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Best Gutenberg Blocks Plugins

Best Gutenberg Blocks Plugins

Block Editing is the future of WordPress and the new WordPress themes are coming with complete site modification capabilities. The Gutenberg editor has now a lot more control over the website's look and feel. With continuous upgrades, the Gutenberg Blocks Plugins will also develop more in the future. Now, plugin creators may start granting users greater capabilities and site editing control.

Gutenberg Blocks Plugins are designed to extend the functionality of the WordPress Gutenberg block editor. They provide additional blocks that can be used to create custom content and designs, such as image galleries, carousels, sliders, parallax backgrounds, advanced buttons, rows columns & sections for layouts, advanced animations, and much more. These block plugins can also be used to create & design custom layouts and theme templates, making them a great way to build unique and custom websites. ?

The future of WordPress is really astonishing and it looks more promising with these awesome block plugins that allow you to design mesmerizing pages without leaving the Gutenberg editing interface. ?

Observing all these tremendous innovations I decided to share some of the best Gutenberg block plugins that you can use today to get ready for the future.

List of Best Gutenberg Block Plugins in 2024


Greenshift overview

A new block editor plugin by WPSoul called Greenshift is geared toward creating quicker websites and layouts that prioritize conversion. Greenshift functions as a full-featured block-based page construction solution that supports both FSE and conventional WordPress themes.

Like GenerateBlocks, it was designed with efficiency in mind and loads just 2 kB of necessary styles before loading block-based inline styles.

Features of GreenShiftWP

  • GreenShift Smart Loaders' characteristics build intricate layouts without jeopardizing your website's security.
  • Dynamic loading and use anywhere
  • Use shortcodes instead of reusable templates on any page or with other page builders.
  • Carousel and smart scroll to anything
  • Create scrolling or carousel blocks out of ordinary columns or child items.

PostX- Gutenbery post blocks

PostX Gutenberg Block Plugin

One of the finest plugins for Gutenberg blocks, PostX Gutenberg Post Blocks, is expertly designed for building WordPress news magazines and blogs. It provides a variety of blogs and beginner kits to quickly build a website. Additionally, you may alter each block and beginning pack to suit your needs.

Features of PostX- Gutenberg post blocks

  • You can filter by category as well as a tag in Gutenberg blocks.
  • Dynamic Site Builder in Gutenberg [PRO]
  • Select Colors Based on Category [PRO]
  • Gutenberg Post Blocks that have been expertly crafted.
  • Post Slider blocks for Gutenberg.
  • Multiple prefabricated block designs.
  • Different starter packs.


Spectra WordPress Block Plugin

Spectra or WPspectra is a popular WordPress block plugin by Brainstorm force. This plugin is interestingly free to use and offers the largest library of Pre-built Website templates with a One-click Installer.


Spectra is a powerful WordPress plugin that can be used to create stunning visuals with ease. It comes with an extensive set of blocks that enable you to create beautiful and eye-catching designs.

Spectra also offers various customization options such as color schemes, fonts, and other styling tools. Additionally, the plugin supports responsive design for better compatibility with mobile devices. With its vast array of features, Spectra is a great tool for creating modern web designs that are optimized for both desktop and mobile devices.

Moreover, the plugin includes detailed documentation on how to use its features so that users can get up and running quickly and easily. All in all, Spectra is an excellent WordPress plugin for creating amazing visuals with ease.

Features of Spectra

  • Easy to Customize Blocks and Templates
  • Free Layout Builder with Gutenberg
  • Great Customization options in the blocks
  • No lags in configuring the blocks
  • Zero bloats, no dependencies, Super fast and stable
  • Modern React Framework
  • Professionally Designed Templates

Kadence Blocks

Kadence Blocks Plugin for WordPress

Another well-liked Gutenberg plugin with a tonne of functionality and customization possibilities that makes creating WordPress pages a breeze is Kadence Blocks.

Kadence Blocks is a free page builder plugin for WordPress that is designed to help users create unique and beautiful pages quickly and easily. It assists you in building a website that looks good, much like page builder plugins.

Features of Kadence Blocks

  • With Kadence Blocks, users can create custom layouts, and add images, videos, galleries, and more.
  • The plugin also includes a library of pre-made blocks to get users started, and users can also create blocks to customize their pages.
  • Kadence Blocks provides users with the ability to customize the look and feel of their pages, such as changing fonts and colors, adding borders and backgrounds, and more.

Plus Blocks for Gutenberg

The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg

Plus Blocks for Gutenberg is a WordPress plugin that adds additional blocks to the Gutenberg editor. These blocks include a call-to-action block, an image box block, a social media block, a testimonial block, and more. Plus Blocks for Gutenberg also adds additional styling options for the core blocks in the Gutenberg editor, as well as an option to add custom CSS.

It is designed to look great on any device, so your pages are sure to look great on any screen.

Features of Plus Blocks for Gutenberg

  • Plus Blocks for Gutenberg offers an easy drag-and-drop interface to make creating beautiful pages and posts in WordPress easier than ever.
  • It offers a variety of layout options, allowing you to create stunning pages with a few simple clicks.
  • It also offers a range of customization options, allowing you to customize the look and feel of your pages.
  • It is compatible with all major browsers, ensuring that your pages look great on all devices.

Qi blocks for Gutenberg

Qi Blocks for Gutenberg Plugin

If you purchase the complete edition of Qi Blocks for Gutenberg, a new product from a reputable WordPress development team, you'll get access to one of the largest collections of blocks available. The plugin has 81 blocks in total, 48 of which are free and 33 of which are paid. The blocks are organized into nine categories and the plugin as a whole comprises 81 blocks.

