How To Use Chrome Extensions in Android

Nowadays, people perform and also want to perform most of the tasks with their smartphone. They try to find tools, tricks and tips to make this happen. I was asked by one on of my colleague if he could use google chrome extensions in Android. Even I found many questions on various forums like “how to use google chrome extension in mobile”, “how to use chrome extensions in android phone”. Thus, today I found the solution and I wanted to share it with the folks.

Why to use chrome extensions in android?

Well some extensions enhance the browsing experience and give some secret data or perform various functions that your browser without them can’t do. Extensions are very helpful and allow to many things. There are extensions for taking a screenshot, see the seo score of any particular website, translation purpose, notepad extensions and various social media extensions. In Chrome for android there is no option for extensions management. Even one can’t download extensions from extension store.

In the faq section of the official website it has been clearly indicated:

Q: Does Chrome for Android support apps and extensions?

A :Chrome apps and extensions are currently not supported on Chrome for Android. We have no plans to announce at this time.


How to install extensions in android mobile?

Well, for extensions to work on your mobile you must have a browser to support them. In the quest I found a browser that can support extensions and with the use of the same you can perform those tasks that you probably were unable to do without extensions.


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The name of the browser is Yandex Browser available on Google Playstore. It allows us to install and use chrome extensions in android phone and use them. There is also alternate store for extensions available when you go to extensions option.

Yandex Browser with Protect
Yandex Browser with Protect
Developer: Яндекс
Price: Free

use chrome extensions in android


I hope this article was helpful for you.

Feel free to share your opinion in the comment section.


Audacity for Android : Edit Audio with your smartphone

Audacity software is really a cool software which changes the raw song/audio completely. Many of the users who use their smartphones intensively want audacity for android so that they may compress their recorded voice, reduce the noise, normalize it, equalize it, give echo to it and off course play with it.

There are many audio editing soft wares available but audacity is one that is full fledged, open source, easy to use and light weighted software.

Doninn audacity for android droidcrunch

Why Audacity for Android ?

On Android phones, we generally find that our recorded voice is quite cumbersome. There is unwanted noise, change of nodes or what not. To make it correct we leave taking recourse to the default recording application and search for various other third party applications on the playstore. But after so much effort we get back to our seat and find the rare improvement from the previous one. Because the application is just using the hardware provided. It is not going to solve the problem. Instead we would need a audio editing tool to make the voice, be it song or voice over, clean and sophisticated. In the current scenario there are so many video editing applications on the playstore like kinemaster, power director, viva video, filmora that provide the users with most of the functions. To make full use of them we shall need a audio editor tool because in video, sound quality matters a lot and we can’t compromise with it.

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Considering the needs, I am come up with two audacity alternative applications which can perform major tasks that we perform on the audacity like setting echo, changing pitch, compression, noise reduction, normalization and else.

Lexis Audacity for android droidcrunch

The name of the applications is Lexis Audio Editor & Doninn Audio Editor. With the applications audacity for android is like a dream come true.

Lexis Audio Editor
Lexis Audio Editor
Developer: pamsys
Price: Free+


Doninn Audio Editor Free
Doninn Audio Editor Free
Developer: Doninn
Price: Free+


Over To You

Let us know in comments which software do you use for editing the audio and would you prefer editing audio on smartphone?

Top 10 Video editors for IOS Apple iPhone 6

Amazingly Nice 10 Best Video Editors for iOS Apple iPhone

Best Video Editors For iOS : “Film editing is now something everyone can do at a simple level and enjoy it, but to take it to a higher level requires the same dedication and persistence that any other art form does.”- Watler Murch

When we consider any outstanding phone, the first thing comes to any person’s mind would be iPhone.

The new generation is very fond of Apple IOS with the upcoming phones launched by the company with amazing features and specification. So far we have been talking about android phones but this time the article is for Apple users. Now we are going to talk about various applications which are invented to make your memories more attractive, touching and pleasing.

Best Video Editors for iOS

Editing is considered a part of post-production work. But as far as editing for any personal or professional purpose, on your Apple iPhone, is concerned, there are applications which are made with the motive to make things easier. So let’s consider some of the editors, supported by iPhone, which occupies the place in top 10 video editors.

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Top 10 Best Video editors for IOS Apple iPhone 6

1. Splice

To have a professional looking video with just a few taps, Splice is the app you have been looking for. The app provides you with the qualities of computer editor, synchronised into a mobile phone. With lots of features, such as trim, crop, titles, effects, animation, transition, music and much more, you can have a customised video ready as per your requirements.

2. Pinnacle Studio Pro

Pinnacle is the app which shows you what qualities are required to be the list we are talking about. It works with the media that can be even captured from the app itself. With the achievements as best videomaker product of the year (2014), editor’s choice award winner (2012 & 2013) and other, the application facilitates you with amazing videos made within a minute or two by just selecting various images, music and video clips.

