QuizPursuit Review: Free Trivia, Quiz, IQ Game App

quizpursuit review

QuizPursuit is a quiz application. Many people love to answer the quizzes including myself. QuizPursuit is a new interactive quiz app that consists of many interesting and knowledgeable quizzes. It is always venturous to spend time on playing quizzes. Even many of us spend huge time playing quizzes on social media. Let’s see how QuizPursuit is distinct from other available quiz apps and review QuizPursuit app.


QuizPursuit App Review

Build Skills

With QuizPursuit you can increase your knowledge of the topics that you like and choose. It lets you choose from various topics to start playing the game. You can practice and build your trivia skills with its “Free Play” mode. Once practiced you can easily test your skills in the “Levels” mode. With the app, you end up gaining knowledge in a particular topic.

Free Forever

QuizPursuit is a free application. You don’t need to pay extra money for unlocking levels or topics. The application does not even contain the ads for now. This way it gives an amazing user experience to the users. The app is not having hidden charges as well.

Numerous Topics

QuizPursuit lets you choose from thousands of available topics. This flexibility gives you an amazing experience. The huge number of questions lets the app not to show you repetitive questions which is a significant drawback found in the majority of Quiz apps available on play store.

Points & Nuggets

The app possesses coins and nuggets system to encourage you to participate in the quizzes and awards you with coins for answering faster. Daily logins also give you free coins. It all keeps you indulged, motivated and interested.


Appealing UI

QuizPursuit App User interface is very appealing. It is very colorful, dynamic and eye-catching. Icons, typo, graphics all are perfect to drive your attention.

Make Profile & Challenge Friends

With QuizPursuit you can make your own profile and play with your friends. Challenging friends to a round of trivia is a very entertaining feature of this quiz app.

Are you ready to challenge yourself?


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