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Bright Data vs Limeproxies: Which can you prefer?

Bright Data vs LimeProxies: Which is better?

Firstly, let us understand what are proxies and VPNs. So, Proxies are the intermediary servers that enable the connection of two devices on a network. Mostly, they are used by people to minimize geo-restrictions of the IP addresses, automate online processes and protect their privacy and also bypass firewalls. They are of great significance in retail shopping sites and market research.

In market research, proxies are very beneficial in ad verification, web scraping, affiliate testing, and SEO campaigns. And as for the social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Whereas, a VPN is a virtual private network that allows individuals or companies to collect information in multiple locations simply by offering an IP in any country of interest while keeping the location of the user anonymous. It acts as a direct connection and allows its users to send all of their information down a virtual highway. The requests are then sent to a server that forwards them to the target website using a different IP address ensuring full privacy.

Here in this article, we have discussed two platforms Bright Data and Limeproxies. The Bright Data Residential Proxy Service is very much like a VPN (Virtual Private Network) in the way in which it transfers the information but it doesn’t send your request down the road to a different IP, rather it connects you with a network of hundreds and thousands even millions of alternative IP addresses. While, Limeproxies is a proxy provider service whose proxies help to improve productivity, grow profitability, and promote customers to achieve their goals.

Bright Data

What is Bright Data?


Bright Data is a very popular proxy provider in the market. It offers a variety of customizable solutions according to the needs of its users. It has one of the world's largest P2P (peer-to-peer) collection networks. The proxies of Bright Data allow you to send an unlimited number of concurrent sessions using its inbuilt smart IP rotation management layer while managing a high success rate. Their IPs are real residential IPs assuring that they are of very good quality and which means they can’t be blocked.

It has a team that works at all hours of the day and its dashboard allows you to monitor the status of your network so there is no need for you to worry about the IPs being unavailable or proxies being shut off. It has an advanced browser extension an API that is available in 9 programming languages, and a proxy manager that makes it very easy to operate it anywhere and anyone. It is also very cost-effective and reduces your development time to a minimum. Bright Data use residential IPs that allow the users to access any site at any time almost immediately without getting blocked or receiving incorrect information.

Features of Bright Data?


Bright Data has an amazing dashboard that has all the statistics along with real-time reporting in it. Using it you can very smartly manage your proxies, scale your plans, and do even a lot more with little or no complexity.



Bright Data is highly compatible you can simply integrate it with any third-party application without even having any skills or knowledge in coding. For example, you can seamlessly integrate Bright Data with SAP, JSON, HTML, Google Analytics, and many more other third-party tools and applications.


Bright Data has a very fast working speed. It operates on fast servers that are available globally. That is what gives Bright Data an uptime of 100% with absolutely no hindrance.

Pricing of Bright Data

Bright Data Pricing and Plans

The pricing plans offered by Bright Data are as follows-

  • Experimenting- At $300 per month
  • Starter- At $500 per month
  • Production- At $1,000 per month
  • Plus- At $3,000 per month
  • Enterprise

Why choose Bright Data?

No matter if you are just an individual or an agency or even an enterprise, you can easily use Bright Data for any application you wish by integrating with the major software. Its accuracy is top-notch and enables you to get different IPs in any region you wish. Bright Data is 100% compliant that ensures your full safety while you are accessing any content on the web.

It also has a very user-friendly dashboard that you can use with full flexibility. Bright Data provides its users a cost-effective way for performing stable and fast web data collection at a scale, conversion of unstructured data to structured from superior customer experience while being completely compliant and transparent. Bright Data is a leading proxy network as it is very reliable, fast, cost-effective, and delivers good-quality proxies.

  • Target any country, city, carrier & ASN
  • 99.99% uptime – extremely stable
  • 72+ million ethically-sourced IPs


Limeproxies Proxy Services

What is Limeproxies?

Limeproxies are in business since 2010, so it can be said that it is one of the oldest proxy providers available in the market. While most of the other proxy providers have residential proxies, Limiproxies have never introduced them. It always aims on selling datacenter IPs that are affordable for marketers and businesses of small to medium-sized. 

It covers a very wide location and boasts about 40+ locations all around the world including cities as well as countries. But the choice of location is completely dependent on the type of plan that you will buy. And their pricing plans are based on the number of IPs that impose limits on subnets and concurrent connections other than the locations. Registering with Limeproxies is very easy you just have to create an account on it by entering your full email address and name.

After that, you will get a confirmation email and by clicking on the link provided in it you can activate your account. Limeproxies also have a dashboard that is very user-friendly and easy to use having a well-designed interface. The dashboard enables you to keep an eye on the traffic usage and proxy plans, it also allows you to add and spend credit, as well as authorize IPs.

Features of Limeproxies


Limeproxies has an outstanding dashboard. Its self-managed control panel lets you manage your proxies without any complications. In its control panel, you can even order new proxies or refresh the IPs automatically.


Limeproxies very easily integrates with the other tools. Like Bright Data Limeproxies also seamlessly does it in just a single click. For example, you can integrate Zapier, ScrapeBox, SEnuke, and some other premium applications with Limeproxies.


Limeproxies works with 1 Gbps of unmatched speed, and IP refresh is available on demand for all the plans, so can for sure experience superb performance. Limeproxies allows you to run any number of concurrent sessions with its premium private proxies.

Pricing of Limeproxies

The pricing plans of Limeproxies are as follows-

  • Private- At $25 per month that has 3 locations.
  • Premium- At $50 per month having 50+ locations.
  • Enterprise Plan- This allows you to pick and worldwide location.

Why choose Limeproxies?

Limeproxies provides great-quality proxies. They have unlimited bandwidth, a user-friendly dashboard, an easy workflow, and amazing 24/7 customer support. You can open a ticket or start a live chat to get in touch with their amazing team and get your problems or queries solved within a few minutes at any time of the day. Their team members are very supportive and polite and possess great knowledge. Limeproxies is the best choice for you if you wish to get cheap private proxies for hiding your IP or doing web scraping tasks. You can also test the proxies for free using the free trial and there is always an option to request for refund.

Over to You

We have discussed briefly Bright Data and Limeproxies in the above context and from it, we can point out the major differences between them and understand how Bright Data stands in front of Limeproxies and how Limeproxies are doing when compared to Bright Data. It can be said that Bright Data possess a quite formal and structured process of KYC that is much needed for using the residential proxy network. It is also more in terms of security and has a much better performance. So, you can choose Bright Data without any second thoughts.

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