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Snap Search: A Private Browser for Android that promises to keep you safe on the Internet

Snap Search Secure Privacy Browser Android

Have you ever searched something on Google or anywhere else online, and had it follow you to Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else you go? Do you get irritated with seeing too many ads? Especially those ones that seem to have “spied” on you?


Snap Search is a Private Browser for Android that keeps you safe from the snoopy eyes and evil organizations so that you can browse the web without getting tracked online!

Snap Search is not like your regular browser. It has something they call “Super Incognito Mode”, which along with numerous other technologies help to keep your identity safe while you search the web. Here are some of the ways they standout, and differentiate from the other ‘not-so-secure’ browsers you would generally use:


You want to browse the web, you need a browser. Why does the browser need permissions though? That’s right, they don’t. Snap Search, unlike every other browser, does not ask for a single permission ever. No permission for the browser means no permissions for the websites you visit too, making it impossible for them to get something off of your device.


Snap Search simply doesn’t store your history, cookies or anything else. Inface, you don’t even have the option to store it if you want to – so there is no chance of any trace of your browsing history getting left behind on your device, or any website to identify you from a previous visit.


Snap Search boasts of having a superior blocking technology compared to its peers. Fun Fact: AdBlock Pro for Chrome does not even block Google Analytics (the most widely used analytics platform that tracks you), but Snap Search does! That alone is a major reason for people to ditch using the highly unsafe browsers for something that actually protects you online.



Want that extra layer of security? Turn on the inbuilt proxy and make sure your IP Address is hidden too! You don’t need to install a separate VPN app if you have Snap Search.


Apart from the features discussed above, Snap Search has tons of other fun ones like:
⦁ 5u Search Engines
⦁ Turn Dark Mode on for any website
⦁ Reader Mode for easy reading
⦁ Floating Popup browser so you browse and use other apps simultaneously
⦁ Enable/Disable Images for faster loading on slower networks
⦁ Unbiased news on the home screen
⦁ Save web pages offline
⦁ And so many more …

The above were few of the reasons why Snap Search is great compared to others. If you have a smartphone, chances are you use a browser everyday. The question you have to ask yourself is whether the browser you’re using is keeping you secured enough. If you haven’t before, now is the time to ask yourself the following questions:

⦁ Why should the browser want access to my microphone, camera or gallery?
⦁ Why must I download multiple apps to keep myself protected on the internet?
⦁ Shouldn’t the browser keep me safe online?
⦁ Why haven’t I been caring more about my security?

In this day and age, nothing is more valuable than your data. There are companies that spy on you, some that sell your data to the highest bidders, some that try to gain access to it illegally. It’s very important to do your best to stay safe online, and having a tool like Snap Search that allows you to do so is something one shouldn’t avoid.

No more turning on Incognito mode on other browsers – no more worrying about something or feeling embarrassed before making that quick Google search – use Snap Search: Incognito Browser & Secure Search and stay protected online. Snap Search is available for free on the Google Play Store. You can also read more about it on it’s official website:


May you have a safe browsing experience 🙂


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Written by Lokesh Kapoor

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