3. iMovie

IMovie provides you with the resulting video like never seen before in a new way to tell your stories and memories to enjoy. You can add more songs or other audios or even texts anywhere you want to, to make the video more appealing to the viewers. The application is available with many languages as per the understanding of the users. So, create a movie- like trailer of your story and present it to your closed ones.

4. Video Trim and Cut

Video Trim and Cut is beneficial for the users who want to cut unwanted part of the video as the app lets you select the starting and ending time of the clip and customise the video as you require. It allows you to zoom in and pause to trim the video like exactly what you want.

5. Vizzywig

Vizzywig allows you multicamera recording and adjusts the recorded video immediately to HD, 4k and 5k quality. Select the video clips from the album, dropbox or anywhere and also select, edit, transform and import various photos to make the video catchier. Share the captured memories with your family and friends with 8 times higher quality. Trim, rotate or cut your videos and photos to have an outstanding result.

6. Magisto

magisto ios

Awarded as ‘best app’ in the app store and ‘best app for IOS’, Magisto is the app every video editor wants. You will come to know about the capability of the app as per a great fan following of the app. Magisto automatically converts your selected video and photos into an elegant video. Tell your stories and memories to your family and friends with the suitable music, effects, animation and much more.

7. VivaVideo

VivaVideo is known as the best application as far as a beautiful slideshow or even movie editing is concerned. It is a powerful editor as it can be useful for the professional users. By allowing the addition of text, fonts, stickers, music, trimming and merging of the video and much more, the final video you get would be so appealing that you immediately want to share it with your family and friends via various social media platforms.

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8. VideoFX live

To live the special moments of your life, 1000 times better, VideoFX is the application to do so. A huge variety of video effects is available for any type of video including vlogs, celebration videos, videos with tags and a lot more. To work with VideoFX, you don’t have to setup anything, just record and start your video. These effects are usable during or after recording videos. Share amazing videos you create with your friends and family to make it more memorable.

9. Videocraft

Videocraft gives you a pleasant video as the application works on multi- tracks, such as image slideshow, video editor or simply movie maker. The app provides you all the features you need to make a video perfect like by the use of texts, sound effects, music, images, video recordings or video clips. The final video can be ready in one or few minutes with the use of simple methods and designs.

10. Videolicious

A high- quality video can be created using Videolicious in easier and faster way. Create a graceful video which combines various video clips, texts, sound, music and much more, in a minute, with just a few taps. The app is also useful for the professional, for instance, it can be used to create videos for journalism, radio stations, television as well as marketing.

So far we have been talking about the various application which can be used to turn your normal photos or videos into incredible videos with a variety of effect and animations. Weave together your memories using the fun, easy-to-use and impressive applications we just have been talking about.


video editing apps

10 Best Video Editing Apps for Android 2019 (Latest)

Looking for the best video editing apps for Android 2019 to edit video on the go? I got your pulse. Well, It is said that to enjoy the moment to a full extent, there is no need to be busy with capturing pictures and videos. But at the same time, any moment you live is incomplete without clicking images and capturing videos of the moment to make that memory last longer. Sometimes what happens, you record the videos and to make it more special, you want to join various short videos or add some funny or memorable texts in it. Video editing is the thing you want which helps you to manipulate and rearrange various video shots to create a new and amazing work.

best video editing apps for Android 2019

With the developing world, many companies have come across with various video editing applications which you can have on your android smartphones. So, let us spot the light on 10 most amazing video editing apps which are popular among the Android users, to edit your videos more effectively and efficiently.

Best Video Editing Apps for Android 2019

1. Viddy

viddy app

To share your memories with your family and friends in a new and more touching way, Viddy is there to help you. In just a few steps and taps, you can create a masterpiece out of your simple video clips and images using the app. To use Viddy, you don’t have to be a professional editor or something as the app can easily be handled by beginners.

2. FilmoraGo

filmora video editing app

Placing a real-time for preview on your video, Filmora Go is a well-known and powerful video editing app for android among the list we are talking about. To see the best results by the app, simply select video clipping and images, pick out a suitable theme, filter, music, title, and transition. The resulting video can be saved or shared directly by the users through various social media platforms.

3. Adobe premium clip

Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip
Adobe Premiere Clip
Developer: Adobe
Price: Free

Adobe premium clip is a fun app to be used for video editing. It functions fast and helpful for manipulating videos. The app also facilitates sharing of the edited videos. All you have to do, for automatic video creation, is select the sound, select the clips or images, trim the part you don’t want and the video is ready to be shared. The custom lights and colours can also be adjusted using this app.

