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How To Enhance PUBG Mobile Performance In Low End Smartphones

How To Enhance PUBG Mobile Performance In Low End Smartphones

PUBG is a very addictive game. Kids and adults all around the world are busy in playing this addictive game. The game requires a good processor and RAM to run perfectly, otherwise, you may face some lags. PUBG mobile gives you some options within the app to adjust the settings according to your smartphone configurations.

When it comes to graphics the mobile game configures it for you in the start as default. It does let your smartphone run in graphics where it can face the lags. This optimization helps you get the good performance however you may have to compromise with the graphics quality.

Even if, after the optimized default graphics your phone lags, you have manual adjustments that you can do to run the game perfectly well.

For the manual optimizations, you can go to settings and then go to graphics. Here you can lower the graphics to balanced or smooth, reduce the frame rate to low.

You can also decrease the brightness level. Also, you can tell the app whether your phone is normal, rounded corners or comes with a notch.

These basics settings can give you 70% of satisfaction with respect to lag and low performance.

Download GFX tools 

When basic settings are not helping you out and your PUBG mobile game stills troubles you then you can use GFX Tools before you show your frustration on your smartphone. GFX tools is an impressive application that overrides the basic configurations for better performance.

GFX Tool for PUBG & BGMI
GFX Tool for PUBG & BGMI
Developer: tsoml
Price: Free

All you need to do is downloading the application from the above link. And making the adjustments in a way that it uses very less of mobo specs. Lowering down the resolution, disabling shadows & lowering FPS is all that can help you get the performance that you need.


However, again, you will have to compromise with the graphics.

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