MIUI 9 Tips and tricks, Best Features and more!

MIUI 9 best features

MIUI – Xiaomi’s take on Android which is themed to look similar to iOS UI. Though it isn’t as easy to use as stock Android, it has its own feature which the stock doesn’t have. Xiaomi announced MIUI 9 this year with many new exciting features which were promised to be delivered but as the update has rolled out not all the features have been given, so let’s look at features which were rolled out with this new update. Miui 9, Xiaomi’s latest software update to many of its smartphones including its budget segment phones and the smartphones which are being released are being shipped with MIUI 9 including the Redmi 5A. With MIUI 9 many new features were released to its smartphones which were in android O, but they made it available for phones even without upgrading the Android version.
Here are the features of MIUI 9 (they are pretty good, wish it was available on every phone) :



It’s not unfamiliar for Android users to experience lags in their phones especially the ones whose phone is heavily skinned like Samsung’s TouchWiz, xiaomi’s EMUI, Huawei’s EMUIN but now with introduction MIUI 9, MI has reduced the lag in the phone and also made smoother and faster than before.


With the new update, we even got to witness the split screen mode before android Oreo to Xiaomi’s phones because of MIUI 9.


We get newly redesigned customization home page. It now has three options for wallpaper, widgets, and settings. In settings, we get more options for making a different page as the home screen and lock it so that it cant be changed and keep a page as default.


We even get new themes with different wallpapers and different icons to keep it simple and smooth and much eye-catching.


Options like MI remote and flashlight in the lock screen. It really helps because to switch on flash on or to use the remote we don’t need to open the lock screen but can operate them easily.


With MIUI 9 Xiaomi has tried to make app launch more faster than before and more responsive to the user which is done with the help of accelerating the CPU during its launch and slowing others running in the background.


Though this feature was already available in previous versions, in MIUI 9 they added the MI drop right into the software update so that we can use it for faster file transfers no matter the size of the file or the Android device. It has also made the app available in the play store so that other Android users can also use the app for transfer.


There is an option of quick reply which allows you to reply to messages from the notification itself, because of this you don’t need to open the app to reply to messages all you need to do is just swipe with two fingers and you will see the option to send a reply.( Pretty easy right?)


Like the stock android now even the MIUI 9 welcomes those changes and handles all the notification in a grouped together manner for users to know.


It helps to organize images and help the user to find the images in the gallery using keywords like people, a location which is very much similar to what Google does with its photos app.



The stock video app also gets refreshing features like grouping, subtitle support and supports more video formats than before.


Even the security app gets very useful features. Features like second space, dual apps, speed booster are some among few features. Most of these features can now be controlled from its main screen, which will be really helpful to users.

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Xiaomi being Xiaomi it really deserves a praise for bringing all these features to many of their smartphones even without upgrading the Android version. No wonder it is called the Apple of China as it even provides support for devices like Apple but one good thing is it doesn’t slow down older phones like Apple for the sake of battery.




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