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Send message to any number on WhatsApp without saving

WhatsApp has undoubtedly got more fame than any other messenger application. The application is very user friendly and is best for group conversations as well. After the update where we got some features that were similar to instagram, many of the existing users showed their disliking for that update on whatsapp official fb page or on google playstore whatsapp reviews tab. (In the official version you can’t send message to any number on whatsapp)


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Well,  after the Facebook being hoaxed by many to be poisoned with fake profiles some people really found WhatsApp the most comfortable and convenient platform. That gave initial and gradual gear to the app to come in the market. It has the feature that your profile is not public on anywhere and neither there is timeline kind of thing that made it quite secure. One can find the other profile not by name but by Mobile no.

Such things helped and kept whatsapp to be totally different which attracted the users who used to give priority to security so much.


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Contacting New Person


For contacting a new person we generally have to save the number in the contacts and then have to go to contacts in WhatsApp and find the number and contact.

Send message to any number on WhatsApp without saving

What if your list of contact is filled up with so many contacts. As a result, you find it lazy to find the new contact in the contacts tab of whatsapp you recently added. Or what if you need a way  so that you may directly send a message to new number in whatsapp.

Ok we have a solution, there is an Application WhatsDirect. With the help of which you can easily send a message directly to any particular number without having to save the number.

You just need to put the number and click on “Send Text” or “Send Media” button. The application works very smooth. Additionally, it is covers very less storage. You can download and ease your specific task.

Hope you enjoyed reading.


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