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5+1 Personal assistant apps [like SIRI] for Android

Personal Assistant Apps? : You are too busy in your life that you forget about your own little tasks and responsibilities? A bunch of personal assistant apps are here to solve your problems.

Today we will highlight one of the popular thing everyone is familiar with that is SIRI. SIRI stands for speech interpretation and recognition interface and one have definitely come across as a feature in IPhone. The amazing thing is that you can also have it in your android smartphone.

Best Personal Assistant Apps for Android [like SIRI]

So now we will talk about various personal assistant apps for android terminals which will save your time and make your life easier.

1.Robin- the SIRI challenger

Robin - AI Voice Assistant
Robin - AI Voice Assistant
Developer: Audioburst
Price: Free

Robin is the free voice assistant on the road. Just tell your assistant app about your destination and it will show you the directions and give you traffic alerts. If required it will also tell you about nearby food or parking spots. It also gives you information about weather of outside or a specific place.



The app was not found in the store. 🙁

The most popular voice assistant for android, Assistant, helps you with minor tasks of your life such as answering your queries, giving information you require, alarms and even connecting you with various web services. You just have to speak naturally to the assistant and it will help you with your favorite places, services and preferences.

3.AIVC- Alice

AIVC (Alice)
AIVC (Alice)
Developer: YourApp24
Price: Free

One more personal assistant, Alice, makes your life quick and easy by simply by your own commands. It performs various tasks of your phone such as call, SMS, calculator, alarm and various online services. Give it your order and see how it will change your life as it “control your mobile with your voice”.

4.EVA- voice assistant

EVA Free - Voice Assistant
EVA Free - Voice Assistant
Developer: BulletProof
Price: Free

EVA is another personal assistant which is unique in its own way. It works like the other assistants but the best part is, it also works with indicated car mode that is if you want to use your phone while driving. The app is free for first 28 days trial period. Through your voice command the siri can help you with your e-mails, memos, journals and much more.



cortant personal assistant apps

credits :

Microsoft Cortana – Digital assistant
Microsoft Cortana – Digital assistant

The perfect personal assistant, Cortana, helps you whenever you need it keeping in mind your schedule, interest, people and reminders. This app is also up for a casual conversation may it be about your personal life. It works similar to the other apps but you can also have fun time with it. Ask anything, get jokes, solution to any problem and more.

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6.Ok “Google”

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

google now siri for android

I know know any better personal assistant app than Google Now search. It recognizes your voice and search the same for you.

google ok

credits :

whether you are up for a movie or a dinner, you can always ask Google App to tell you about the nearest cinema or restaurant. Not just the way, It may assist you throughout the way till your destination.

Wrapping Up

Various SIRI personal assistant android apps for smartphones mentioned above can help you with your own command.

By using such apps you would have the same feature that of iPhone. If you haven’t come across these things so far, what you are waiting for… just go for it.

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