4. Movie maker filmmaker

Movie Maker Filmmaker

Movie Maker provides you various filters, animation VFX and amazing effects which can make your video catchier. Trim, crop or reorder your videos or images with the use of this app. Out of various effects and editors, select the one most suitable for you, add some emojis, bubble and see the result provided by the app. Share the result you get via Instagram, facebook or any other social platform.

5. PowerDirector

best video editing apps for Android 2019 powerdirector

PowerDirector Videobearbeitung
PowerDirector Videobearbeitung

With slow motion, a variety of video effects, video editor and much more features, PowerDirector is known as one of the best video editing application. Its create videos like any other app such as Majisto, Kinemaster and others. What makes it different from that of the other apps is PowerDirector provides the function to rotate, slip or trimming of the video. It also provides the resulting video in HD quality.

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6. KineMaster

best video editing apps for Android 2019 kinemaster

With the support of multi-layered videos, images, and texts, KineMaster can make a good quality video working as a professional app for the users. This app is more useful for professionals such as handwriting layers allows artists to show their talent. Mostly used by journalists, YouTube users, short filmmakers, and other professionals. At the same time, by providing quick and anytime preview, it makes the editing easier for the users. Undoubtedly, kinemaster is one of the top video editor application for Android and that is why people don’t even hesitate to buy the paid subscription of Kinemaster to make use of all the features available.

7. Quik

Just like any other video editor, Quik works in a simple way. Just select some video clips and images (up to 75) from your folder or internet and see the magic the application will create. It automatically adds various transitions and effects to the video to make it more memorable by detecting faces and creating suitable frames for it. There are 25 styles of video are available in the application to provide a wide variety of options for the users.

8. Magisto

best video editing apps for Android 2019 magisto

A large number of people are in love with Magisto video editor and has a place in Google’s list of ‘best android apps 2015’. What makes it so achievable is its quality to turn a few clips and images into an automatic music video. The app also facilitates with smooth filters, smooth transition and various video effects to make more attractive videos which you can share with your friends and family via various social networking sites.

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9. Video Maker pro

best video editing apps 2019

Video-Hersteller & Editor
Video-Hersteller & Editor
Developer: Ingenuity Club
Price: Free

A 100% free application suitable for your android smartphone, Video Maker Pro provides video editing and authority software. The app facilitates you to create wonderful fully professional videos in just a few minutes. Trim videos, capture frame, add video effects, find video frames, insert different background and much more to do to see amazing results.

10. Funimate

To create a marker piece with visual effect out of your everyday moments, Funimate is the app liked by lots of people when it comes to video editing. The application comes with 15 different effects available for every occasion as per the requirement. The app gives amazing results and it is fun using Funimate to create beautiful videos.

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Which one of these Best Video Editing Apps for Android 2019 you already use?

I am curious to know which of these top video editing apps you already aware of and which one is your favorite among these best video editing apps for Android 2019. If the one that you are using is not in this list of top video editors android then you can hit me up with the comment below of that app.

So transform the special moments you have spent into a touching memory using these video editing applications 2019 as mentioned above. With few taps, tell your own stories by creating magical videos using various applications. Create a work of art from the best memories.

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5 Weird Applications You Probably Don’t Know

On the play store there are huge number of Applications. To accomplish the same process or task you can find large number of applications. For example, to click photos there are many Camera Apps, to edit photos there are Editing Apps, to calculate there are huge number of Calculator applications etc. Among all these applications there are some applications which are totally unique and weird. They segregate themselves from the others because of their rareness. Bare with me throughout the whole article and I will be discussing about 5 weird applications that you might not know.

5 Weird Applications

5 weird applications


Jellify is an unique application which can turn your images in absolutely different style. As the name suggests your images get jelly effect on touching the particular area of the image. There is emoji button on the top action bar which gives you access to easily jellify the head of the image (if it is there). With jellify you can amaze your friends. You are advised not to use the application for any unreasonable or illegal purpose.

Photos Alive - Jellify
Photos Alive - Jellify
Price: Free+

There is no Game

“There is no game” is actually the name of the application. I don’t want to spoil the interest telling you everything about the game. In fact, you should try this out. Moreover, if you have already played this game, you might know that the game no longer remains interesting after first attempt. It lacks addiction. But its purely a creative thinking. And the result is amazing as the application has 1 million of downloads with 4.6 rating(at the time of writing).

There is no game - Jam Edition
There is no game - Jam Edition
Developer: KaMiZoTo
Price: Free

Metal Detector

Another application on list is Metal Detector which allow you to detect any magnetic field around the device using the sensors of your phone.

Metal Detector
Metal Detector
Developer: Smart Tools co.
Price: Free


Lighter is an interesting application. To be honest, I am not going to elaborate anything. Instead I want you to experience these applications. However, Lighter is a virtual lighter.

