lets you enjoy the latest trending news in one place.

The Economic Times

The Economic Times android app is the best source for news and journalism-related to finance in India. The app offers a nice and clean interface coupled with great functions and settings. With the app, you can stay updated with the finance news that matters.


So, these are the top 17+ best news apps in India for android that you can install in your smartphone and stay updated with all the trending, hot, latest and breaking news.


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