Features of Qi blocks for Gutenberg

  • No coding is necessary- The code has already been optimized for you; feel free to tweak it.
  • Simple setup- allows you to easily and intuitively design and update anything you want.
  • Completely adaptable- containing an unequaled range of customizing choices.
  • Fantastic performance

Page builder Gutenberg block-CoBlocks

Page builder gutenberg block coblocks

The most intriguing selection of Gutenberg blocks for page creation is included in the CoBlocks WordPress plugin. It is engaging, lightweight, and geared to provide a genuine experience for the Gutenberg editor.

It is one of the greatest Gutenberg Blocks plugins, that allows you to fully utilize WordPress's new Editor.

Features of Page builder Gutenberg block-CoBlocks

  • Create Beautiful Web Pages with CoBlocks & Gutenberg.
  • Innovative Page Builder System.
  • Controls for custom typography.
  • Companion Theme for Free.
  • Beyond the Gutenberg Blocks
  • Constructed with developers in mind.
  • Custom Block Patterns Register

Gutenberg Blocks – Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

Gutenberg blocks ultimate addons for gutenberg

One of the most effective and well-liked Gutenberg Blocks plugins is Ultimate Addons. The creation of WordPress sites using blocks is expedited. There are several functional components and simple modification possibilities.

The best option for you is Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg if you want to construct your website without any restrictions.

Features of Gutenberg Blocks – Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

  • The plugin offers a wide range of blocks that can be used to create stunning websites with ease.
  • From sliders and galleries to social media buttons and forms, these blocks will take the design and functionality of your WordPress website to the next level.
  • The blocks are fully customizable, so you can easily create unique, engaging designs to match your brand. Plus, they are responsive, so they look great on all devices.
  • The plugin also includes additional features like Google Maps integration, contact forms, and more.

Generate Blocks

Generate blocks wp plugin

With the assistance of this need-based, bloat-free magic, you can design practically any layout you choose. There are just six blocks included in GenerateBlocks, but don't let this number fool you. The six blocks available are: Container, Grid, Image, Headline, Buttons, and Query.

With these six blocks combined with the basic blocks and limitless adjustments, a page builder can do any task. Other than that, there are more than 200 predefined patterns available in GenerateBlocks Pro.

Additionally, you are free to design your local patterns and utilize them as much as you like. The template collection provided by GenerateBlocks may be among the greatest I have ever seen.

Features of Generate Blocks

  • Generate Blocks provides users with a range of content blocks to create and customize. Blocks include columns, image grids, buttons, forms, and more.
  • It allows users to customize the settings of each block, such as size, padding, background color, and more.
  • Generate Blocks also offers advanced features, such as custom CSS classes, animation effects, and more. ‘

Atomic Blocks

Atomic blocks wp plugin

Atomic Blocks is a WordPress plugin by Atomic Blocks that provides an extensive library of pre-built blocks and page templates to help users easily create custom, engaging content on their WordPress sites. The blocks include a variety of content types such as columns, buttons, and galleries, and users can easily customize the blocks to match their style. Atomic Blocks has plans to fit every budget, from individuals to agencies.

Features of Atomic Blocks

  • Atomic Blocks makes it easy to create beautiful content with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.
  • It offers a variety of pre-designed blocks for adding content including content modules, feature grids, customer quotes, pricing tables, and more.
  • The plugin allows you to customize and style your content with options like background colors, text colors, and more.
  • All Atomic Blocks designs are optimized for mobile devices and look great on any screen size.
  • It is built on top of the world’s most popular CMS and runs on one of the most reliable hosting providers.

Stackable Blocks

Stackable blocks wp plugin

Stackable Blocks is the perfect, reliable partner for Gutenberg you've been looking for. With its robust yet lightweight custom blocks, ready-made designs, UI Kits, global settings, and sophisticated customization possibilities, you can quickly and easily create dynamic websites. This plugin utilizes a revolutionary page-building experience for Gutenberg, allowing you to confidently construct distinctive, professional websites.

Features of Stackable Blocks

  • Mighty custom blocks
  • Prepared Designs
  • Design Options that are similar to Page Builder
  • Dynamic Content
  • Hover Animations & Styles

Genesis Blocks

Genesis Blocks for Gutenberg WordPress

Genesis Blocks by StudioPress is a collection of versatile Gutenberg blocks designed to help WordPress users create dynamic, engaging content quickly and easily. Genesis Blocks offer an intuitive user interface that allows users to quickly drag and drop elements within their post or page.

With Genesis Blocks, users can add a variety of features such as tabbed sections, columns, accordions, buttons, callouts, and more. In addition, Genesis Blocks also offer WordPress users the ability to customize their page with custom CSS classes and color settings. This helps give each post or page a unique look and feel – something that was not possible before the advent of Gutenberg blocks. With the power of Genesis Blocks, WordPress users are now able to create stunning web pages in no time at all!

Over to you with Best Gutenberg Blocks Plugins 2024

If you want to add the finest WordPress Gutenberg blocks plugin to your website, this list offers everything you need. Any plugin on this list doesn't require you to be an expert in its innermost workings. These plugins are all plug-and-play.

All you have to do is install and activate the plugin of your choosing. Your newly created Gutenberg blocks will thereafter be available for usage in the Gutenberg editing interface.

There are many free plugins, but when you want more blocks than what the free ones provide, you may upgrade to the premium versions. Then, if you have previously decided on one, develop your special website.

Thanks to anticipated planned improvements, Gutenberg's design abilities are steadily catching up to those of page builders. It won't be long before page builders are completely replaced.

We made an effort to select the best plugins from the WordPress directory. I hope this article has helped you choose the block plugin you want to use.

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