Developer: Progimax
Price: Free

Nothing & Useless

Nothing and useless are two and different applications. I have listed them as one because of the fact that the behavior of the application is quite the same. To be precise, nothing application does nothing and useless is totally useless. 😉

Developer: Chilango Labs
Price: Free
Developer: Quintin Balsdon
Price: Free

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Wrapping Up

There are lots of other applications too on the playstore which are quite unique. If you know any unique application that is not listed in the post, you are welcome in the comment section.

I hope you liked our compilation of 5 weird applications. For more tech news, tips and tricks, gadgets reviews and more just be our friends on our Facebook Page and twitter. Also watch us making some cool videos on our YouTube Channel.


iphone launchers

4 Best iPhone launchers for Android to turn Android into iOS

Apple iOS iPhone launchers for Android : The next thing after having a smartphone like Apple iPhone you need to have the iOS launcher. It looks like you are using an Apple device. You can make fool of your friends. You can entertain living a premium + professional life. And can make yourself feel like you are using an Apple device which costs around  57k by using some free iOS launchers for android.

Usually launchers give your smartphone’s home screen a new look a new feel and a new appearance. And these iPhone launchers for android are available for free on Google Play Store as well.  All you need is to download  these iOS launchers. Some people say that Android launchers can slow down and affect the performance of the device which is actually a myth. I disagree with them and prefer using them wisely instead using them wildly.

However, my list of best Android launchers does not include any of the below launcher listed here. And I have review for only one launcher that it does not affect the performance of your device. Don’t fake off wandering for a good launcher app for your smartphone and download any of the below recommended iphone launchers.

Top 4 Apple iPhone launchers for Appledroid Lovers

One Launcher

One Launcher Pro
One Launcher Pro
Developer: one launcher pro
Price: 2,06 €

one launcher iPhone Launchers for Android

one launcher pro

The name resembles the android One launcher but it is Apple iPhone iOS 8 launcher inside. Interesting right. A 5.5 mb app that does not seems to be heavy for a smartphone having usual configuration.

One launcher has over 5 lakh downloads on Google Play Store and the APK file is available on APKmirror.  if I have to describe the app in a single word, I would say – “perfect”. The colorful homescreen designs and in-folder appearance is fantastic.

I can bet my boots that you won’t regret using the best iPhone launcher for Android. the launcher is none other than One launcher.

I availed the One launcher Pro to avoid advertisements and everything worked like hell awesome.

OS9 Launcher HD-smart,simple

OS10 Launcher for Phone 7
OS10 Launcher for Phone 7
Developer: Tap Phone
Price: Free+

OS9 Launcher HD-smart,simple

Yet another mobile app which is used to get an appearance similar to iPhone iOS.

Lighter than One Launcher, OS9 Launcher HD-smart takes only 4.2mb of your internet data. This is the official iPhone OS launcher for android which is made with love for apple lovers.

OS 9 launcher has 4.1 star reviews on Google Play Store. It is the only reliable Android Launcher app to turn your smartphone into an Apple device. You can personalize quick-touch menu, icons, wallpaper, themes and sliding screen effect. It is almost amazing if advertisement doesn’t annoy you anymore.

Likely other Android launcher apps you can keep privacy by hiding private apps and speed up the performance by using OS booster. Isn’t it awesome now?

I think it is.

iLauncher – OS9

iLauncher - OS 9
iLauncher - OS 9
Developer: Mate Software
Price: Free

iLauncher - OS9

So far we are talking about Android apps that can make your smart phone look like Apple iPhone, how we can forget I Launcher app? This is the app everyone is using in his Android phone and the best thing about the launcher is that you can have it for free.

Just kidding because all of the launches in this list doesn’t include any money. I have used this Launcher application and at some points I say you won’t like it if you hate advertisements.

launcher iOS on Phone

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

The launcher has no big presentation for users to help them know more about the mobile app. Yet, the app has 100k installs with only a single preview image on the Google Play store page.

Frankly speaking, this would have been at the first place in the list of the best iPhone launchers for android if it did not contain ads. The advertisements on the left slide recent apps panel irritate me very well and that’s why I won’t recommend it.

Launcher apps are simply homescreen modifying module that doesn’t effect the UI of other apps which means other mobile applications would be working as usual they were working before.

You should use iOS launcher not because it is premium it is used by Apple users but because it has an impressive graphical user interface and the freedom of customisation and appearance settings. Google Play Store is the home to all  iOS launchers For Android. You can download them easily by typing Iphone launcher on the search bar.

Wrapping up and the myth about Android Launchers

Honestly, I keep so many launchers on my android smartphone which has only 2GB of RAM and I love changing the theme very frequently. iOS Launchers are also named as Apple Launcher Android and I have one of these iOS launcher in my phone which I use heavily.

