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Unveiling 10 Web Designing Stats to create the perfect website

10 Web Designing Stats to create the perfect website

Web Designing is part of business digital reputation to a great extent. 80% of people visiting the website don’t know the traffic coming in and they don’t go deep into the details of the website. For them, the first impression is the last impression. Website design can do wonders for any website and dramatically affect the website insights.


A website with bad design can be treated the same way as the brightest student with bad handwriting is treated with poor marks. We judge a book by its cover and it applies to any random thing we do. For say, you will select to watch that YouTube video whose thumbnail will entice you in a fraction of a second, the same applies to websites when it comes to design.  

A good website design assists the growing brands to beat the competition and set its own legacy. It helps to achieve the company objectives and drive maximum leads. 

The stats are collected over time to exercise the controllable, balanced and planned actions. As such we have some key web design statistics that can help anyone to create the perfect website. 


10 Web Design Statistics for the Perfect Website

To create a perfect website, the following web design stats collected from the various sources can surely help you. 

  • 66% of visitors prefer to browse an attractive website which appeals to their eyes. It takes a fraction of a second for the visitors to make an opinion about the website. Beautifully Designed Websites determine how visitors will react to the content.
  • To remember a brand, It takes around 5 to 7 impressions for the new visitors. Brand Name, colors, and typo play a crucial role in branding. A successful website is a mixture of design, user experience, branding, loading speed, and responsiveness.
  • According to the stats, out of 10, only 3 small businesses have call-to-action on their homepage. You have to make sure to provide a functional call to action (CTA) on the website. Suppose, you have a list article and you are providing less information with no CTA for the individual lists, the visitor will be compelled to find information elsewhere. Thus, to accelerate sales (leads), views and conversions CTA plays a vital role.
  • 4. The study suggests that around 94% of cases, first impression on any website corresponds to the design of the website. Thus, website design is the formula to impress visitors and turn them into regular readers.
  • Almost 50% of your visitors tend to examine the products and services pages on the website before visiting the other pages. Thus, these pages require major attention in terms of designing, content, CTA, and UX.
  • The survey suggests that 73% of businesses are concerned about design and invest a major part in order to make their brand stand out. 84 out of 100 people deem that businesses who have worked on website appearance and beautifulness to a greater extent will easily outrank their competitors.
  • On the homepage, 86% of the visitors look for information about products and services, 52% are in search of data about the business itself and 64% about the contact details. You have to make sure that these data are available on your website in a way user is expecting, products and services in navigation, about page or short bio on the footer, contact pages and details on the footer.
  • Visitors spend an average of 5.59 seconds to look at the content. It is very short for any decision-maker to make decisions. As a result, you have very little time to impress the visitor before he/she decides to leave the page.
  • Website credibility is surprisingly one of the most influencing factors for good website design. Everything on the website has to be in line with credibility. Even emails on the website should have a domain identifier as business emails create a professional and credible impression
  • Extra Use of design elements like shadows, gradient, text, and images spoil the overall experience on the website.

These are some design stats to follow for the perfect website. If you follow them and implement on your website you can surely increase the sales and conversions.

Written by Lokesh Kapoor

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