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The 3S of Cloud Computing you need to know

3S of Cloud Computing you need to know

Technology is what drives the current world. All the remarkable things that we have been able to do in the modern era or done in the past, has been a result of the marvelous technological solutions that we have been using for many years.

But from the past few decades, technology has become an inseparable part of every life and it has become an inseparable part of most of the industries as well. You should know that gone are those days when technology used to be a luxury for most of the businesses as in the modern era, technology has become a necessity for everyone.

Whether you are running a small business or a giant firm, you have to use technology in one form or another.

Although there are many technological solutions that are currently being used by businesses like artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, digitization and much more, one technological solution that completely revolutionized each and every industry is cloud computing.

It doesn’t matter whether you are connected with the technological world or not, you must have heard about cloud computing for sure. Cloud computing has changed how businesses used to work and for small and medium-sized businesses, it has leveled the playing field.

Before the introduction of cloud computing, small and medium-sized businesses didn’t stand a chance in front of the big firms and this is why they were not able to grow much. But with the introduction of cloud computing, small businesses were able to level the playing field and compete in various different fields with giant businesses.

But things were not like this from the start. When cloud computing was first introduced in the market, it was very costly and not good for small businesses. But with evolution and further development, cloud computing became an important part of small businesses as well.

Nowadays, small businesses are using various different types of cloud computing applications like cloud storage, cloud hosting, cloud backup, cloud app development and much more. All these cloud computing solutions are providing the required flexibility to small businesses and this is how small businesses are able to grow.


When you will look at the list of benefits offered by cloud computing solution then you will find that the list is very long. But in this blog post, we are going to talk about the three main aspects of cloud computing that we have named as 3S. The 3S of cloud computing in this blog post are security, scalability, and seamlessness.

So without any further delay, let’s talk about the 3S of cloud computing in a much detailed manner.

Here are the 3S of Cloud Computing that you need to know


There are many people who think that if they are running a small business then they will never be targeted by criminals since they are doing business on a very small scale.

But you should know that criminals know that the security system of small businesses is not very strong and that’s why breaching into their data will be much easier.

This means that, if you are running a business and if you own data, then you will always be on the target list of criminals, regardless of the size of your business. This is why you need proper security for your data and that can be found on cloud computing.

You should know that cloud computing is one of the most secure platforms where you can easily store your data and you don’t need to worry about criminals breaching in your data. There are multiple security layers installed on the cloud platform that makes the cloud a perfect place for storing sensitive business data.

From two-factor authentication to encrypted data, there are many things on the cloud that will keep your data safe and sound. So, instead of choosing your hard disk, you should always go for the amazing cloud computing platform if you want to keep your data secure.


You should know that in the modern era, it is very necessary to maintain seamlessness in your workflow as every minute will matter. There are many players out there looking to snatch your customers and if you will not be able to maintain business continuity then your business will surely be affected.

If you will be dependent upon your traditional business solution then you will never be able to maintain business continuity as traditional business solution always comes with the disadvantage of downtime. If you want to maintain seamlessness in your organization then you will have to go with the amazing cloud computing platform.

For example, if you will choose QuickBooks hosting provider in order to shift your desktop installed QuickBooks software on the cloud then the cloud vendor will offer you 99.99% of high uptime. This means that throughout the year, you will have to deal with only a few minutes of downtime.

You should know that if you will be able to maintain business continuity in your firm then you will be able to enhance productivity and win back the lost trust of customers as well.


One thing you need to know about your business is it is not going to have the same growth rate throughout the business life cycle. There will come a time when your business will either witness a downfall or increase in growth.

Well, there is nothing wrong if your business is growing as this is what you are working for. But you should know that with the growth of your business, you will have to manage your business needs as well.

Well, if you will be using the cloud computing solution then you will get the required scalability and this is one of the biggest advantages of using the modern cloud computing solution.

You can easily scale up or scale down your cloud computing needs without any hassle. You will just have to make a request to your cloud vendor and your cloud needs will be adjusted as per your need.

This is another reason why so many people are shifting to the cloud platform.

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