I tried to make fool of my friends by using iOS launcher on Yu Yunicorn and Iphone cloned Lava mobile and it worked.

best applications to awesome youtube thumbnails

Best Applications To Make Awesome YouTube Thumbnails

YouTube Video Thumbnails are surely the invitation triggers for the people who may watch your videos. Viewers on YouTube have like many choices most of the time, until you are known personality, to watch specific videos. Well, if your video thumbnail is not attractive your work inside the video is going to be fruitless and the tendency of people opting for other videos will gradually drag your video down on the graph, resulting in a trash. However, you can promote your videos to get some exposure. But, to be precise, you can’t get targeted visitors this way.

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So, we have now come to point that, apart from quality video, we have to focus on invitation triggers like a catchy title and an attractive thumbnail. Take your video as a wedding ceremony and invitation card as your title and thumbnail. Now, you have done a lot of decoration for the ceremony and all types of facilities and accommodations are there.

You send the invitations card to all your friends, family, neighbours and relatives. However, you had expected that 2500 people will come on the date of the ceremony. Although, only 500 – 600 people reached the ceremony due to less attractive or simple invitation card.

Well, it was just for the understanding as to how thumbnails can change the game. So, from the next time when you upload videos don’t make a hurry and spend some time to make a creative and stunning thumbnail for your video.

Let’s continue with best applications to make awesome youtube thumbnails.

Best Applications To Make Youtube Thumbnails


canva for youtube thumbnails

For designing purpose, Canva is a well-known website and application. Thousands of templates available in their library makes your task really easier. However, apart from templates, you can make your custom template with the tools they provide online and on their app. Canva has many YouTube templates, that you can easily edit and make one for your own video. You can also save your designs to use for further images.

Thumbnail Maker

thumnail maker applications for android

Developed by Simply Entertaining, Thumbnail maker application is really an amazing application that gives exclusive immersive experience while creating thumbnails for YouTube Videos. The best thing about this app is that you can make thumbnails really quickly. There are many free background images, patterns and textures that you can use for decent thumbnails.


You can also use desygner for making beautiful and attractive thumbnails for your youtube videos. Actually, desygner does have amazing templates for like all the categories including social media logos, banners, posts, covers and what not. Using desygner is not a big deal.


Who doesn’t know about PicsArt? Undoubtedly, PicsArt is the best photo editing application for Android. You can create really impressive images with PicsArt in minutes. You can use PicsArt for making cool Youtube Video Thumbnails right from your mobo device. With PicsArt you can create magical and really stunning images. There are plenty of videos tutorials available on YouTube for editing amazing images via PicsArt.


When it comes to images designing in Android, PixelLab is one of my favourites. Its clean interface and feature full utility attract me to use it more and more. PixelLab offers best editing environment. When combined with Picsart and Background Removal App, you have best editing apps on your mobo. You can make 3D logos, attractive Covers, YouTube Thumbnails with the app with an ease. You can also save your projects and import them next time for editing similar images. Even, you can erase the background, add images, create shapes and add stickers.

PixelLab - Text on pictures
PixelLab - Text on pictures
Developer: App Holdings
Price: Free+


Final Words

Hope you enjoyed this article and you might have known about some or all of these applications. But the best use of these applications makes your creation really wonderful. Also, avoid over decoration, else, your viewer will take you as a noob. Edit with clear idea and perfection and see the world following you.

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fppt-powerpoint-template-antenna Create Impactful and Memorable Presentations with Free Templates

When it comes to presentation tools, keeping that elusive balance of function and aesthetics slide after slide can be a huge challenge. While everyone wants to steer clear of the so-called death by PowerPoint things can easily go awry when you get carried away with the many slides, animations, and effects of the application.


This is why even the best professional presenters turn to PowerPoint templates to give them a hand in creating presentation masterpieces. Templates, after all, provide plenty of benefits to any user, offering plenty of customization options while still cutting down in half the time it takes to complete a well-prepared deck.

The Authority in PowerPoint Templates

When it comes to PowerPoint templates, Free PowerPoint Templates (FPPT) has been around as one of the most trusted and most popular portals for all kinds of users. From children’s homeschooling lessons to multinational company technical slideshows, FPPT has provided high-quality templates.

FPPT has one of the largest, if not THE largest, and most diverse collection of PowerPoint templates that you can find on the web. Over the years, the portal has curated and designed thousands of high-quality templates for PowerPoint. Now, it has over 15,000 templates that can be used for any presentation need.

Whether you’re looking for a short presentation design of an event or a more industry-specific deck complete with matching tables and graphs, FPPT has the perfect template for you.

Choose from Thousands of Awesome Templates

The FPPT portal has built hundreds of categories over the years to help you look for the perfect template that matches your event, purpose, topic or message. From autumn themes to wellness lifestyles to minimalist corporate designs, FPPT has all those and more.


