WhatsApp is the most convenient and secure messenger application not only for android users but also for other OS users. Many people ask and search as to how to download WhatsApp plus because of its numerous functionalities. Apart from regular WhatsApp, you can do these things with WhatsApp Plus :

Hide last seen

Hide Blue ticks

Send schedules messages

Design home screen

Change the theme

Design chat screen

Design App Icon

Change App Font

File Sharing Size & Quality Adjustments


how to download whatsapp plus

How To Download WhatsApp Plus ?

Downloading WhatsApp Plus may be risky from unknown sources. Though, you can download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus application on the official-plus .com website.

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Is It safe to use WhatsApp Plus ?

If you ask for opinion, I would firmly say a big No ! It is not safe anyway to use third party applications. However, the developer of the application claims that the application is safe to use. Still if you use it, probably, you are compromising with your application security and you would be liable for any consequence. The one who uses the application becomes immediately the fan of the app because of the simple fact that he gets more from regular application. I personally used the application and found no problem with it. But the fact that it is third party application can not be ignored.

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What If I find error in installing WhatsApp Plus?

If you find “App not installed” error after hitting install button, you need to simply make sure that you have uninstalled the original version of WhatsApp. Eventually, when you uninstall the original one, try to reinstall WhatsApp Plus after that. Hopefully It will work. If not, the app may not be compatible with your device. Try to search the older or latest version according to app compatibility.


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