Top Car Insurance Comparison Sites in India 2019

Top car insurance comparison sites in India

Car insurance is the basic policy which can be your savior when it comes to abrupt car related issues. As per the guidelines of IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority) it is mandatory to have an car Insurance in India. Due to the increase accessibility of internet, car insurance market has also seen a digital revolution in the past years. There are many car insurance comparison sites in India which lets you choose more wisely and widely the relevant car insurance. One must choose car insurance carefully according to their needs as policy cover different car models differently. Insurance comparison sites provide with various add-ons and reimbursement facility. We have come up with major car insurance comparison sites in India which can help you buying a car insurance policy hastle free helping you out in some grievous situation. This list will help you in finding some of the better car insurance comparison sites.


Top 4 car insurance comparison sites in India


This is an big venture in Insurance policy provider. They let you choose among the wide range of insurance policy available for your car as per your needs. They focus on providing you with as many options available for your car within the modest premiums. They provide you with all necessary information which is not provided by offline agents. They had made claiming insurance too easy without any delay and hidden terms. Thus one can secure their car using this car insurance comparison website.

  1. Coverfox

They are another IRDA broker in the market and we’ll known for their customer assistance .They help you throughout the whole process of claiming to reimbursement. Sales service team of Coverfox has made customer rely on their website. They too provide you with best options and had maintained a good rating in the market. They might provide you with some expensive policies but customer reviews suggest they can be worth buying .

  1. Easypolicy

This is an insurance comparison website promising transparency throughout the process to make  buying policy more easier. They provide you with good settlement ratio and even making claims is easier. Constantly earning better reviews and providing insurance policies at better rates has made it to be in the list of best car insurance comparison website in India.


One of the most trusted insurance provider with around 3000 cashless garage network manages to provide you with the best service of its kind. They focus on covering personal accidental issues comprehensively under their policies. They have been providing their customer with value assistance with special depreciation coverage. Thus covering your car with their policy can be a feasible option.

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As car insurance is concerned one best be very cautious as documentation plays an important role which is often manipulated by the companies. Thus we have provided you with some best car insurance comparison sites in India to choose wisely for your secure future.


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