Aside from categories, you can also sort through the thousands of templates according to color right off the home page. You can also narrow down your search even further by looking at tags that match what you’re looking for. Even better, you can simply type in your keyword to generate a wide selection of search results for you to choose from.

The presentation templates are so diverse that they are compatible across all Microsoft PowerPoint versions and also with other presentation tools like Keynote and Google Slides. You can also make the most out of each slide because you can maximize PowerPoint’s features to bring out your best deck.

Furthermore, these templates are also compatible with other presentation tools, such as Keynote, Google Slides, and many others. This way, you can easily use, share, and present your deck with others.


Make Your Template Uniquely Yours

Just because you are using a template doesn’t mean you’re restricted to just a certain set of features. With FPPT templates, you can make the most of PowerPoint’s features and tools, especially those who are using the widescreen and the latest versions. FPPT templates are specially designed to be adaptable to all PowerPoint versions without any distortion or decrease in the quality of your slides.

You can also do a lot on the templates to fully customize the slides to fit your specific requirements and brand. For example, many FPPT templates come with variants that allow you to use the same theme and template elements while still choosing the right color scheme for you. Those who don’t have variants can still be fully customized using PowerPoint’s Design features.


Using FPPT templates also allow you to make the most of PowerPoint’s features, especially Format and Design. These can be used extensively for many customizations so that you can still make the template yours even if you’re using a template. Unlike other templates that end up making your presentations look generic, FPPT templates actually make it easy for you to personalize your slides. Whether it’s the use of picture editing for the images and backgrounds or how the templates complement the design suggestion features, you can always come up with tailored and professional looking decks.

Enjoy the Benefits of Awesome, User-Friendly Templates

While there are some templates or applications that require a steep learning curve for almost all kinds of users, FPPT templates make it easy even for newbies to create stunning presentations. This is because the templates are user-friendly and work seamlessly across all versions of PowerPoint. The interface is easy and FPPT also provides instructions and tips in the notes pane to help newbies, intermediate and advanced users to customize the templates or replicate effects.

Using templates also saves you time and effort compared to creating a whole deck from scratch. This is one of the most attractive benefits that you can get from FPPT. Instead of spending hours or even days on a deck, you can create a very attractive slideshow in half the time using a PowerPoint template.

And since FPPT also has a wide range of slide backgrounds and effects, you can choose one or more that matches your topic or suits your fancy. These individual slides can easily be inserted into an already existing deck, or you can even duplicate the format of the slide template to start creating your slideshow.

To take advantage of all the benefits of having free, high-quality PowerPoint templates right at your fingertips, visit the website.

How to beat smartphone addiction with Social Fever App

How to beat smartphone addiction with Social Fever App

Smartphone addiction is long debated topic that was tried to be fixed by offering various solutions. Here, one such futuristic solution is to use apps to keep tab on your smartphone usage. These smart apps work on advanced algorithms to monitor your apps & smartphone usage. So if you wondering how to beat smartphone addiction, you are surely gonna to it with social fever. Further, they can help you reduce or manage smartphone usage for optimized results.

Use Social Fever
Social Fever – Re-connect with real world

Social Fever is the futuristic solution offered by leading software firm Systweak Software that helps you curb your unnecessary smartphone usage. Here, it helps you set and track goals for yourself to reduce unnecessary dependence on your smartphone. Further, it helps you protect your ear & eye health to safeguard you from harmful effects of using smartphones.
Social fever main

Features of the Social Fever App

Track Goals: Social Fever offers interactive way to help you set and track goals to save some valuable time. Here, it helps you to decide how much time you want to spend on any app by setting goals for yourself. During the process, you can add multiple apps to tracking module. Further, you can track app usage time to track your set goals. It is useful feature to avoid spending time on unproductive apps on your device.

Limit app usage

App Usage: Under this quick feature, you can see the compact summary of app usage on your device. Here, it will display time spent on different apps that are added to tracking module.

History: Under history, the app will display detailed summary of app usage/time for last 7 days. Here, you will find summary in graphical form for instant and easy understanding.


Interests: Using the app, you can set interest for yourself. Here, you can select topics of your interest from multiple options and app will let you know how much time you have saved to perform those favorite activities.


Ear Health: Under this feature, you will receive alerts when you spend more time using headphones on your device listening to your favorite music or watching movies. It is useful feature to avoid overuse of earphones for better ear health.

Eye Health: Similar to above-mentioned feature, here app will send you alert when you spend considerable time staring at your device screen (watching movies etc.) that can cause issues to your eyes. It is useful feature to rest your mind, eyes and body.

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Other Features

  • To see app usage time in real-time, set time tracker by enabling “Show app tracking” feature.
  • To get daily reports for app usage on specified time, tweak time settings. The default time setting is 2200 hours.
  • To view and manage daily goals click on “Show daily report” option.
  • Clean tracking history by taping on “Clear History” option.
  • To change interest, click on “Show Interest” feature.

