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Best Android Browsers to visit the ocean of Internet

When anyone wants to use internet, the first thing one need to have is a web browser. You must have already known why browser is so important for internet and further surfing. You need to have a good browser with good features to give you an excellent experience of web browsing. A huge variety of browsers are available in the market which makes it difficult to choose the right or perfect one out of them. This time I am here to make it easier for you to select the best out of hundreds of web browsers.

Best Android Browsers

So let’s have a look at top 10 web browsers for your smartphone.

Best Smartphone Browsers for Android Operating System

  1. UC browser

If you are tired of slow browsers like internet explorer, then this is the best alternative you can have. Because of its best quality it is know to be the “fast browser”. Its is available with the best feature of fast navigation and also save your excess of internet pack as it stable to use it. From surfing to downloading, UC finds it own way to facilitate fast internet services. The browser has a special feature to make it easier to use it at night with “night mode”.

  1. Dolphine browser.

Known as the best browser for smartphones, Dolphine provides you with fast loading services, adblock, side bar, HTML5 video player and much more. It provides you the best experience of videos and games with flash player to support android. Adblock feature, i think is something which makes the browser convenient to  use as it helps blocking all the ads, popups, banners and more useless stuff on the screen.

  1. Firefox Browser

Voted the most trusted browser, Mozilla invented a Firefox to give you the experience of fast, smart and personal web. If you are afraid of your private data and personal history getting stolen, then Firefox is the best solution. With the help of firefox you can search smartly as it give the best multiple suggestions and preciously searched options. It have a privacy level which blocks all parts of the web pages that may track the browsing history.

  1. Opera mini

Afraid to use your data in excess in order to use the internet? Here you are with the preferable browser available. Opera mini for android will let you use less of the internet with fast usage of internet. Like any other web browsers, it also have a ad-block function to block all the irrelevant ads appearing on your screen. It can download videos from any social networking sites but it does not work YouTube.

  1. Google Chrome

It is the one which is known as the smartest and fast to use among browsers family. You can use Google Chrome on your tablet, mobile phones, laptop or personal computer. It facilitates with various other search quality like voice search, image search, translation and much more efficient usage of net pack. Open the “incognito” mode and the browser will take you to your own private world.

  1. Puffin web browser

If you are bored to use those old browsers and want to try something new, then you can go for puffin browser. Its have something special to decrease the work loud. Cloud protection is something, available with puffin, which save all the browser traffic from the hackers. It has an incredible page load and rendering speed with makes it competitive to other browsers.

  1. Maxthon browser

Its is the highest rated browser for android device among the browser family. It works with the support of HTML5. It is not only available for android but also for mac, window, kindle, ios and more. Go to the home page, search for you queries and it will provide you best possible site.

  1. Boat browser

Boat browser gives you an amazing experience of of browsing with its cool, smart and fast services available to you. Unlike other browsers, available with cool themes, boat lets you change the theme according to your taste. The button's location is easily changeable and you can also install your favorite add-ons.

  1. Hover browser

Hover browser allows you to maintain various weblinka at the same time. You can manage your weblinks by adjusting the content you want to have. With collapsing your multiple weblinks, hover allow you to use the browser conveniently as it do its work quickly.

  1. CM web browser

Because of CM's safety to browse online, it is know to be the most private and secured browser as compared to the other. It do not cover a large part of  your mobile storage as it ensure that your device could work well. As well as for quik browsing, it is available with optimized surfing.

So far we have come across various web browsers from which we can see that there is a great competition in the market among them. So go for the best one you like and have your surfing experience as you desire. Have a safe and happy browsing!!.

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