The Verdict of the App: Social Fever is a state-of-the-art tool that not only helps you reduce unnecessary smartphone usage but it also helps you protect your health. Using this smart solution, you can save lot of your time to do some real-life things. We suggest you use this tool to get rid of smartphone addiction instantly to re-connect with real-world.

Download Social Fever

Best Emoji Apps For Android users

Best Emoji Apps For Android 2019 (Latest)

On the Play store, we can find top Emoji Apps for Android users. There are many emoji applications for Android which can help to make the conversations really better. Conversation without emotions becomes quite boring and dull. These days text conversations without emojis can’t be expected. For example:

“How are you?” looks quite intimidating whereas when coupled with any relevant emoji the glory of text gets increased.

“How are you? 😊” 

It has also become the tendency of people that if someone talks without emojis its perceived more as formal conversation. And the expectation of these emojis has gone to that extent that in lack of these emojis the person is perceived to be rude and sober.

Emojis are the figure of text conversations and play a vital role to make the conversation healthy, enjoying and fascinating.

We will talk about some top Emoji Apps for Android that you can use to add enthusiasm in the conversation.

Best Emoji Apps For Android Users

Swiftkey Keyboard

Swiftkey keyboard comes as an inbuilt application in many smartphones. This keyboard application for Android users is very advanced and comes with plenty of features. With the tons of emojis, you can make your social media conversations way a lot better. Swiftkey keyboard is the best alternative for any emoji apps for android 2019. Swiftkey has gesture features as well that make the tasks bit fast. It has keyboard resizing feature, a bunch of eye-catching themes, glossy emojis and more.

SwiftKey Tastatur
SwiftKey Tastatur
Developer: SwiftKey
Price: Free

Kika Keyboard

Kika is an interesting emojis app for android 2019. This keyboard application consists of amazing 1600+ Emojis and Emoticons. This keyboard application makes your task on conveying messages much more easier while providing you with a bunch of keyboard features and jaw-dropping emojis. Kika Keyboard application is packed with plenty of themes that you can use. The application allows you the send GIFs, Emojis, Voice to Text and much more at a time. It supports many languages. This emoji keyboard application is installed by millions of users around the world and has been reviewed by millions of users as well.

Kika Keyboard – Emoji, GIFs

Kika Keyboard – Emoji, GIFs


When it comes to best emoji keyboard apps for android Bitmoji has its own legacy. Bitmoji allows you to create your own cartoon emojis. These custom and personalized emojis make your text conversations very captivating. With Bitmoji, you can express yourself way better. It allows you to send emoji while chatting on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or other social media platforms.

Bitmoji – persönliche Emoji
Bitmoji – persönliche Emoji
Developer: Bitstrips
Price: Free+


Gboard is an official keyboard application developed by Google itself. This application is easy to use, lightly weighted and works seamlessly. One can easily search anything on google while typing with just a tap. You can send emojis, relevant GIFs, search emojis and do a lot with Gboard.

Gboard – die Google-Tastatur
Gboard – die Google-Tastatur


Just like Bitmoji, Facemoji also allows you to create your custom emoji avatars to send on social media text conversations. Facemoji, as the name suggests, is a wonderful emoji app for android users 2019. It turns your face into emoji and gives a unique touch to the chats. It does not collect personal information and thus keeps you secure. Facemoji Emoji Keyboard is compatible with most Android phones.

Emoji Keyboard

This keyboard application, developed by Sunspot widgets is a wonderful emoji keyboard application for Android. Emoji keyboard has a custom face emoji feature, stylish themes, Funny GIF keyboard, Multi Language Keyboard. The interface of this emoji app for android is very attractive.


Go keyboard is a complete keyboard application with amazing features like emoji, gesture controls, fast, secure and reliable. Gokeyboard has plenty of themes to make your keyboard look much better. This emoji keyboard application is being used by millions of Android users. GoKeyboard is available for many languages. According to its self-proclamation, it never collects your personal info including credit card information. In fact, they care for the privacy of what you type and who you type.

GO Tastatur
GO Tastatur
Developer: GOMO
Price: Free+

TouchPal Emoji Keyboard

Touchpal Emoji keyboard is an android keyboard for those who love and appreciate emojis for text conversations. Just like other emoji keyboard applications, it allows you to create your own avatar and send amazing Emoji. However, you can create a layout on your own to use in touchpal emoji keyboard.

New Black Keyboard Theme

New black keyboard theme is a splendid emoji keyboard for android users. It is simple and easy to use. The keyboard comes with a variety of designs and layouts.

Emojidom Animated / GIF emoticons & emoji

The popular Emojidom smileys are now animated! You can Have fun sending cool and funny GIF emoticons in WhatsApp, Facebook, LINE, Skype and many other chat apps.

Elite Emoji

Elite emoji comes with Sensational emojis and stickers to express emotions and ideas beautifully in your chat conversations. Application comes with bunch of chat emoji to make your text chat very expressive.

Elite Emoji
Elite Emoji
Developer: Emoji Guide
Price: Free+

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Did you find your Best Emoji Apps For Android?

These are some of the best emoji applications for Android 2019 that you can install in your smartphone and make your text conversations bit interesting and enjoying with the use of emojis and emoticons.

Share this article with your close ones and let them also know of the top emoji keyboard applications for android users 2019.

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locker for whatsapp systweak

Locker for WhatsApp (Lock All your Private Group and Personal Chats)

Today WhatsApp platform is not limited to some informal chats instead it is used as a medium to stay connected with clients, managers, colleagues, and with many more important people in our life. Here, we share a lot of important data in instant and effective manner. When WhatsApp platform is used for some important chats and data sharing, it becomes important to keep this platform secured with the password for better security. Here, we have discussed one such effective tool called “Locker for WhatsApp” that offer dual-protection to your WhatsApp conversations.

about locker for whatsapp

Highlights of the App

  • The app works on smart techniques to offers you instant and effective results.
  • It is resource-savvy app.
  • It offers dual-password protection for better security of your WhatsApp conversations.
  • Offers unlimited support to lock your chats.

Features of the App

Intuitive & User-friendly App: Locker for WhatsApp is designed meticulously to offer intuitive & user-friendly experience. Here, you can perform all regular tasks on this app in a seamless manner. This smart app works on smart techniques while helping you secure your WhatsApp chats on your device. You can use this amazing tool to keep your important conversations on WhatsApp in a secured manner effortlessly.

Dual Security: App allows you to keep your chats secured with dual protection. Here, first, you can set the password to open WhatsApp then you can set the second password to secure your individual or group chats. You can use this effective feature to protect your sensitive data and conversations in a most effective way.

Password Recovery: App offers you password recovery option where it asks you to submit your email address so that the password details could be sent to you. Here, you can keep your password details in another location to retrieve it when needed.

Unlimited Support: You can use this app to secure unlimited chats on WhatsApp as there is no maximum limit to it. You can use this free app to avail more effective benefits.

App locker locker for whatsapp

Light Weight App: App offers impressive results while being light on resources. It consumes very little space on your device while offering best results.

Settings: Under settings, you can find change recovery email address and App Lock settings features.

settings locker for whatsapp
How does locker for Whatsapp work?

Launch an App: After installing the app, tap on “Locker for WhatsApp” icon to launch the app instantly.

locker for whatsapp home

Create a Password: Once you have launched the app, set the four-digit password in next step. Here, the password will be common to unlock WhatsApp and chats within.

enter password

Set recovery Email: Next is to set recovery email to keep your password details stored in another location. It will help you retrieve password details when needed.

Grant Permission: Grant necessary accessibility permissions to the app.

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Lock Chats: To secure any chat with a password, simply press “+” icon at the lower-right corner of the screen.

lock group chats

Unlock Chat: You can uncheck the checkbox next to app/s to remove the password security from that individual chat.

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unlock chat

The Verdict of the App: Locker for WhatsApp is an efficient tool that offers dual-protection to your important WhatsApp conversations. Here, this smart tool works on advanced algorithms while providing you latest security features. You can use this tool to keep all your personal and official chats secured in password protected manner.

Download Locker for Whatsapp


download images and videos from instagram

How To Download Images and videos from Instagram

Instagram is doubtlessly quick growing social media platform. Instagram is basically used on mobile phones. It is very simplified version of Facebook instead where you can even message others. On Instagram audio call and video call option is not available. In layman’s term we can say that Instagram is a visual sharing platform. One can see photos and videos of others, react on them, interact with the account holder and follow others. Though one can’t download images and videos from Instagram. As in the official version of Instagram there is no option of doing so.

How To Download Images And Videos From Instagram

In order to download photos from Instagram you will need to download an application called OGinsta+. The application is available on official plus website. One can directly download it from there.

You might experience lack of flexibility in the application. You will get no or less updates with the this third party application. But the thing you can do is, you can easily download images and videos of other users. Also You can do lot more with this application.

download images and videos from instagram

Other Features Include :

Apart from downloading images and videos, there are other feature too.

  1. You can use two different accounts simultaneously. Though you can do this in official version as well. But in that can you will have to manually switch the accounts.
  2. One can zoom in or out the images in Instagram.
  3. You can directly share the photos or videos on messenger and WhatsApp.
  4. You can see the large image of profile pic. Just tap and hold the profile picture of any user.

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Note : Downloading applications from other sources is not safe and may be harmful to your device. Download them on your own concern.